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Chapter 1474 – Yang Ye’s Path Of The Sword!

The Unfettered One? Yang Ye was stunned on the spot. That fellow has been here?

Yang Ye scanned the words carefully. Yes, it is his writing. He’s still that unrestrained, overbearing, and arrogant!

Being invincible is the loneliest thing!

How arrogant!

However, the Unfettered One did possess the strength to be arrogant. Even though Yang Ye hadn’t met the Unfettered One, the legends of the Unfettered One could be heard everywhere!

Or to be more precise, the Unfettered One’s traces could definitely be seen in places that were dangerous or had strong experts!

The Unfettered One came from the same place as him, and there even was a slight link between them. Besides that, both of them were sword cultivators. However, the Unfettered One’s Dao of the sword was completely different. The Unfettered One pursued the limits of the Sword Dao. He only had the Sword in his heart, and he could abandon everything. That was obvious from the state that the Sword Sect had been in. The Unfettered One had created the Sword Sect, but he’d abandoned it and went off to travel the world.

Actually, it was normal. Could the Sword Sect catch up to his footsteps? If the Unfettered One managed the Sword Sect, it represented that there were ties in his heart, and it was bound to something. He couldn’t have only the sword in his heart. The Unfettered One definitely didn’t like that, so he’d abandoned the Sword Sect and left to pursue the end of the Sword Dao!

Besides the sword, nothing else could occupy his heart!

Of course, it didn’t mean that the Unfettered One was a person without emotion. Everyone had their own goals, and it wasn’t wrong for him to pursue his goals.

As for the Sword Sect…. Everyone had their own lives. The Unfettered One couldn’t be there to protect them forever, right? The Sword Sect and its disciples' paths had to be taken on their own!

At this point, Yang Ye had met two powerful sword cultivators. One was Jian Wuji, and the other was the Unfettered One. No, there actually were three, but he hadn’t met that last person, the creator of the Sword of Rebirth.

Their Dao of the Sword was different.

Jian Wuji’s Sword Dao could be called a benevolent one. In the end, he’d given up his own life for that benevolence of his.

Such a sword cultivator was respected by others.

The Unfettered One’s sword Dao was different. The Unfettered One pursued the limits of the Sword Dao, and he only had the sword in his heart. Besides the sword, he could abandon everything. So, there were no chains on his heart, and that was why his sword was the purest. It was also why his attainments were extremely terrifying.

Such a sword cultivator instilled horror in others!

As for the sword cultivator who created the Sword of Rebirth, Yang Ye didn’t really know that person well. However, that person had spent thousands of years creating such a heaven defying sword technique, so it was obvious that person’s Sword Dao was similar to Yang Ye. They went to extremes, or it should be said that person had gone to an even greater extreme than Yang Ye.

That person was completely different from the Unfettered One, or it should be said to be the opposite of the Unfettered One. Because it was the obsession in that person’s heart which had allowed that person to create such a terrifying technique. When a person was obsessed to a certain level, it was an extremely terrifying thing.

Such a sword cultivator instilled fear in the hearts of others!

Who wouldn’t fear someone who spent thousands of years creating a sword technique just to kill a person?

As for Yang Ye’s Sword Dao, he was actually one who’d taken an unusual path. He didn’t pursue the limits of the Sword Dao, he didn’t seek benevolence, nor did he seek to exercise forbearance and take revenge.


His Sword Dao was one that placed emphasis on himself. He made himself the center of it. The sword? It was just a weapon in his hand, a weapon that served him. Some people would feel that he didn’t respect the sword by doing that.

However, as far as Yang Ye was concerned, the sword was a weapon, a weapon to kill. Some people would say that he used it to protect, and that wasn’t wrong. He did use it to protect his loved ones. But what did that represent? It represented that he would have to kill. There were a myriad of sword cultivators and Sword Daos in the world, but which sword cultivator didn’t kill?

Regardless of whether it was to protect or to achieve some other goal, it still required killing!

However, Yang Ye had made an extremely vivid display of it.

Yang Ye gazed at those words for a long time, and then he shook his head and smiled. Actually, if the four of them could come together and exchange their experience and comprehension, then they would definitely obtain great advancements in their strengths. Especially him because he was the weakest amongst them. Even though they each had their own paths, it didn’t stop them from learning from the fortes’ of others!

Unfortunately, this desire was impossible to accomplish.

Yang Ye gazed at those words for a long time, and then he shook his head. He was about to continue forward when he suddenly thought of the towering giant!

Could that giant have met the Unfettered one in the past and suffered at his hands? As he thought and considered this possibility, he grew even more certain that it was very likely. Because the giant had been constantly repeating the word ‘sword’. So, it was definitely obsessed with the sword, and based on how it had refused to let him go because he was a sword cultivator, it was obvious that the giant had enmity with the sword/

Perhaps many other sword cultivators had come to the Ominous Territory, but perhaps only the Unfettered One had the strength to deal with that huge fellow!

If that was the truth, then Yang Ye really had quite bad luck!

Yang Ye shook his head, restrained his thoughts, and continued forward.

It didn’t take long for him to pass through the mountain, and then he immediately stopped. There was a cottage further ahead, and a woman in a plain robe was standing by the side of it. She seemed to be around the age of 30. While she wore quite a plain robe, she seemed gentle and quiet like the young lady of an eminent family.

At this moment, she was just standing there and staring at him.

Actually, Yang Ye was still quite composed because he was mentally prepared to meet strange and weird people, beasts, or situations.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and was about to walk over to her. However, she suddenly appeared in front of him. She just appeared there as if she’d appeared out of thin air.

Yang Ye was shocked. Because she hadn’t shown any signs of movement. There hadn’t even been a trace of fluctuation from profound energy, and it was like she’d just appeared in front of him!

What terrifying strength!

After all, even though the masked woman from before had been extremely swift, he could still sense her movement. Moreover, he could see a trace of her when she moved. However, he hadn’t been able to react when this woman moved in front of him!

Yang Ye glanced at her, and then his profound energy started surging within him.

Suddenly, she placed her palm on his face. Yang Ye’s expression instantly changed. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to avoid her hand, but she was just too quick. He hadn’t even been able to react before her hand was on his face. Once he could react and decided to move backward, her other hand suddenly pressed down on his shoulder.

In an instant, Yang Ye’s surging profound energy had fallen silent! At the same time, he felt like a huge mountain was pressing down upon him, and he couldn’t move at all!

Yang Ye was horrified!

He immediately made the tiny vortex circulate, and then the silent profound energy within him started to surge once more. After that, slaughter intent and sword intent surged within him. However, his sword intent and slaughter intent had only just surged out from his body when they were suppressed back into him by a mysterious force.

Meanwhile, he’d relied on this opportunity to move 300m away. However, he’d just stopped when the woman appeared before him again. After that, she did the same as she’d done earlier. She placed a hand on his face while the other pressed down on his shoulder, causing him to be unable to move.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She touched his face slowly, and there was tender affection in her eyes, “Honey…. You’re finally home. Oh my husband, let’s head home! Let’s head home!” As she spoke, she took Yang Ye’s hand and pulled him towards the house.

Honey? Home? Yang Ye was quite stunned! At this moment, he was extremely stunned. He swore that there was no relationship between him and the woman!

But she’d actually acknowledged him as her husband upon meeting him!

Is this like those legends where romance arrives unexpectedly?

Yang Ye didn’t believe that, of course. It might be possible somewhere else, but here? Romance? Death was more like it!

So, Yang Ye was about to give an explanation when she suddenly stopped. She turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, and Yang Ye’s expression changed when he looked at her eyes. It was because the tender affection in her eyes had vanished, and it was replaced by icy coldness. It was like gazing into an ancient mountain of ice!

It made him shudder!

She gazed coldly at him and said, “Who are you?”

“I’m your husb….” Yang Ye had been taken by surprise and almost spoke without thinking. Fortunately, he stopped in time. He thought for a moment and intended to explain. However, she suddenly gazed at her hand, and her face grew even colder when she noticed that she was holding Yang Ye’s hand.

She looked up and stared at Yang Ye, “Why am I holding your hand?”

What’s going on? Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “You… you took my hand. How do I know?”

“How dare you!” She suddenly shouted with fury and waved her right hand, causing a wave of tremendous force to slam against Yang Ye.


Yang Ye hadn’t even been able to put up any resistance before his figure was blasted away. He flew for almost 30km before finally slamming against the mountain behind him.

Even the mountain shook violently from the collision!

Yang Ye’s figure crashed down to the ground after slamming against the mountain. However, it didn’t take long for him to stop. At this moment, his countenance was pale while blood could be seen on the corner of his mouth. Moreover, he felt quite dizzy. However, the woman suddenly appeared in front of him again. Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically at the sight of this, and he immediately waved his right hand and summoned the Celestial Demon Wolves.

Big Blackie and Little Blackie immediately pounced at her.

However, she showed no fear when facing them. She just raised her hand and swung it at them when they arrived around 3m away from her.

Bang! Bang!

Yang Ye watched with astonishment as the demon wolves were slapped away, and they instantly slammed against the mountain behind him.

Yang Ye’s face was filled with shock. Isn’t she a little too strong?

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