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The various geniuses all listened quietly to Nanfeng Yunxi’s words. As for those who’d heard of a Casting Body before, when they stepped into the region of golden light and felt that mysterious force, they could faintly sense that Nanfeng Yunxi’s words were true. The phenomenon before them was caused by none other than a Casting Body.

"If it’s truly a Casting Body, in that case, that golden body…" The eyes of the geniuses were all fixed on the golden body floating in the air, their hearts pounding.

"This golden body is the end product. It’s the physique you want to establish, using the Casting Body as a mold. For supreme geniuses that are able to establish a heaven-defying physique…is there still a need to say anything more? This ancient emperor must have been someone of extreme authority. Since he can provide the conditions to cast bodies for the later generations, he himself must have possessed a world-shaking, supreme physique. In addition, this ancient emperor was able to stand toe-to-toe against the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. I’m afraid only the two of them were opponents worthy enough for each other. Since they both left their inheritance here, could it be that they wanted their future successors to continue contending against each other?"

The hearts of all the geniuses present trembled. What sort of heaven-defying character was the Brahma Heavenly Emperor? He could kill eight immortal emperors when fighting against them with his strength alone. Unexcelled in the world, his power could shake the heavens. He was unrivalled in the immortal realms, and simply unbeatable. However, the geniuses could sense that a supreme character was now before them, one who could stand against the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. That ancient emperor left his inheritance here, waiting for its successor.

Upon thinking of this, their hearts started pounding, filled with intense anticipation. The Brahma Heavenly Emperor divided his inheritance into nine portions, and those who inherited that were merely one out of the nine. However for this particular inheritance, once someone managed to establish their physique, they would be the sole inheritor! How could their hearts not be moved?

All the geniuses tightly clenched their fists, staring at the golden body as their eyes filled with burning eagerness. They had to succeed in establishing their physiques no matter what, and transform into a supreme existence just like that golden body.

Once the they succeeded in casting their bodies, they would own a heaven-defying physique. Their chances of establishing an immortal foundation would be at a 100% success rate, and they would surely be able to step into the immortal realm. Not only that, after stepping into the immortal foundation realm, their combat strength would also be incomparably powerful, far surpassing those at the same level as them. They would continue their identities as geniuses at the peak of the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, standing at the forefront of all immortal foundation experts.

However, the prerequisite for all of this was to first be successful in casting their bodies!

"Is there a secret involved in establishing a physique?" Jun Mengchen stared at Nanfeng Yunxi as he asked. His eyes gleamed; he was also filled with anticipation. This pure, righteous force of kings and emperors was extremely suited to him given the fact that his physique was originally that of an emperor king’s physique. Before this, he had already sensed how terrifying the might contained within this golden body could be.

"Establishing physiques are things only mentioned in legends. It’s even tough to meet a successful case at least once in a thousand years. Even if there was someone who truly possessed the secret to establishing a physique, why would they tell you the method?" Nanfeng Yunxi’s eyes shone coldly, glancing at Jun Mengchen. Jun Mengchen froze, before giving an embarrassed smile. Yes, she was right. Leaving aside the fact that Nanfeng Yunxi didn’t know, even if she did know, and despite the fact that she joined the Qin Sect, why would she freely tell everyone the secret?

"Seems like we can only depend on ourselves to comprehend it," Qin Wentian remarked quietly. When he thought back to the words of the mysterious gray-robed old man, he was filled with curiosity regarding this ancient emperor that could fight equally against the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. He still didn’t even know the title of this ancient emperor.

"I must establish an unparalleled physique for sure." At the side, the #4-ranker, Xuan Yang, clenched his fists tightly as a dazzling light flickered in his eyes. Right now, Zi Daoyang and Mo Xie had both encountered their own good fortune. Nanfeng Yunxi’s physique was also special, while Qing`er had an innate immortal king physique. Although he’d cultivated the Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art, he had no advantage when fighting against these people. The only way for him to have a possibility of winning against these people would be to have a supreme, unparalleled physique.

When he’d fought with Qing`er at the Xiao Sect’s headquarters, it had left Xuan Yang feeling like an extreme failure.

Beside Xuan Yang, Xiao Lengyue’s eyes were also gleaming with a dazzling light. She and Xuan Yang both harbored a deep hatred for Qin Wentian. However, they were pretending to ignore Qin Wentian presence for the time being because they knew they had no way to defeat him. Now that Nanfeng Yunxi had even joined Qin Wentian and Qing`er in an alliance, the power of the Qin Sect had explosively risen. As the sect leader, Qin Wentian naturally possessed tyrannical power. She, who was ranked #6 in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, was now being doubted by many people in the City of Ancient Emperors. Many felt she didn’t deserve the ranking. This was a chance for her.

The various geniuses all had their own thoughts. However, they also had their own convictions to cast an unparalleled physique, obtaining the inheritance of this ancient emperor.

The geniuses stepped out one-by-one. They had immense self-confidence in their capabilities, and they once again made their way slowly towards the floating golden body, attempting to establish their physiques.

"Let’s not delay any longer. Even if we fail, we can try it as much as possible, and that can be counted as gaining experience too," said Qin Wentian. The others beside him nodded as they stepped towards the region of golden light together.

The scenes from earlier appeared once again—they were in the unique space. In their eyes, only one thing existed: the ancient golden body exuding boundless might.

That golden body was the perfect physique they wanted to establish. If they could succeed, their bodies would take on the same characteristics, containing boundless might.

Qin Wentian stepped out. The golden figure shot out beams of light that entered his body. That marvelous energy once again surfaced in his body, causing him to feel an unprecedented strength. The understanding he had of the golden body further deepened. This type of understanding would only intensify the more times he attempted this.

Qin Wentian continued advancing step-by-step. He guessed that only after he succeeded in establishing his physique would he then be able to walk to the golden body’s side.

As he attempted to move forward, one step at a time, the beams of light continued to blast into his body. A humming sound echoed from within him, growing stronger and stronger as the resonance between him and the golden body intensified. A heavenly pressure from primordial times bore down on him, and rumbling sounds rang out as his heart pounded. Qin Wentian was meticulously observing the changes in his body. This feeling felt extremely marvelous; with each heartbeat, he could also feel the heart of the golden body pulsing in time, slowly triggering the transformation of his physique.

This kind of sensation only grew more and more intense. His heart pounded with increasing force, and it felt like a tempest raging within his body, making him want to cough out mouthfuls of blood.

"This power is so terrifying." Qin Wentian’s heart trembled. The qi in his body was completely regulated, achieving its maximum limit. His blood seethed and surged as the rumbling sounds echoed endlessly. Regardless of his body or heart, they were both subjected to the same transformation. A surge of fearsome demonic aura gushed forth from Qin Wentian, causing his aura to climb even higher as his roars shook the heavens.

Qin Wentian once again stepped forward. By courageously advancing, only then would he have a better idea of the secret contained within the golden body. With no secret technique to ensure success, this was the only way. He had to be persistent with his attempts.

Pure-white flames circulated around him, as though wanting to have a calming and tranquil effect on the explosive energy currently within his body. However, it was useless; the storm within him was raging so violently it could destroy him from within, erupting his body and rending him in half.

—ROAR! — A terrifying demonic beast manifested, formed from his bloodline protection. Qin Wentian’s robes were completely tattered, his body expanded in size, transformed into a height of over 100 meters as his aura grew even stronger. Every step he took caused a rumbling in the heavens and earth, shaking the people beside him so badly that they coughed out blood. It was as though they were affected by him, and as result they could no longer endure the pressure and were blasted out of the region.

Qin Wentian took another step. A deafening boom rang out and Qin Wentian sensed that he finally managed to move a step closer to the golden figure. This was an extremely marvelous feeling. He could clearly sense the might within the golden body; a pure and unadulterated king emperor force that allowed one to truly peer down at all that existed underneath the heavens with absolute dominance.

And because his senses had grown clearer, the heavenly pressure he was enduring also grew more intense and terrifying. The energy gushing into him broke free from his own limitations, and Qin Wentian could no longer control it. It started spinning in a startling spiral of its own volition, mimicking the circulation of energy within the golden body, causing Qin Wentian to truly feel the essence of the words ‘establishing a physique.’

With each circulation, Qin Wentian could feel the strength of his body increasing slightly. After numerous times, Qin Wentian’s concentration and his fleshy body were stretched to the breaking point, and finally, with a thunderous boom, his body trembled violently as he was blasted outwards. All the sensations instantly vanished, and the marvelous energy turned into a repulsion force, blasting Qin Wentian out from the region of golden light.

Xuan Yang was not far away from Qin Wentian. When he saw Qin Wentian being ruthlessly blasted out, a cold smile flickered in his eyes. No matter what, Qin Wentian ultimately only had a cultivation base at the eighth-level. He only depended on the God’s Hand for his tyrannical combat prowess. That was still far from being sufficient if he thought he was powerful enough to establish a physique.

The other geniuses in the region of golden light all smiled mockingly in their hearts when they saw Qin Wentian being blasted out. Although they had been blasted out as well, the impact wasn’t as great as Qin Wentian’s. Evidently, Qin Wentian’s strength was insufficient for him to withstand the pressure here, and he was forcing himself to the limits to endure it. Finally, when he could no longer do so, it resulted in this miserable sight.

Truly, the repulsion effect was extremely intense for Qin Wentian this time around. His entire body felt like it’d been penetrated by that repulsion force, and bloody wounds appeared all around his body. After being slammed ruthlessly to the ground, he spat out a steady flow of blood. After which, he managed to sit up after much difficulty, and then started to adjust his breathing and the qi in his body in order to gradually recover.

Many people in the surroundings gave strange looks towards Qin Wentian. Among all the people being blasted out, Qin Wentian was in the most miserable state. Could it be that he didn’t deserve his reputation?

However, Qin Wentian evidently couldn’t be bothered with what the others thought of him. He was exceptionally satisfied with his progress this time around, and he could already sense the energy inside the golden body more clearly. In fact, the energy in him had even attempted to merge and mimic the circulation of energy in that golden body, and this was clearly an embodiment of the initial phase of establishing a physique. Sadly, he couldn’t endure the pressure for too long and had been blasted outwards. However, he deeply believed that by challenging his own limits time after time, he would eventually succeed. As for those people with mocking smiles on their faces, it was only because of their own ignorance, and none of them had been able to achieve the same progress he did. They might mock him in their hearts for overestimating himself, but they had no idea that in order to wear the crown, one must first bear its weight!

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