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Even if he did not do anything, his strength would continue to increase until it reached the limits of the White Emperor Zenith Sword.

However, in the end, strength was merely his means. His true objective was still mankind's justice—to turn the whole Earth and all of humanity into his ideal world, wiping out all sins and evil.

Therefore, at the next moment, his gaze penetrated through void space and looked toward the endless future.

The Sun, universe, and void space in front of him all disappeared. He seemed to have already stepped onto Earth's paths once again.

There were people traveling to and fro on the streets. The streets were busy, the shops were lively, and there were countless flashing lights.

"Why? You can't wait to see the future?"

Ulpian turned and saw Fang Xingjian dressed in black robes, floating next to him like an illusion. Fang Xingjian was looking at Ulpian like he found this amusing.

Ulpian's brows raised slightly, and a gleam shone in his eyes. It was as if he was seeing the various images from the past. "Heart Sword Path? To think that you still have the spare energy to do something like this in the midst of the battle?"

He instantly saw where this projection came from. It was Fang Xingjian's unrivaled Heart Sword Path that had left a sword seed in Ulpian's heart.

This sword seed used Ulpian's obsession—the justice in his heart—as nourishment to grow. It was not some ordinary thought but the devil in one's heart.

However, at one glance, Ulpian paid it no heed. It was because he knew that the Heart Sword Path and the sword seed were merely just a mutation of his thoughts. As long as he paid it no heed, it would disappear before long.

On the contrary, if he were more attached to it, his thoughts would fight and the other party would continue to grow stronger.

In the end, this was one of his other thoughts. The more he thought about it, the more it would grow. Instead, if he paid it no heed, it would be slowly forgotten.

He turned his gaze toward Earth. This was one of the many futures for Earth.

At present, Ulpian's cultivation was remarkable and a single thought would bring about a world-shattering effect. His will could even penetrate the past and the future, allowing him to see the images from the countless parallel universes.

Right now, he was seeing one of Earth's futures.

With a slight thought, his will swept through the entire Earth, then he immediately frowned.

Beside him, Fang Xingjian smiled. "How is it? You aren't satisfied with it, right? This Earth developed based on your original plans. There are no worries for basic necessities, and traffic and housing problems have all been resolved as well.

"However, there are still people who murder, steal, and commit crime."

Ulpian's brows furrowed and he said coldly, "My powers are sufficient for me to monitor everyone. It'll be fine as long as I can monitor everyone and prevent them from committing crimes."

At the next moment, the world before him shattered abruptly. As Ulpian's thoughts changed, a new branch appeared in the universe and a brand new future was born—one where all humans were supervised by Ulpian.

The images changed, and Ulpian arrived in this new future. He stood on a piece of floating land, gazing down at the entire Earth.

Currently, the sky was filled with densely-packed floating cities while all the lands were filled with towering forests that reached the clouds.

Mankind's population had exceeded 100 billion, but basic necessities were still not an issue with Ulpian's powers.

However, when Ulpian scanned the world with his thoughts, he discovered there were people committing suicide almost everyday. He stopped them while they were in the process of committing suicide.

There were also people committing crimes everyday, and they were stopped by Ulpian before they did so.

Countless people raised their heads to look up at the sky, cursing Ulpian crazily.

The internet was filled with protests, curses, and feelings of fear directed toward Ulpian. Many people were fighting for their freedom.

Almost everyday, there would be people who could not stand being supervised for 24 hours, and they broke down mentally, becoming lunatics. There were even more people who could not stop themselves from indulging in their desires and pleasures.

Without any worries for the basic necessities, only almost 1% of the people were still putting in effort. The entire human society seemed to have become extremely decadent, and they hated Ulpian who brought all these upon them.

Beside Ulpian, Fang Xingjian smiled. "You've failed again.

"This is how foolish humans are.

"You've given them a life as if they were in paradise, but they are asking to go back to hell's freedom.

"Are you able to change their foolish instincts?"

Ulpian did not say anything. With a change of this thought, another change occurred. This time around, Ulpian did not monitor everyone for 24 hours. Instead, he implanted a fixed set of beliefs in everyone's mind, instilling into them the mindset of causing harm to others.

From the moment each human was born, they would be instilled with this set of beliefs and be unable to harm others throughout their entire lifetime.

Therefore, a change happened in the timeline once again, and a new future—different from the ones before—was born. With a slight thought from Ulpian, he arrived on the Earth in this future.

Everyone in the human society at this moment was absolutely compliant to the law. They all lived according to the set of rules that Ulpian had set.

There were no murders or robberies, and there was not even anyone who would jump a queue. The streets were forever clean, with no one littering or spitting on the ground. Even in times of fire, everyone would form rows and exit orderly, giving priority to the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the handicapped.

In this world, the regulations were inscribed into everyone's mind and valued even higher than life itself.

However, Ulpian did not reveal a satisfied smile. Instead, a layer of haze clouded his eyes.

Beside him, Fang Xingjian smiled. "Haha, could it be that you're afraid? You aren't willing to watch on anymore?"

Ulpian did not say anything and merely waved his hand in the air. It was as if he had pressed the fast forward button, and the entire world seemed to circulate at an unbelievable rate. In the blink of an eye, several decades had passed.

On Earth at the current moment, the atmosphere was very dead. There was no one walking along the streets as any activities that could frighten others or where people could crash into others had all been stopped.

The television stations were only playing tranquil music, and all television shows that could cause conflicts had already been stopped.

In the shops, there were only clothes of the same design for sale. It was because any difference in clothing designs would be viewed as a sign of inequality or discrimination.

Everyone worked on jobs that were on equal terms. Any competition that could harm others were forbidden.

No one studied, learned, conducted research, or took on any job that could help mankind improve. It was because the hard work that ordinary people put in throughout their entire lifetimes could not surpass a single thought from Ulpian. No matter what kind of discovery or creation they came up with, they would always realize that Ulpian had achieved them before they did.

The government was controlled by Ulpian. He would incessantly control the maintenance of robots, traffic, housings, and other matters throughout all 24 hours.

"You were correcting the past... but is that all it was?" Beside Ulpian, Fang Xingjian smiled. With a wave of his hand, the two of them passed through countless areas of space and suddenly appeared in a living room.

A young man was lying on a sofa with his eyes staring at the ceiling. There was only numbness in his eyes.

Just as he was about to die of hunger, a beam of silver light ray suddenly appeared. It swept up a dose of nutrient and injected it into the young man's body, sustaining his life.

Under the control of Ulpian's will, there was no one across the globe who would die of hunger.

Even though he had just been injected with a dose of nutrients, the young man still wore an expression as if he nothing left to live for. He showed no desire of wanting to live on.

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