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Li Yong secretly transports the internal strength to the palm of his hand, grabs the fist of Lyu Chun, and says with a smile, "You're so fierce, I give you a zero of the bad comment. However, your small hand is really tender, and I give you one point because of sympathy."

Lyu Chun did not want to hurt Li Yong, so she only used a fraction of her strength for this punch. She thought that Li Yong could be beaten to the ground with only a fraction of her strength. She didn't expect that Li Yong grabbed her fist first.

Lyu Chun immediately realizes that she underestimated her enemy just now.

As Han Lu's personal bodyguard, when she saw Han Lu being teased, she would come out certainly. As a result, she is also teased and her hand is pinched by Li Yong. She gets angry immediately and shouts, "You want to die."

However, she does not pull her fist out with her strong strength. Li Yong's fingers seem to be extremely powerful, which hold her fist like an iron hoop and can withstand 50% of her strength.

She still doesn't pull her fist out with 80% of her strength after trying again. At this time, Lyu Chun is a little nervous and suddenly realizes that she meets a master. Li Yong is not as simple as he looks.

"You are so beautiful, why are you so fierce? Don't you know? No one dares to like a beautiful woman who becomes a hedgehog." Li Yong lectures her.

"Let me go." Lyu Chun screams in anger because she is unable to pull her fist out, and she can't listen to Li Yong at all. She hasn't encountered anything she can't handle since she went down the hill and she has always been very confident.

"You have the potential to be a singer with your loud voice." Li Yong shakes his ears and praises her, "Come on, let me listen to you again."

"Who are you?" Lyu Chun realizes that she is not Li Yong's opponent so she has to compromise. Her tone becomes gentle and it is very beautiful.

"I have two identities, one is a man, and the other is a doctor." Li Yong says directly.

"How can you have internal strength?" Lyu Chun asks with great surprise. Yes, she senses an invisible force from Li Yong's body which binds her fist and makes her unable to break free.

This is the legendary internal strength, also called invisible strength and genuine qi. It is an invisible force generated in the meridians of martial artists after they have been trained to a certain extent. This power can transcend the physical power of human beings.

"It turns out that you also know the internal strength." Li Yong lets go of Lyu Chun's hand and says faintly. Since he got the clairvoyant vision, it is the first time he has heard internal strength from others. He feels fresh.

After hearing what Li Yong said, Lyu Chun's attitude suddenly changes dramatically. She says excitedly, "It's really the internal strength. Master, how do you cultivate your internal strength? As far as I'm concerned, all the masters who cultivate their internal strength usually succeed only after a lifetime of hard work."

"Even those people who are with great talent can cultivate their internal strength only after middle age. Master, you are so young but you have the internal strength. You're amazing. Please help me cultivate my internal strength!"

"Master, if you can help me succeed, I will repay you."

Li Yong is stunned. What she said really makes him wonder. In order to show that he is a gentleman, Li Yong waves his hand and asks with a smile, "How do you repay me?"

"I... I can worship you as my teacher. Master..." Lyu Chun kneels before Li Yong. Li Yong and Han Lu are frightened.

Han Lu thinks, "Lyu Chun is a master of Yufeng School invited by father, but she can't even defeat Li Yong. Is she a master? Can she protect me? What can I do if Li Yong does something to me?"

Li Yong helps Lyu Chun up hurriedly and looks at her attractive figure again. Li Yong stares at her chest for several seconds and can't help looking away. At this time, Lyu Chun doesn't get angry and she even puffs out her chest to make it more charming when Li Yong stares at her.

Li Yong swallows secretly and almost bumps into her chest. He calms down and says slowly, "I'm only 22 years old. You don't seem to be younger than me, so don't call me Master."

"What shall I call you?" Unlike her previous calmness, she becomes more enthusiastic as a red flower now.

"Just... Call me Li Yong!" Li Yong thinks he is very intrepid and he is the most intrepid person in the world.

"Li Yong, can you teach me how to cultivate my internal strength? Please teach me." Under Han Lu's astonished gaze, Lyu Chun, who was violent originally, turns into a tender little woman in an instant.

God! Han Lu wipes her sweat quickly.

"Yes, but I have no time now. I'm going to treat Ms. Han for her illness. When Ms. Han is cured, I'll teach you the method of internal strength cultivation!" Li Yong says faintly with an enigmatic look.

"All right. Thank you, Li Yong." Lyu Chun smiles sweetly.

"Well, you go out first! I'm going to treat Ms. Han for her illness." Li Yong smiles.

"You're sick, your whole family is sick." Han Lu says angrily to Li Yong when Lyu Chun is about to turn to leave, "I'm not sick. I'm poisoned. It's not a disease at all."

But Lyu Chun advises immediately, "Ms. Han, please cooperate with Li Yong's treatment."

"It's none of your business!" Han Lu is extremely unhappy. Shouldn't her bodyguard protect her?

"When your father left, he told you to listen to me." Lyu Chun says seriously.

Han Lu is very speechless. "Her father lets her listen to Lyu Chun when she is in danger. But now it's time to treat her illness. What's the use of listening to a bodyguard for treating illness?" Han Lu thinks but she dares not say.

Looking at the quarrel between the two beauties, Li Yong interrupts them quickly, "Lyu Chun, stop talking. Ms. Han, please take off your clothes."

"What? You want me to undress?" Han Lu stares at him. Then she orders, "Lyu Chun, he's not nice to me. Please throw him out of my house."

Lyu Chun stands still but persuades again, "Ms. Han, please cooperate with the treatment of Li Yong."

Han Lu almost collapses. She is very angry because she feels that she is betrayed by her bodyguard. She looks at Li Yong and shouts angrily, "Do you really want me to undress?"

"Yes, take off your clothes and go to bed." Li Yong laughs wickedly and then sits on the sofa.

"Hum." Han Lu throws away the TV remote controller and goes upstairs. He just told her to go to bed, which makes her hold back her anger and doesn't know how to vent it.

"Hey, where is my room?" Li Yong looks at Han Lu's graceful figure and asks.

However, Han Lu ignores him and disappears in the banned staircase.

"Li Yong, your room is here." Lyu Chun, who didn't leave, immediately points at the door on the left side of the first floor and says, "It's ready to move in."

"Where do you leave?" Li Yong asks.

Lyu Chun points to the outside of the villa, "I live in the side room on the right outside, which helps me to carry out my work."

Li Yong nods, "You can go to work now!"

However, Lyu Chun approaches Li Yong slowly instead of leaving at once, and she asks softly with a sweet smile, "Li Yong, when can you cure Ms. Han's illness?"

"It's hard to say, maybe a year or so, maybe ten or eight years!" Li Yong says thoughtfully. He is not sure that he can cure Han Lu in a short time.

"Ah? Do I have to wait so long before I can learn how to cultivate my internal strength? Li Yong, it's so long that I can't wait. Can you teach me now?" Lyu Chun says coquettishly. She even leans on Li Yong and shakes his arm.

Please maintain the image of the bodyguard well! How can bodyguards act coquettishly?

However, Li Yong wavers. He looks at Lyu Chun's delicate face and nods, "OK."

"Thank you, Li Yong. If I can cultivate the internal strength, I will repay you well." Lyu Chun is very excited. In order to go further in the martial arts, she will work hard.

For a martial artist, no matter how wonderful his movements are, he is an ordinary martial artist, and he can't be called a real master before he cultivates the internal strength. However, once his internal strength is cultivated, his strength and ability will be enhanced. Then he can be regarded as a real martial artist. If he practices to a certain degree, he will be invulnerable. He can even swallow gold and turn the stone to powder.

Lyu Chun, who is obsessed with martial arts, desires to cultivate her internal strength. She has also worked hard for a long time but has not been able to realize her dream. Now she meets Li Yong, a young predecessor who has cultivated his internal strength, can she miss him?

Therefore, let alone be looked at by Li Yong, even if she is touched by Li Yong, she will not refuse.

If she wants to be a strong person, she must pay hard work that others can't imagine. Being ogled by Li Yong is a kind of pay for Lyu Chun.

"Give me a pen." Li Yong smooths his clothes and says lazily.

The pen and paper are immediately put by Lyu Chun in front of Li Yong. Li Yong writes a set of mental cultivation method for cultivating the internal strength. This set of mental cultivation method has only three levels and is far less powerful than Bian Que's mental cultivation method. Li Yong knows that ordinary people can't practice Bian Que's mental cultivation method, so he reduces the difficulty and finds an easy mental cultivation method to give Lyu Chun a try.

If this method is feasible, he will take some apprentices to strengthen his strength and power.

Lyu Chun holds the piece of A4 white paper full of words written by Li Yong as a treasure. She picks it up carefully and says in a hurry, "Good night, Li Yong. I'm going back to practice."

Li Yong watches TV after Lyu Chun left. After a while, Han Lu appears at the stairs again. Instead of walking down, she stands on the stairs and says brutally, "Hey, Li Yong, since you live here, you must know the rules here."

"What rules?" Li Yong looks up and asks faintly.

"Don't come upstairs, don't look around and don't jerk off." Han Lu says seriously.

"Jerk off? You know how to jerk off." Li Yong laughs.

"Hum, I mean, you can't jerk off here." Han Lu says more seriously.

"I won't jerk off because I don't know how to do it." Li Yong grins.

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