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Chapter 2420 – Surrender or Die!

The Abyss World.

The Abyss World was actually an abyss, a huge abyss. It was an abyss that formed a small world.

Because it was too big and unique, the world named it Abyss World.

It was a world of its own.

The Abyss World hadn’t been a world in the beginning, and it had just been an expanse of space. But because of a huge battle, it had been blasted open into an endless abyss, and ordinary experts didn’t dare to step foot into it.

It was one of the few forbidden areas in the universe.

Suddenly, numerous auras entered the Abyss World.

Deep within the Abyss World, the bottom of it, in fact, a middle aged man suddenly appeared there.

It was the Shiyuan Clan’s Initial Emperor!

The middle aged man glanced at the surroundings, and then four people appeared there. They were the ancestors of the other four clans, Beichuan Xiu, Hanyuan Ting, Luoli Ming, and Ye Gou.

The ancestors of all five clans were here!

They were being led by the Initial Emperor.

Initial Emperor suddenly looked to the right, “Please show yourselves!”

As soon as he said that, the space there trembled slightly, and then four experts appeared there.

Three World Realm experts!

There were three men and a woman, and all of them were at the Three World Realm!

Initial Emperor nodded slightly to them, and then he looked up into the sky, “Elder Qing, please join us too!”

Once Initial Emperor said that, an old man in a green robe appeared not too far away from him.

The expressions of everyone here turned quite solemn from the sight of him.

Elder Qing, or also known as Qing Xing. He was the strongest among the Guardians.

A true Four World Realm expert. Moreover, he’d been at the Four World Realm for many years!

It could be said that Elder Qing was the strongest and most influential Guardian.

Initial Emperor cupped his fist at Qing Xing while he said, “I didn’t expect you to come yourself, Elder Qing.”

Qing Xing glanced at the people here, “Are all of you here for Yang Ye or the desolate race?”

They exchanged glances. In the end, Initial Emperor spoke solemnly, “The desolate race!”

The desolate race!

Many people in Eternal Border knew nothing about the desolate race, but they did.

All those years ago, the desolate race had almost annihilated Eternal Border. If it wasn’t for the Sprite Progenitor joining the battle, Eternal Border would have ceased to exist by now. Now that the desolate race was back, it would be a lie if they said that they weren’t worried.

What was the desolate race’s attitude toward Eternal Border?

Obviously, it was definitely not friendly.

After all, Eternal Border had taken Eternal Kingdom’s side all those years ago.

Qing Xing nodded slightly when he heard Initial Emperor, “The desolate race is back, and it proves that they have recovered. Based on the way they do things, they will definitely seek revenge. So, Eternal Border is in danger.”

Eternal Border is in danger!

Qing Xing continued, “According to my knowledge, Eternal Border only has 6 experts who are truly at the Four World Realm. I’m one of them, the Immortal Estate’s Yi Shuihan is another. Unfortunately, her whereabouts are unknown. Besides us, there’s Xiao Shenwu, Xuan Xiao, Wan Weihu, and Mr. Yin Yang.”

He gazed at them and continued, “All of you ancestors of the six clans, and those ancestors of Sword Sky City, White Emperor City, and the three sects are only at the peak of the Three World Realm. You’re all just a step away from the Four World Realm. Our forces have no chance against the desolate race!”

Ye Gou suddenly said, “If we have no chance, then we should stay out of it!”

Stay out of it!

Everyone gazed at him in silence.

Ye Gou spoke indifferently, “Don’t tell me all of you plan to protect Eternal Border to your deaths? You must be joking! Those fellows only took Eternal Kingdom’s side because Eternal Kingdom promised them many things, and so did the Sprite Progenitor. They fought a bloody battle not for this place, but for themselves, right?”

For themselves!

Only themselves remained in the hearts of experts at their level. It was the Grand Dao and eternal life that they cared about.

They could abandon everything for that.

Just like this very moment, if there was no benefit, it would be absolutely impossible to make them join forces against the desolate race! They could join forces against Yang Ye because of the Sprite Progenitor, and killing Yang Ye would benefit them tremendously!

But what about the desolate race?

They would get nothing, and they may die as well. So, they naturally refused to do something like that,

Meanwhile, Elder Qing suddenly said, “How can any of us survive if this place is destroyed?”

Ye Gou glanced at him, “The desolate race’s true objective is the Eternal Kingdom, so let’s just watch and see what happens, and we can take advantage of the situation when the time comes.”

Elder Qing shook his head slightly, “You think too little of the desolate race. When they truly come to Eternal Border, we must either surrender or die!”

Ye Gou fell silent.

The final goal of these people from Eternal Border was the Eternal Kingdom and entering the Eternal Kingdom. As for the desolate race, their objective was to enter the Eternal Kingdom too. So, it should be said that they had the same objective. Unfortunately, the desolate race looked upon Eternal Border with disdain all those years ago, and it planned to keep Eternal Kingdom for itself!

Otherwise, if it had gathered the strength of the experts from Eternal Border, Eternal Kingdom wouldn’t have been able to fight back at all!

Suddenly, Elder Qing looked to the right, and then the others looked in that direction too.

A young man in a violet robe was walking over slowly from that direction. Behind the young man was a middle aged man who held a sword in his arms while keeping his head lowered slightly.

The young man walked over to them and grinned, “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Huang Ye, they call me Sixth Prince.”

He had the surname of the desolate race!𝘧𝚛𝗲𝘦𝚠𝙚𝙗𝚗o𝙫𝗲𝙡.𝐜o𝚖

The others frowned, and there was some vigilance in their eyes!

Huang Ye grinned, “I heard that you seemed to be discussing my desolate race. Come on, I’ll discuss it with you.”

Elder Qing glanced at the middle aged man before Huang Ye and asked, “What do you wish to discuss?”

Huang Ye smiled, “Your future!”

He glanced at everyone here and said, “Your objective is the Eternal Kingdom, and our objective is the same. However, all of you can’t get in there, but I can, and I can take all of you with me!”

They remained silent.

Huang Ye smiled, “This is an opportunity for all of you, and it may be your last opportunity. Oh, right, if you’re planning on taking advantage of the situation at the end, then just forget it. Both my desolate race and Eternal Kingdom aren’t existences that all of you can fight.”

Ye Gou spoke coldly, “You just want us to be your slaves, right?”

Huang Ye shook his head, “That makes it sound so terrible. If you’re willing to follow me, then you’ll be friends of the desolate race, and I…”

“Friends?” Ye Gou laughed coldly, “How truly laughable, you…”

His expression suddenly changed drastically at this point, and a ray of sword energy appeared before him.

It was fast!


Along with a strand of blood, an arm fell to the ground.

It was Ye Gou’s arm while Ye Gou himself was over 1km away with a pale countenance covered in shock.

The middle aged man behind Huang Ye looked up and glanced at Ye Gou, “Servants should not interrupt their masters.”

Everyone gazed at the middle aged man, and their eyes were filled with fear and seriousness!

A Four World Realm expert!

The middle aged sword cultivator was a Four World Realm expert!

Huang Ye grinned, “I forgot to introduce him. This is a friend I just made, Jian Xuan. He was a guardian of the Northern Sword Sect. My desolate race has great, very great ambitions. If I’m to be frank, I’m only here because your strengths are barely sufficient, or if I’m to be direct, you’re not absolutely beneath me!”

Their expressions became quite unsightly when they heard this.

However, Huang Ye ignored their displeasure and continued, “If you don’t believe me, just see how you’ll be ants who are used as cannon fodder soon.”

He turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, Initial Emperor spoke, “Wait a minute.”

Huang Ye stopped and gazed at Initial Emperor, and the latter fell silent for a moment before he said, “I’d like to seek guidance from you.”

Huang Ye grinned, “Alright!”

Huang Ye’s figure shook and vanished on the spot.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Suddenly, the space between Huang Ye and Initial Emperor was torn open.


An explosion resounded, and then a figure was blasted far away!

It was Initial Emperor!

Once he stopped himself, a spear pressed against his forehead. However, as soon as that happened, the spear shook violently and was blasted away by a wave of mysterious energy!

A wisp of surprise flashed through Huang Ye’s eyes, “Interesting.”

Initial Emperor wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth and walked over to Huang Ye, and then he bowed slightly, “I’m willing to follow you!”

Everyone here was shocked.

He's submitting just like that?

“Haha…” Huang Ye suddenly roared with laughter, and he laughed for a while before he gazed at Initial Emperor, “Very good, you’re not blind. Haha…”

He flicked a thumb-sized white pearl over to Initial Emperor, “A World Energy Pill! It can help you attain the Four World Realm! It’s yours!”

He turned around and walked off once he finished speaking.

The middle aged man, Jian Xuan, glanced at Initial Emperor, “The Young Master went through hell just to get three of those in the last few decades!”

He turned around and left.

Initial Emperor glanced at the white pearl, and then he looked up at Huang Ye’s figure and spoke softly, “One of the ten great physiques…”

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