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Seeing the look of agitation on the gray-robed old man’s countenance, he turned his gaze ahead, towards the aura of righteousness. It somehow felt like it was in opposition to the terrifying aura of destruction left behind by the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. The two auras seemed to be trapped within this place, as though their combat had lasted through the river of time, without losing any of their brilliance.

This couldn’t help but cause people to have a thought in their minds. Back then the Brahma Heavenly Emperor was unrivaled in the immortal realms, and there was only one individual who could be his opponent. This is where the two had fought, and this is where the unrivaled Brahma Heavenly Emperor had lost his life. How majestic their battle must have been. If time could flow in reverse, Qin Wentian would wish to personally witness the start of this magnificent combat that had lasted through the ages.

The auras of the two emperors hadn’t yet dissipated, despite the passage of countless years. The Brahma Heavenly Emperor left his inheritance in this place, and had divided it into nine portions in order to force nine inheritors to fight against each other until only one remained. Such a brutal method…he’d wanted to use the cruelest means to select a character that could reach the same heights as himself. And even after his death, he still wanted to fight against that past opponent who’d been in opposition to him. These two ancient emperors, despite their ruthless and formidable battle, must have both understood each other, even to the point of admiration for their enemy.

"You rejected the inheritance of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. Right now, you must be preparing to head to the other cavern, right?" the gray-robed old man asked, his voice low. After which, he slowly turned about, and faced Qin Wentian.

"Junior will not lie to Senior, Junior did intend to go over there and take a look," Qin Wentian replied. As the sound of his voice faded, the eyes of the gray-robed figure focused fully on him. After a moment, he slowly sighed, "Might as well. Your companion received the inheritance of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor and you are willing to give it up. Now that you are heading over to the opposite cavern, there’s a chance that you might receive the inheritance there as well. Both you and your companion, receiving the inheritance from each place… perhaps this is the workings of fate."

"Senior, things are still uncertain. How can we be so sure that I’ll be the one to receive the inheritance? Let’s just leave everything up to destiny," Qin Wentian replied. It was just as he’d said. He’d done his best, and had broken through the barrier of the eight immortal emperors, arriving before the Brahma Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance before anyone else. If he had taken that step forward, he could have also gained comprehension of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance. However, he ultimately chose to give it up and had done so willingly. This meant that he was not fated to have it.

As for the inheritance in the opposite cavern, how could it be so easy to receive it? He would try his best to contend for it, but if he failed to do so, he wouldn’t feel too bad either.

"Nicely spoken. Leave everything to destiny. I will depart for now." The old man’s eyes shone with a bright light before he soared up into the air.

"Leave everything to destiny…" A clear voice echoed through the area. The mysterious old man stepped out and vanished completely from sight. It was as though his mission had already been accomplished, and he no longer intended to concern himself with what happened there. Leaving everything to destiny, he should search for himself. Who… was he, exactly?

"Shall we proceed?" Qing`er asked in a low voice, seeing Qin Wentian still staring in a daze at the space where the mysterious old man disappeared.

"Mhm. However, let’s wait a moment first," said Qin Wentian, as his aura suddenly gushed forth. In fact, he even released the power of his constellation. After which, rumbling sounds rang out without end as he stomped the ground repeatedly.

Geniuses were exiting the Brahma Heavenly Cavern. They knew that they no longer had a way to obtain the inheritance and chose to give up, preparing to head to the opposite cavern. As they exited, they glanced at Qin Wentian and Qing`er. They frowned, and gleams of sharpness shone in their eyes, but they said nothing and continued heading towards the other cavern.

After which, the geniuses came out continuously. Although they were reluctant to, they had no choice in the matter. There were only nine positions available, and the moment someone sat on the diagrams, they would be protected by the cage of light. Even though they tried to search for a method to seize the inheritance, they eventually had to give up.

In addition, the aura radiating from the opposite cavern was just as powerful. Maybe, there was an inheritance there as well? In that case, why should they be so hung up on not receiving the inheritance of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor?

Many people saw Qin Wentian and Qing`er, but they wisely passed them by and continued on their way.

Finally, Nanfeng Yunxi exited. She instantly saw Qin Wentian and Qing`er, and an icy light flashed in her imposing eyes, reflecting the flames of her anger as she stepped towards Qin Wentian. "Spoiling my grand plans, you must be courting death."

As the sound of her voice faded, her aura gushed forth. However, the abilities she used belonged to Nanfeng Yunxi. It was extremely difficult to imagine how she’d accomplished this. She possessed Nanfeng Yunxi and had actually familiarized herself with all of Nanfeng Yunxi’s attacks in such a short period of time. Qin Wentian was feeling more apprehensive regarding this mysterious female.

Nanfeng Yunxi stepped forth, and every step she took was filled with determination, her emotionless eyes as cold as ever. At the last moment, she spread her phoenix wings and soared to the sky, exuding a terrifying might. Crimson-red flames ignited around her, so brilliant that it caused everything in their surroundings to lose their luster, and she launched a fearsome attack towards Qin Wentian.

Qing`er also moved, unleashing her Immortal Slaying Diagram. The resplendent and terrifying diagram transformed into a vortex capable of absorbing everything, defending against Nanfeng Yunxi’s attack. It was as though she’d always been by Qin Wentian’s side, ready to act whenever Qin Wentian needed her most.

At this moment, Qin Wentian unleashed a final stomp on the ground as a brilliant dazzling light shot up to the sky. Silhouettes of golden divinities appeared, illuminating the area and manifesting an unbelievable pressure that could crush everything. Nanfeng Yunxi’s countenance drastically changed. She had already entered the trap set by Qin Wentian.

Nanfeng Yunxi initially wanted to retreat, but then saw a shimmering runic diagram below her feet emitting a supreme radiance, which transformed into a terrifying word of suppression. A moment later, she couldn’t move at all. Her body was completely suppressed by the power of the runic diagram. Although she possessed tyrannical strength, she had no way to use them at this moment.

Qin Wentian’s body flew towards her with the speed of the wind. His palm shimmered with a pure-white flame and directly blasted out, landing directly on Nanfeng Yunxi’s chest. The terrifying power of his bloodline enveloped Nanfeng Yunxi, but he wasn’t seeking to destroy her. Instead, he was infusing her body with the power of his second bloodline.

…boom…boom…boom…! An extremely cold aura gushed forth from Nanfeng Yunxi as a white-colored silhouette was seen on the verge of being forced out from her. But even now, that silhouette was trying her best to struggle, as an expression of agony appeared on Nanfeng Yunxi’s face. Qin Wentian’s countenance was like lightning, and his other palm shot out, landing again on Nanfeng Yunxi’s chest, fully infusing her with his bloodline power to expel the mysterious female possessing her.

And in that moment, a pure-white flame completely washed through Nanfeng Yunxi, and with a thunderous boom, an illusory figure was completely expelled from her. The figure was none other than the mysterious female apparition. Her eyes were like ice, staring at Qin Wentian, but no other emotions could be seen on her flawlessly beautiful face.

Nanfeng Yunxi finally regained conscious. She stared at the sight before her, looking at the current position of Qin Wentian’s hands as her face burned. Seeing this scene the moment she awakened, one could indeed imagine how unsightly her current expression was.

"Have you not touched enough, yet?" Nanfeng Yunxi asked frostily. Qin Wentian retracted his gaze from the mysterious female in the air, and took away his hands from her chest with lightning speed. Staring at Nanfeng Yunxi’s razor-sharp eyes, he couldn’t help but stutter, "Under the circumstances… please forgive me."

At this instant, Qin Wentian was extremely embarrassed. Nanfeng Yunxi stared at his eyes before turning her head away. Although she was very angry in her heart, she knew that Qin Wentian hadn’t done this intentionally, and it was all for the sake of helping her. Normally, if someone dared to take advantage of her in that manner, she would surely have killed that person.

Tilting her head, Nanfeng Yunxi stared at the mysterious female in the air. A deep trace of trepidation flickered in her eyes. Luckily, Qin Wentian had forced this female apparition out from her body. If not, the consequences would have truly been too horrible to contemplate.

~bzz~ A raging wind gusted as that female appeared directly before Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian blasted out his palm that still shimmered with the pure-white flames, and the mysterious female had no choice but to dodge. Her movements were like a phantom, disappearing and reappearing behind Qin Wentian. Her eyes were glacial, but she could only glare at him, filled with impotent rage.

Finally, like a gust of wind, her silhouette drifted away, departing from the area.

"Are you okay?" Qin Wentian asked Nanfeng Yunxi. However, Nanfeng Yunxi stared coldly back at him. Qin Wentian could only smile awkwardly before turning around as he spoke to Qing`er, "Let’s go to the other cavern!"

"Hmph," Qing`er replied, "Was it very comfortable?"

And with that, she turned and walked away on her own. Qin Wentian felt as though his entire being had turned to stone in that instant…he was speechless, and didn’t know what to say in his defense.

"Qing`er, I was wrong!" Qin Wentian blinked, before hurrying after Qing`er. Behind them, Nanfeng Yunxi’s beautiful eyes flashed as she stared at the two ahead.

"Was it very comfortable?"

Upon thinking of this, her face turned even colder as she glared at the back of Qin Wentian ahead of her.

Boundless light shot to the skies. The cavern before their eyes contained a hint of majesty, akin to the righteous aura of kings and emperors who dominated the world. It was completely different from the aura of the other cave, and was like an existence that stood on completely opposite sides in comparison.

Qin Wentian, Qing`er and Nanfeng Yunxi appeared outside the entrance of this cavern. It looked like the three of them had already forgotten what had happened earlier.

"Let’s enter," Qin Wentian spoke in a low voice. The three of them stepped out, moving into the cavern. That powerful aura felt even more pure up close. Within the cavern, golden light illuminated its interior and many geniuses were already in here. They were now all staring ahead at a resplendent runic diagram formed from an incomparably pure, golden light.

At the diagram, there seemed to be a figure with a body cast from pure gold. Lying there, he resembled a king or emperor from the primordial era. His body glowed with a golden radiance, and gave people the sense that it contained a boundless, terrifying might!

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