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Within the sacred academy, in a certain remote location. Qin Wentian stood in front of a mountain rampart within an ancient palace as he silently observed. There seemed to be the silhouettes of two experts fighting etched upon the rampart, but it was a little blurry.

Qin Wentian's eyes were closed, he was using his immortal sense and sinking it into the rampart, which caused his consciousness to appear in another dimension. In this special dimension, he was an ethereal existence with an illusory body. And right now in that dimension, two supreme figures were currently fighting an intense battle.

These two supreme experts soared up into the skies, bathing in the boundless astral light. Tyrannical laws existed around them, and although they didn't release their immortal foundations, their bodies were like bodies of law. It seemed like they themselves were the laws, and there was not merely only a single type of law.

One of the experts in that dimension stepped forward and in an instant, millions of golden sword beams shot out. His body transformed into law, and he could call upon vast amounts of energy for combat. His opponent also advanced, and a moment later, an earthen-yellow great surge of earth-attribute power buried this entire space. The two of them clashed against each other with their bodies of law, Qin Wentian could clearly feel how impactful the two sources of strength were, yet he was naturally protected from the aftershocks.

This was the marvelous and mysterious aspect of the mountain rampart within the palace. One could sink their immortal sense within and view the battles of supreme immortal kings at extremely close distance. If this was in the external world, how would he dare to view a battle among immortal kings at such a close distance? If he did so, his body would be lacerated by the remnants of law energies from the aftershocks easily. There would be no way he can focus on observing the battle, let alone trying to comprehend insights.

This mountain rampart precisely allows one to do so, it can be considered a sacred location for cultivation. One must know that the people in the sacred academies were all at the immortal-foundation level and given how strong their potential was, it was merely a matter of time for them to become immortal kings. Also, given such conditions and unique sacred cultivation locations like this place to aid them, they would naturally be able to hasten the time they took to step into the immortal king level. The prerequisite was naturally for them to feel the power of immortal kings and although many people here were descendants of immortal kings and emperors, and their elders could release immortal king energy for them to feel, it was a different case completely in comparison to witnessing a true combat directly as it would be able to deepen their impressions.

After a long time, Qin Wentian's immortal sense retracted. Drawing in a deep breath, he pondered on what he just saw. After some time later, he went to another mountain rampart and continued his comprehensions. After that was done, he exited the place and entered the other palaces in the surroundings, comprehending the insights within the mountain ramparts one by one.

There were many different kinds of sacred cultivation locations in the academies. For example, fighting in the Sky Connecting Realm allows one to experience the true terror of death. There were also many secret realms for people to explore, and even dao lectures are provided. In the entire immortal realms, there most probably wasn't another peak-level power that could provide such good conditions for cultivation. In addition, Qin Wentian mastered the art of truth earlier. Just from that truth character in the ancient temple, Qin Wentian faintly sensed that the profound mysteries within exceed several ultimate techniques which he had seen before.

Sometimes he would wonder where did the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy come from exactly. The Evergreen Immortal Emperor had summoned it through the boundlessly starry space. Would an ancient emperor truly be born in this era?

If one would really be born, he Qin Wentian would definitely have to seize the opportunity. If he didn't become an ancient emperor, how would he be able to pursue the path of his father? This was his conviction.

"How are things?" Qin Wentian met Nanfeng Yunxi in one of the ancient palaces as he smiled.

"I gained many insights, this sacred academy is really too mysterious." Nanfeng Yunxi smiled.

"Maybe the ancestral phoenix would know some secrets of this academy." Qin Wentian laughed. The ancestral phoenix of the Southern Phoenix Clan was an extremely ancient character, she is certainly extremely knowledgeable with broad horizons.

"I will ask her if I get the chance to." Nanfeng Yunxi smiled. "However, we still have no idea how to connect to the other sacred academies as of now."

"Yeah, I wonder how Qing`er and Jun Mengchen are doing." Qin Wentian murmured, longing for Qing`er. He believed that there are four sacred academies, and Jun Mengchen and Qing`er seemed to be in different academies from each other as well.

Qin Wentian's guess wasn't wrong. In reality, there truly was four academy. In the academy he was in, the vast majority of people here were demons and those who practiced demonic techniques. Hence, Little Rascal, Purgatory and the Southern Phoenix Clan who possessed the bloodline of a phoenix were all here. Other than these, there were also various powerful greater demons. In this academy, the demonic race suppressed the humans as they were more in number.

As for the other three academies, human cultivators were definitely more in terms of numbers.

In the academy Qing`er was at, there was similarly a mountain rampart inside ancient palaces where one could watch the combat of supreme experts and comprehend certain insights. After the lecture, Qing`er's cultivation base had broken through to the third-level. However, she wasn't happy at all. In this particular academy, she was often harassed by some people.

At this moment, when she was cultivating in front of the mountain rampart, an extraordinarily good-looking figure suddenly appeared beside her. Qing`er turned over, her expression was cold as she radiated an icy intent. On her beautiful features, an expression of loathing could be seen.

"Little sister Qing`er, what a coincidence." That young man smiled. Qing`er knew the identity of this man, he was none other than a personal disciple of the Violet Emperor and was extremely powerful in terms of his cultivation base. In the sacred academy, he would often harass her and trail her movements secretly.

As he spoke, his body actually leaned towards Qing`er. Qing`er waved her hands and an intense light suddenly erupted forth. She knew she wouldn't be able to deal with him. Her silhouette flashed and she appeared outside the palace. After that, she took a powerful spatial treasure and instantly vanished from sight.

That young man stood with his hands clasped behind his back, not bothering to pursue after. He merely smiled as he stared at the area where Qing`er vanished.

"Is there any meaning to your actions at all?" A silhouette with his back facing the young man, asked in a calm tone.

"With such a beautiful woman to tease, why not do so for my own enjoyment? The Evergreen Immortal Emperor didn't know how to appreciate favors and refused to give face to my master, causing my master to be somewhat unhappy." That young man smiled. After that, he sank his immortal sense into the mountain rampart and begin his cultivation.

Qin Wentian naturally had no idea about the things that happened within this particular sacred academy. After several months of cultivation, he came to the Sky Connecting Altar once more. To prevent sneak attacks by the white tigers, Qin Wentian activated the puppeted armors for Nanfeng Yunxi, Nanfeng Shengge, Purgatory and the others. This made it so that the holy maidens will be strong enough to roam alone to do the things they wanted to and there was no need for all of them to stick together.

In the Sky Connecting Realm, Qin Wentian's figure suddenly appeared. He stared at the surroundings, three years ago, Lei Ba from the Thundergod Hall and Chu Qingyi from the Snowdrift Sacred Hall were tormenting Jun Mengchen here. Although he threatened Chu Qingyi to best not implicate Jun Mengchen within or he would shatter her reputation, he had no way to know of Jun Mengchen's current situation at all. He also didn't know if Chu Qingyi heeded his warning not to implicate his junior apprentice brother.

Qin Wentian's silhouette flickered as he sped towards stretches of desolation with many demon spirits about, preparing to fight against them in combat while hunting them to feast upon. On the way there, Qin Wentian came across some people hunting demon spirits as well. One of them was laughing, "These demon spirits meat are truly nutritious and delicious."

"It's such an enjoyment feasting on meat of such high quality. However, we best take care not to become food for the demon spirits ourselves." The other cautioned. That person then added, "There are so many greater demons in the immortal realms, how delicious would their meat taste in comparison to these demon spirits? I can't even imagine it."

"By the way, have you heard this news? In a certain academy, there was actually someone feasting on white tiger meat. The arrogant White Tiger Race had one of their own being feasted upon in front of their very eyes. What a great humiliation."

"Haha, I've heard about this incident. The different academies are not connected to each other, they can only connect through the Sky Connecting Realm. Now that the news of someone feasting on the white tiger meat has spread out, given how violent the tempers of the White Tiger Race is, how would they be able to endure this?"

White tigers were all extremely arrogant and tyrannical, they treat humans as slave mounts and playthings, completely disregarding humans.

Qin Wentian passed by here and just so coincidentally heard the conversations of these people. To think that right now, everyone in the Sky Connecting Realm already knew of the news about him feasting on white tiger meat. However, it was only expected for news of such magnitude to be circulated around quickly.

At this moment, the two experts speaking seemed to sense something. They turned their eyes over and soon noticed Qin Wentian. The eyes of one of them flickered, while the other one stared at him with an expression of interest.

"Qin Wentian." One among them coldly spoke.

"You guys know of me?" Qin Wentian asked.

"In the Sky Connecting Realm, there would probably not be any who didn't know of you." That person coldly laughed. Qin Wentian thought that they knew him because of the feasting on white tiger meat?

"What did you do to Chu Qingyi exactly? The Holy Maiden of the Snowdrift Sage Hall is sparing no expense to deal with you. Do you know that as long as we capture you and hand you over, Chu Qingyi will pay a very high price." One of them smiled sinisterly. Qin Wentian was speechless. He thought that they knew of him because of the white tiger meat incident, he didn't expect it to be because of Chu Qingyi.

Qin Wentian's eyes gleamed with sharpness. His eyes of truth pierced past all lies and illusion and he could sense the greed in their hearts. His entire body shimmered, as layers of runic light covered it. After that, he instantly blasted out with a palm attack. That fifth-level immortal-foundation expert was completely stunned, he only saw an incomparably tyrannical great roc of destruction shooting out at him. He retreated with explosive speed but how could his movement speed rival that of the great roc manifested by Qin Wentian? He was instantly struck dead.

The gaze of the other expert turned heavy. Chu Qingyi said that Qin Wentian was at the third-level of immortal foundation. Clearly, he had broken through now to the fourth-level, and his combat prowess was extremely terrifying. He wanted to flee but under Qin Wentian's powerful palm attack, he basically had no chance to run away at all. He was also easily exterminated.

Qin Wentian continued advancing, taking over their location as he sat down and began to enjoy the meat of demon spirits. Although he was enjoying the meal now, his eyes were gleaming with a cold light.

Chu Qingyi. He still had not sought her out for revenge for that debt of Jun Mengchen being implicated, yet she was actually actively seeking him out instead?

"The fragrance is overwhelming. Sir, you really know how to enjoy yourself." A few figures walked over with smiles on their faces. These figures were all clad in white and were all incredibly beautiful, their looks warming the hearts of people in delight.

Qin Wentian inclined his head and surveyed the beautiful maidens as he smiled, "All of you know of me as well?"

"Holy Maiden Qingyi drew your image on the sky connecting pillars, using it to broadcast all over the Sky Connecting Realm. Most probably, everyone in the Sky Connecting Realm will recognize you." A maiden spoke in a gentle tone. This maiden stood in the center and her looks didn't lose out to Chu Qingyi. She was also a rare beauty.

"Beauties from the Jadestage Immortal Palace of the Northern Regions. As expected of your reputation, but it's just that I wonder...have all of you beautiful maidens considered this carefully, wanting to capture me? Are you all not curious about the reason why Chu Qingyi hates me so much?" Qin Wentian laughed, his eyes suddenly gleamed with a lascivious light as his gaze roamed around at the bodies of these beautiful maidens.

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