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The location where God Hand Mountain Manor was situated in, was a picturesque one, surrounded by mountains and a forest. A cool breeze could be felt throughout the year, and was like an immortal paradise on earth.

Qin Wentian and the others finally arrived here. The mountain manor where Emperor Yu resided in, was a very quiet place. There were some servants guarding the entrance and in order for Qin Wentian and the others to show respect to the master of the manor, they naturally got down from the puppet phoenix. Nanfeng Yunxi then stated, "Holy Successor of the Southern Phoenix Clan Nanfeng Yunxi, came to pay respects to Senior Emperor Yu. Could you please help to relay the message?"

Nanfeng Yunxi made her identity clear the moment she arrived, this was because she wanted to ensure that her name bore enough weight. For immortal emperors, not everyone had the qualifications to meet them. If you want to meet them at your will and came by to pay respect, wouldn't they be busied to death?

That servant glanced at Nanfeng Yunxi before smiling, "Everyone, please enter the manor first. Butler Lu will received you all there."

"Okay." Nanfeng Yunxi nodded lightly and followed the servant into the manor. There were many pavilions situated within, with fake mountains and lakes all around, constituting a tranquil atmosphere. It was truly a quiet place suited for cultivation. At this moment, a middle-aged man in white robes came over. He was a little chubby and had a cheerful smile on his face.

"To think that the Holy Successor of the Southern Phoenix Clan came by to pay a visit personally, please excuse my hospitality for not going out to meet you." The man in white was clearly Butler Lu of the Mountain Manor. When he smiled, his eyes were immeasurably deep. And despite the fact there was no aura exuding from him, he gave off an unfathomable feeling. Being able to become the butler of an immortal emperor's mountain manor, his cultivation base would surely be extraordinary as well. Most probably, Butler Lu was an immortal king-level expert.

"Butler Lu is too polite. We juniors came by so suddenly and must have disturbed you. Please forgive us for our impertinence." Nanfeng Yunxi smiled as she continued, "Our Southern Phoenix Clan has a matter of importance and needs to meet with Emperor Yu. Will senior Emperor Yu deign to meet with us?"

"Are you all here for God's Hand?" Butler Lu smiled at Nanfeng Yunxi. He narrowed his eyes, nobody could tell what he was thinking but his words made Nanfeng Yunxi and the others stiffen slightly.

"We did." Nanfeng Yunxi still bewildered in her heart. "How did senior know of this?"

"Holy maiden, please follow me." Butler Lu spoke, bringing them into the manor. The space the mountain manor occupied was very vast and majestic. An instant later, Butler Lu led them to a location and pointed at a tall pavilion in the distance. Over there, several figures could be seen. Butler Lu then explained, "They are here for the same reason as well."

At this moment, Nanfeng Yunxi, Qin Wentian, and the rest of their comrades all froze, staring at these figures, especially the young man in the lead as their expressions turned unsightly.

He. Why was he at this place?

"Holy Maiden Yunxi, I trust you have been well since the last time we met." The young man at the tall pavilion walked over. It was none other than Jiang Ziyu from the Jiang Clan. To think that he was actually here in this mountain manor before Nanfeng Yunxi.

"Jiang Ziyu," Nanfeng Yunxi frowned, thinking of how is it possible for Jiang Ziyu to appear here at this moment.

"Brother Qin, the invitation from before still stands. If Brother Qin wishes to, you will be welcomed as a valuable guest if you visit my Jiang Manor." Jiang Ziyu smiled at Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian stared at Jiang Ziyu. According to the butler, Jiang Ziyu came here for God's Hand as well? How could there be such a coincidence? Jiang Ziyu seemed to have received the news at the same time as them and came to the God Hand Mountain Manor. Also, Jiang Ziyu didn't seem surprised to see them, and on the contrary, it was like he was here waiting for them. Clearly, Jiang Ziyu long knew that they would be here.

"Are you spying on us?" Qin Wentian didn't reply directly as he coldly asked.

Jiang Ziyu had a mysterious smile on his face and he didn't answer. Instead, he spoke, "What are you talking about? Everyone is here for God's Hand? What a coincidence."

"From ancient records of my Southern Phoenix Clan, I know that there are some extremely mysterious innate techniques of the buddhist path handed down in the Jiang Clan. For example, the Heavenly Vision Technique, the Divine Hearing Technique, these two techniques are able to allow the user to see things despite being a thousand miles away and listen to things in the wind. Sir Jiang is such an outstanding talent of the Jiang Clan of this generation and would surely have extraordinary attainments in the innate techniques of the buddhist path. You are even able to comprehend the things recorded on parasol leaves of our ancestral lands, so there's no doubt that you would also be able to listen to things through the wind."

Nanfeng Shengge smiled lightly, and a moment later, her explanation caused Nanfeng Yunxi and Qin Wentian to gain sudden understanding. Jiang Ziyu and Qin Wentian fought before, he should know that the God's Hand Qin Wentian used was the incomplete version. If he bid his time waiting in the Southern Phoenix Immortal City for Qin Wentian to exit the Southern Phoenix Clan, before spying on him with the Divine Hearing Technique and learned of the conversation between Qin Wentian and Nanfeng Yunxi, given Jiang Ziyu's intelligence, there was no doubt he could effortlessly deduce many things.

Without a doubt, they must have been spied upon by Jiang Ziyu.

"Miss Shengge's knowledge is truly extraordinary." Jiang Ziyu smiled at Nanfeng Shengge. He was honest with nothing to hide. He wasn't bothered that Nanfeng Yunxi and the rest knew about this.

Qin Wentian's gaze turned extremely cold. Initially if they came here alone, given the status of the Southern Phoenix Clan and the fact that he was considered half a successor of Emperor Yi as he cultivated the incomplete version of God's Hand, Emperor Yu might give him full access to the completed God's Hand. But now since Jiang Ziyu also arrived, it would be tough for Emperor Yu to show favoritism. Both the Southern Phoenix Clan and Jiang Clan were two hegemons in the Southern Regions and given how Emperor Yu's character was, it was unlikely he wanted to offend any of them.

To him, the ideal solution would be to let those who come for God's Hand contest for it among themselves.

"Butler Lu, is Emperor Yu currently in the mountain manor?" Nanfeng Yunxi no longer bothered about Jiang Ziyu and turned to the white-robed butler as she asked.

"Emperor Yu is out roaming the world but this butler has already informed him about it. As to when he would return, I have no idea. This butler doesn't dare ask too much about the matters of Emperor Yu." Butler Lu stated apologetically as he continued, "Since both holy maidens came from so far away, why don't you temporarily rest in our mountain manor? I can arrange residence for you all."

"Okay. This junior can only trouble the mountain manor for a period of time then." Nanfeng Yunxi nodded. Evidently, she didn't want to waste her time coming here. The secret art of Ancient Emperor Yi was a heaven-shaking major matter. She had to do her best to help Qin Wentian obtain the full inheritance.

"Everyone, come with me." Butler Lu spoke. Nanfeng Yunxi and the rest followed after him and a while later, Butler Lu led them to an elegant environment where he had arranged their residence. There were little bridges and flowing water but Qin Wentian and his comrades weren't in a good mood.

"This Jiang Ziyu is truly sinister. The more I look at him, the more he irks me." Jun Mengchen unhappily stated.

"Although this man is extremely irksome, he is truly someone exceedingly difficult to deal with." Qin Wentian spoke. Nanfeng Yunxi nodded in agreement, "I've personally spectated him fighting in the ancestral lands and he is truly extraordinary. He is out to temper himself, and the Jiang Clan surely regards him highly. Most probably, his status in the Jiang Clan isn't any lower than the Holy Successor of the Southern Phoenix Clan. We must be more careful."

"Now we can only wait." Nanfeng Yunxi spoke in a low voice. Since Emperor Yu wasn't here, they could only wait for him to come back.

Qin Wentian and those of the Southern Phoenix Clan stayed in the God Hand Mountain Manor. However what they didn't expect was that even before Emperor Yu returned, experts from several powers appeared at the manor.

The forces of the Violet Emperor and the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor were also among them.

Inside the God Hand Mountain Manor, Qin Wentian, Nanfeng Yunxi and the rest stared at Dongsheng Ting and his comrades. Both their eyes gleamed with coldness, flickering with killing intent.

Other than Dongsheng Ting, experts from the other powers also arrived. Among these experts was Kong Ye, whom Qin Wentian met in the ancestral lands of the Southern Phoenix Clan. According to Nanfeng Shengge, many powers in the Southern Region all sent men here. Somehow, the news of the location of Ancient Emperor Yi's secret art must have been leaked.

Evidently, this was done by Jiang Ziyu and the others.

"You guys are truly persistent bastards." Qin Wentian stared at Dongsheng Ting and his comrades while he coldly spoke.

"Nanfeng Yunxi. Since we have already left the Southern Phoenix Immortal City, you wouldn't interfere in the grudge between us and Qin Wentian, right?" Dongsheng Ting stared at Nanfeng Yunxi as he spoke.

"Qin Wentian is my good friend." Nanfeng Yunxi calmly spoke, her words causing Dongsheng Ting to stiffen. It seems that the Southern Phoenix Clan was truly serious and wanted to interfere in this matter.

"Holy Successor or not, you won't be able to obstruct us." Dongsheng Ting threatened.

"It's true that you guys have plenty of experts. But are you really so naive as to believe that the Holy Successor of the Southern Phoenix Clan would venture out alone?" Nanfeng Shengge smiled. "If there's anyone who dares to offend the Holy Successor, I'm afraid none of you would be able to walk out of here alive."

Everyone turned silent, feeling a sense of pressure.

"Do you only know how to hide behind women?" Dongsheng Ting stared at Qin Wentian. In the past it was Qing`er, now it was Nanfeng Yunxi. What is even more hateable is that all of them were extremely outstanding women be it either in terms of talents or background.

"Mhm?" Qin Wentian frowned. After that he actually smiled as he stared at Dongsheng Ting. "Do you mean you wish to fight against me solo then? Without any interference from any third parties? Sure, bring it."

Qin Wentian stepped out, with a smile on his face, issuing a challenge to Dongsheng Ting.

"Hmph." Dongsheng Ting's expression turned ice cold, he didn't move from his spot.

"Dongsheng Ting, I truly feel shame for you. The son of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor came all the way here, yet you don't even dare to fight one on one with my senior brother? Do you still want face?" Jun Mengchen mocked when he saw the unconcerned Dongsheng Ting standing there. His words instantly caused many in the surroundings to turn over, as Dongsheng Ting's face burned with shame.

"Dongsheng Ting, no matter what, you are the son of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor and even enjoy an advantage with your cultivation base being higher. Why don't you even have the guts to fight?" Jiang Ziyu seemed intent to see the world in chaos as he smiled teasingly.

"Woah, this place seems extremely lively." At this moment, a voice drifted over. After which, the crowd here only saw a golden bolt of lightning flash through the air as a lone silhouette stood there. His eyes were as sharp as swords as he stared smilingly at the crowd, exuding an extraordinary aura.

Everyone's gaze turned over. Jiang Ziyu's eyes flickered as he smiled, "Which member of the Ying Clan are you?"

"He's a character of the Ancient Ying Clan..." The hearts of everyone trembled. Experts from the three great ancient clans of the Southern Regions have all arrived.

The influence and authority of the Ying Clan was extremely terrifying. The Emperor City established by the Ying Clan was an immortal empire. Out of the three great ancient clans of the Southern Region, they were the most high profile and tyrannical.

"Ying Teng." That young man spoke, causing Jiang Ziyu's eyes to flash. Evidently, he heard of Ying Teng's name before.

"Who are you?" Ying Teng counter-asked.

"Jiang Ziyu."

"Haha, a heaven chosen of the Jiang Clan. Very well. These ladies nearby must be the holy maidens of the Southern Phoenix Clan, right? I heard that Nanfeng Yunxi of this generation has been chosen as the Holy Successor. Is she here?" Ying Teng swept his glance over Nanfeng Yunxi and Nanfeng Shengge before eventually landing on Nanfeng Yunxi.

"This is none other than the Holy Successor of our Southern Phoenix Clan, Nanfeng Yunxi." Nanfeng Shengge smiled and introduced, causing Ying Teng's eyes to gleam with sharpness. After that he turned his gaze to others gathered here, "Seems like many major powers of the Southern Region have arrived. How unexpected, the secret art of Ancient Emperor Yi has actually always been hidden in the Southern Region of the immortal realms."

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