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Within the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms, the boundlessly vast center region had large stretches of desolation and there were also boundless empires with a countless number of major powers. Because it was the central core of this layer of the immortal realms, it is the most luxurious and flourishing region whose land size was also the largest.

In the Central Regions, there was an extremely prosperous city named Nine Tripod City.

The center of Nine Tripod City was their core, to their west was a vast ocean where jiao dragons would occasionally appear. In fact, it's said that there are even true dragons lived in the depths of the western ocean.

Not only so, for the other three directions, the territory there was under the control of many different powers. This Nine Tripod City was a free city, and incomparably prosperous. There would be countless experts visiting this place on a daily basis.

The name of this city came because of the nine tripods stationed in the nine directions within it. Legend has it that these nine tripods were divine tripods, they stabilized and suppressed heavenly destiny within this city, causing it to be incomparably prosperous for countless years, lasting for all eternity.

And now, an incident appeared that validated the legend. A few days ago, a beam of divine light actually shot down from the sky, cascading down on all immortal realms before it finally landed within the Nine Tripod City.

And after that, the entire Nine Tripod City was in a fervor. Experts from all locations came by, and there would occasionally be auras that were tyrannical to the extreme also appearing that enveloped the entire Nine Tripod City, as though those powerful immortal senses were observing the situation. Next, the entire immortal realms were shook by the commotion as news that the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy has descended into the Nine Tripod City.

Right now, the powers of the immortal realms were rushing towards Nine Tripod City. Very soon, the already popular and prosperous Nine Tripod City, became even more lively. People could be seen everywhere. This city suddenly began to glow with extraordinary splendor.

In addition, these powers were all either backed by an immortal king or an immortal emperor. Everyone here was extraordinary, and there were no mediocre people. For mediocre people, even if they arrived, they would only be qualified enough to become spectators.

After that, the Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern Region's experts all appeared within Nine Tripod City. These people were all the most outstanding elites of the various powers. And they only had a single purpose - to gain admittance to the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy.

"Look, those are the people from the Southern Phoenix Clan. Back then those years ago, the Southern Phoenix Matriarch was a renown beauty in the entire immortal realms. Her descendants are truly all as beautiful as the flowers." At this moment, many people turned their gaze upon the female figures in the air. These beautiful females were none other than the Southern Phoenix Clan from the Southern Regions of the immortal realms.

"The Southern Phoenix Clan is one of the three great ancient clans and is incomparably powerful with extremely deep foundations. If one could marry a holy maiden, it would truly be a wonderful thing." Somebody fantasized.

"The timing of these Southern Region's forces are truly coincidental. Look over there, that group is from the Ancient Jiang Clan. The mysterious Jiang Clan had actually also sent such a large number of people over." Some experts glanced at a space behind the Southern Phoenix Clan. They could see a group of people with extraordinary auras also soaring through the air.

"The Ancient Ying Clan brought the most experts." Someone laughed, staring at a direction. Although the distance between them was far, they could still discern that these experts were from the ancient Ying Clan. They sat in an imposing dragon carriage, exuding a mighty imposingness. The man in the lead was clad in a dragon robe, radiating an unexcelled aura in this world.

Although the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy didn't look very large from the outside, there was actually someone saying that it's rumored there is another entire world within the academy.

"Can we enter directly?" Someone asked.

"Even immortal emperors have no way to force entry let alone you. This place is the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, they would naturally have a set of rules. It seems that no one can enter unless they pass the criteria." Somebody replied. The news of the sacred academy continued to spread far and wide as more and more people rushed here.

After some days, the experts from the Eastern Regions have all arrived.

Today, the experts from the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect also reached here. Bai Wuya personally led them over, this imposing lineup consisted of several thousand people and Qin Wentian naturally was among them as well.

"Which power does these people belong to?" Someone in the city asked, they had no idea with regards to the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect.

"Not sure."

"They are a new power that recently rose up in the Eastern Regions of the immortal realms, going by the name of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect that was established by the Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord. They occupied six out of the thirteen prefectures of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and are now currently at war against the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect." Those with broader horizons explained. The Central Regions of the immortal realms was very far away from the Eastern Regions. In this prosperous and boundlessly vast city, there were naturally many conflicts among major powers. Hence the people paying attention to things in the other regions wouldn't be many. Ordinary characters would only care about their own cultivation.

"There are so many experts here, truly a meeting of wind and clouds. Our strength is so much weaker in comparison." At this moment, Jun Mengchen could be heard speaking in a low voice. After his seclusion, he has also stepped into the second-level of immortal foundation. His talent was no doubt outstanding but a second-level immortal might be able to become the hegemon of some remote and obscure city. But when in the perspective of the entire immortal realms, a second-level immortal was merely somebody at the beginning of the pathway that leads to the strong.

"We haven't arrived at the place yet. Or else, there would be even more experts." Qin Wentian smiled. Bai Wuya's immortal sense gushed ahead as he continued leading the way. Finally, they arrived at the area where the academy descended. Over here, many experts has already gathered. In fact, all of them were people from the peak powers in the immortal realms.

"The Southern Phoenix Clan arrived as well." Jun Mengchen pointed toward a direction. Qin Wentian turned over there. The various holy maidens were here and the woman in the lead was someone Qin Wentian knew by reputation. It was none other than the dao protector of the Southern Phoenix Matriarch herself, Nanfeng Jinghong.

"Don't be shy, you can go over and greet them." Bai Wuya smiled.

Qin Wentian nodded his head and stepped out. Among the crowd from the Southern Phoenix Clan, Nanfeng Yunxi and Nanfeng Shengge stepped out when they saw him coming over. Both of them were as beautiful as ever, Nanfeng Shengge had a bright smile on her face as she spoke, "Sir Qin has arrived as well."

"Miss Shengge, it has been long since we last met." Qin Wentian nodded with a smile. He then turned to Nanfeng Yunxi only to hear her saying, "I heard that you created huge waves of commotion once again but this time around, the location was in the Evergreen Immortal Empire."

"You even know about that?" Qin Wentian laughed.

"The Skymist Immortal Empire invoked the adjudication ruling, wanting to force Qing`er to marry into their empire. They are truly too overbearing." Nanfeng Yunxi spoke. "I still thought that you would come here together with Princess Qing`er."

"Why do I feel a sense of jealousy." Jun Mengchen who was by the side, chortled. His words causing Qin Wentian to glare at him ruthlessly. When he saw the awkward expression in Nanfeng Yunxi's beautiful eyes, Qin Wentian hurriedly spoke, "Ignore him, that fellow always loves to talk nonsense."

"I'm used to it." Nanfeng Yunxi glanced at Jun Mengchen as she spoke, causing Jun Mengchen to avoid her gaze. He then added, "Nanfeng Yunxi, when have I ever spoke nonsense?"

"I will go back first." Nanfeng Yunxi decided not to answer and chose to wisely retreat instead. After that, she and Nanfeng Shengge went back to the Southern Phoenix Camp. There were many who glanced at the two of them out of curiosity, even Nanfeng Jinghong looked over. Qin Wentian bowed slightly in Nanfeng Jinghong's direction to indicate his respect and Nanfeng Jinghong nodded slightly in return. This caused the others in the Southern Phoenix Clan to feel shock in their hearts.

At this moment, Qin Wentian also felt an icy intent targeted at him. His eyes turned over as he saw a group of experts from the ancient Ying Clan. Within the crowd of people, Ying Teng was there as well. His eyes gleamed with malevolence as he stared at Qin Wentian, emitting an intense killing intent.

Ying Teng would never be able to forget the humiliation he suffered at the God Hand Mountain Manor.

However, Qin Wentian merely casually glanced at Ying Teng before shifting his eyes away. He returned to the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect and couldn't be bothered any longer. In his heart, Ying Teng couldn't even be considered as an opponent. His attitude that was filled with contempt for Ying Teng, made the malevolence in Ying Teng's eyes grow even more intense.

"Ying Teng, is he the one who humiliated you?" A guy beside Ying Teng asked.

"Yes. I will kill him for sure this time." Ying Teng icily replied.

"I'll remember him." That person who asked earlier, added.

"We have no idea when the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy would open for sure. Let's wait here in the nearby surroundings for now." Bai Wuya spoke. At their level, they can naturally go without rest or sleep. This location was very vast, they could just casually sit down to cultivate.

More and more experts descended. These were all peak powers of the Central Regions, the supreme cults and ancient tribes of the Western Regions, powerful sects and clans of the Northern Regions, were all gathered here.

The Evergreen Immortal Empire's people also finally arrived. Qing`er naturally walked over after she saw Qin Wentian.

Other than those peak powers, there were also several unaffiliated immortal kings who brought their descendants here. Ordinary people didn't dare to offend anyone, you simply had no idea if the person walking next to you on the street was a core disciple of some great power.

Today, within Nine Tripod City, a fearsome devilish might suddenly permeated the atmosphere.

Within the location of the sacred academy, all the experts inclined their heads and they only saw a large number of figures in black soaring through the air. All of these people were radiating fearsome devilish might, and were grouped together in separate clusters. Each of these clusters might represent a singular power. Right now, many clusters of devil-path practitioners were all grouped together as they head over here.

It was well known that the major devil powers in the Myriad Devil Islands slaughtered each other with impunity and was extremely ruthless in nature. Seems like today, they actually were temporarily at peace and decided to join forces to head here.

"People from the Myriad Devil Islands, you guys dare to step into the Nine Tripod City of our immortal realms?" An old man from a certain power stood up and spoke. His aura was extremely terrifying as he gazed at the incoming experts.

"What a joke. Isn't our Myriad Devil Islands also a part of this layer of immortal realms?" A black-robed expert coldly replied. "This time, us devil practitioners came here without devil emperor characters. We are naturally here just simply for the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy and aren't keen to create trouble. I hope you guys will take this in mind and not cause trouble for us needlessly."

"You guys even dare to be so arrogant despite the fact that you are now in the territory of the Central Regions?" Another person harshly stated.

"You want to test us? Our Myriad Devil Sovereign has already dispatched devil emperors to different locations in the immortal realms. If you all want to wage war against us, our devil emperors will simply slaughter their way into your clans and sects." The black-robed expert who spoke earlier domineeringly replied. His words caused many to snort coldly, yet all of them couldn't help but to feel some trepidation in their hearts.

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