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The Ying Clan's arrival caused the God Hand Mountain Manor to become the eye of the storm of the Southern Region. All three ancient great clans gathered here, this was something extremely rare. Only secret arts of ancient emperors had such allure.

Not only so, other than the three great ancient powers, many other immortal-emperor ranked powers also sent experts over as they entered the God Hand Mountain Manor.

The Violet Emperor and the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor also sent their forces here. Since this was so, the experts from the Southern Phoenix Clan no longer continued to hide in the shadows and directly walked together with Nanfeng Yunxi, protecting her in the open. Right now, the situation here was too chaotic. This manor was no longer a gathering place for juniors of the various powers. Many immortal kings have already arrived, and there are even more experts still hidden in the shadows, monitoring the actions of everyone.

This situation made Qin Wentian extremely unhappy. Jiang Ziyu leaked the news which caused the situation now. The difficulty of him obtaining the complete God's Hand just shot up astronomically. Qin Wentian believed that right now, Emperor Yu should already know about the situation here at his mountain manor and it was just that he hadn't show himself. Because this matter now involved so many major powers of the Southern Region, even if he was an immortal emperor, he had to proceed cautiously.

Today, Butler Lu finally announced to everyone that Emperor Yu has returned and would soon meet with all of them.

The God Hand Mountain Manor was situated at a very vast piece of land. The tall pavilions and other buildings within it were now all filled with people. There were about several hundred people here currently, all from the various powers. Below the manor, there were even more people there. These people didn't even have the qualifications to enter the mountain manor. Those who could enter the manor were people from supreme powers of the southern region. What qualifications does ordinary powers have to compete together with them?

Qin Wentian, Nanfeng Yunxi and the rest sat within a tall pavilion. Behind them, the other experts from the Southern Phoenix Clan were there.

"So many people are here, things are going to be troublesome." Jun Mengchen glanced at the experts from the other powers in the surroundings. Even if Emperor Yu had God's Hand, if he handed it solely to them, it would be equivalent to offending the other powers.

As Qin Wentian sat there, he could feel a burst of cold qi boring down on him and when he turned his gaze, he saw Zi Daolong standing there staring coldly at him. They had met once before. Zi Daolong was the elder brother of Zi Daoyang, the son of Violet Emperor, a character at the immortal-king level.

"How long do you think that the Southern Phoenix Clan can protect you for?" Zi Daolong sneered.

"The Violet Emperor?" Qin Wentian had a mocking smile on his face. He didn't reply Zi Daolong, and his words caused Zi Daolong to stiffen. "What are you smiling at?"

"I'm smiling at the fact that the Violet Emperor is so far off from his illustrious reputation." Qin Wentian replied. "Everyone clearly knew who Zi Daoyang's murderer was. You guys had no guts to kill your way into the Myriad Devil Island to hunt down Mo Xie, yet you want to capture me and make me into a scapegoat? Even if you all really killed me, that would only be a joke, destroying the Violet Emperor's reputation."

"There's no need to use reverse psychology. I will kill Mo Xie sooner or later. And as for you, there will be no mercy shown as well." Zi Daolong coldly threatened.

"Zi Daolong, in the future it's best for you not to find people to challenge." Qin Wentian didn't mind his threat and continued speaking in a mocking tone. "If you challenge others, wouldn't everyone have to give in and pretend to lose to you? If they defeated you accidentally and you died after that due to some unknown reasons, wouldn't the Violet Emperor hunt down the poor unlucky innocent fellow who defeated you to vent his rage?"

"Hah!" Jun Mengchen's laughter sounded out. Nanfeng Shengge was smiling as well. Many people were staring at Zi Daolong. In this matter, the Violet Emperor's actions were truly not honorable. However, they could understand his actions, the Violet Emperor was a high-up and lofty figure. His son was killed by someone, how could he not hunt down those who implicated his son's death? This was the tyranny of powerful people, even if logic was not on their side, their actions would still be logical. Who asked his fist to be so big?

"You've offended so many people. I also heard them saying that you have even cultivated God's Hand?" A voice drifted over from the descendant of the ancient Ying Clan, Ying Teng. He also discovered that Qin Wentian was very interesting. Jiang Ziyu, Dongsheng Ting, and Zi Daolong all seemed to have a grudge with this guy.

"I'm sure the number of people you offended wouldn't be less than me. However, it's merely that many don't dare to look for you to take revenge." Qin Wentian casually smiled. Bullying the weak while fearing the tyrants was an innate nature of humans. If he was a descendant of the Southern Phoenix Clan, would the subordinates of the Xuan and the Xiao Emperor dare to court trouble with him? Most probably, even the Violet Emperor had to give the Southern Phoenix Clan some face. After all, he wasn't the one who killed Zi Daoyang.

"Brother Qin's words make sense. Why don't you join my Jiang Clan? I guarantee you that my Jiang Clan would settle those who came to make trouble for you. How about it?" Jiang Ziyu spoke again. This Jiang Ziyu was extremely unfathomable, seemingly unlike an enemy nor a friend. His actions caused people to be puzzled, but there was no doubt that he's a powerful character. Even so, Qin Wentian had decided that it was impossible for him to go to the Jiang Clan.

"I, Qin, appreciate Brother Jiang's kind intentions. It's just that I don't have the fortune to enjoy them." Qin Wentian smiled as he rejected. Both their tones didn't have the slightest trace of anger.

Jiang Ziyu long anticipated the answer. He merely smiled gently.

At this moment, a powerful presence permeated the atmosphere as an ethereal voice drifted over.

"Everyone has come here from far away, since you are all already here, all of you are guests of the mountain manor. Why don't you chat there then? There's no need to be courteous." That voice rang out through the air, even people a few hundred miles away could hear the words clearly. Right now, after hearing the voice, even more figures that exuded an extraordinary air appeared. They were all immortal king characters.

At the same time, below the mountain manor, many people from the various ordinary powers of the southern region were heading up the mountain to the manor. In a few short moments, many silhouettes appeared in the mountain manor. Luckily, the manor was extremely vast, it could even accommodate an army of hundreds of thousands, let alone just these people.

-Swish~- At this moment in the direction of where the Jiang Clan people were at, an old man exuding immense might appeared before them out of nowhere. The people of the Jiang Clan hurriedly stood up and bowed respectfully to this old man. This expert swept his gaze over them, finally landing on Jiang Ziyu.

"Granduncle." Jiang Ziyu smiled.

"Ziyu." That expert nodded to Jiang Ziyu. He then transmitted his voice over, "I heard that you received this information from the Southern Phoenix Clan and you disseminated it out after which. Why did you intentionally do so?"

"Granduncle, for the secret art of Ancient Emperor Yi, I don't believe the Southern Phoenix Clan wouldn't covet it. Since they knew where the location was long ago, do you believe that through all these years, they hadn't came to get it?" Jiang Ziyu smiled. His granduncle nodded. Another possibility was that the Southern Phoenix Clan's negotiations with Emperor Yu, amounted to nothing.

"I think it should be because of Qin Wentian's appearance that made the Southern Phoenix Clan reveal the location of the secret art. Qin Wentian had once cultivated a part of God's Hand before." Jiang Ziyu continued. His granduncle didn't say anything else. The God Hand Mountain Manor was closer to the Southern Phoenix Clan compared to his Jiang Clan. If both ancient clans competed for it, the possibility of the Southern Phoenix Clan obtaining the inheritance would be higher regardless of the fact that they were closer geographically, or because Qin Wentian had cultivated an incomplete version of God's Hand before. Hence, Jiang Ziyu intentionally blew up the matter leading to the situation now where his Jiang Clan was not the only clan competing against the Southern Phoenix Clan.

"All the friends here who still remain hidden, do you want me to personally invite you by name before you would reveal yourselves?" That ethereal voice rang out again, filled with laughter. Several figures then appeared out of nowhere, moving so fast that it was impossible to see where they came from.

The Southern Phoenix Clan's members including Nanfeng Yunxi all stood up, staring at the female silhouette before them. This woman was clad in a luxurious phoenix robe and exuded an extraordinary demeanor, radiating an intense forcefield.

"We pay our respects to Holy Maiden Guhong." Everyone bowed. Nanfeng Guhong was one of the dao protectors of the current Southern Phoenix Matriarch and had already entered the Immortal Emperor Realm. She was exceedingly powerful and was a trusted aide of the Southern Phoenix Matriarch. There were many things which the matriarch would entrust her to do.

The appearance of holy maiden Guhong was probably the Southern Phoenix Matriarch's intentions.

"Yunxi." Nanfeng Guhong calmly stared at Nanfeng Yunxi as she spoke, "The clan has bestowed Jiyue Palace to you. You have to work hard in the future."

"Yunxi understands," Nanfeng Yunxi nodded lightly.

"Shengge, all of you dao protectors must work hard as well, don't forget your cultivation." Nanfeng Guhong stared at Nanfeng Shengge as she reminded. Nanfeng Shengge nodded, Nanfeng Guhong was a role model to them all. Even for dao protectors, they could step into the Immortal Emperor Realm and accompany the Southern Phoenix Matriarch.

Qin Wentian's eyes flickered with contemplation. The Southern Phoenix Clan told him the location of the secret art. Other than repaying him for his efforts, they probably had other intentions. But this was normal as well, just based on the fact that Ancient Emperor Yi's secret art overwhelmed and dominated an entire era in the past, which major powers wouldn't want it? The Southern Phoenix Clan was no exception.

Not only the Jiang Clan or the Southern Phoenix Clan, the Ying Clan also had an immortal emperor here. Other than them, Qin Wentian saw a familiar figure in the distance. The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor had actually arrived here personally.

The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor appeared in front of Dongsheng Ting. His expression was calm as he casually glanced at Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian understood that most probably, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor wanted nothing more than to smack him to death with a palm strike directly but he couldn't act himself. On the surface, Qin Wentian was a member of the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect. Immortal Emperors are not allowed to interfere in combat between the two powers. If Eastern Sage directly killed Qin Wentian, the Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord might act directly and kill Dongsheng Ting. This was the agreement between them.

Not far away from the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, an imposing figure appeared. Qin Wentian had seen this figure before in the City of Ancient Emperors but at that time, the silhouette he saw was something manifested from a strand of immortal sense. This time, it was the real person.

The Violet Emperor was clad in violet robes, he had a lanky figure and his eyes shone with a faint violet light. The imposingness he exuded was extremely intense and this time around, he came by himself instead of sending a subordinate.

Other than the Violet Emperor, the Xuan Emperor and the Xiao Emperor, as well as the other immortal emperors from the major powers of the Southern Region were here as well. All of them came here personally and this made Qin Wentian truly feel how attractive the complete secret art of God's Hand was. It had actually attracted so many immortal emperors to come here personally.

"Emperor Yu, stop putting on airs." The Violet Emperor stated in a calm tone. As the sound of his voice faded, laughter rang through the air. Several figures appeared from within the manor and the old man in the lead exuded a celestial air with a headful of white hair. His entire being radiated an ethereal sense, and he was none other than Emperor Yu.

This Emperor Yu was someone from the same era as the ancient emperors. He was a character that has been alive for countless years!

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