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Chapter 324: The Power of Beast Taming Elixirs

“Do you think Mr. Wang is here to accuse me?”

Ye Xuan asked Lin Shiru through voice transmission on the back of the Snowy Bladefeather Eagle.

“What do you think?”

Lin Shiru threw Ye Xuan a look.

Ye Xuan had told her everything he had done in the Four Saints Secret Realm in detail on their way back.

And she knew Ye Xuan had done all those things in disguise.

But despite the disguises of you and your beasts.

You exerted the same abilities. Someone must have associated you with what had happened.

In her opinion, not only Wang Tianshan.

But also the two Silver Blood Challenger-level Beast Tamers that Ye Xuan had defrauded might have found Ye Xuan suspicious.

Ye Xuan grinned.

But he was not afraid.

He had his trump card, which was the Beast Taming Elixirs.

He believed Wang Tianshan would forgive him as soon as he saw one Beast Taming Elixir.


While he was thinking about that, the Snowy Bladefeather Eagle flapped its wings and then landed in the Eternity Garden with Ye Xuan and Lin Shiru on its back.

In fact, the Snowy Bladefeather Eagle was not the only flying beast Lin Shiru had.

But it had been with Lin Shiru since a long time ago.

And Lin Shiru was emotionally attached to it.

Therefore, except when she used the Sacred Divine Wood, most of the time, she would travel with the Snowy Bladefeather Eagle.

Ye Xuan looked at the Snowy Bladefeather Eagle while he was getting off it.

He had got Jin Yaoyang’s inheritance, which included the methods of the Four Saints School and the evolutionary recipes the school had collected.

He wondered whether there was any evolutionary recipe that could make Lin Shiru’s Snowy Bladefeather Eagle evolve.

He was putting Lin Shiru first in everything he did then.

He wondered whether a person like him, who put so much value on his dream woman, was kind of a lickspittle.

Anyways, he was sure he was not a backup.

He had the confidence.

Because he had never seen Lin Shiru so close to anyone except him.

“Mr. Wang.”

Ye Xuan and Lin Shiru approached Wang Tianshan as soon as they got off the Snowy Bladefeather Eagle.


Wang Tianshan, pulling a long face, gave them a small nod. Then he looked at Ye Xuan.

He said after a short silence, “Platinum level?”

He was experienced enough to discover at first glance that Ye Xuan had already achieved the Platinum level.

That made him even surer that the person who had snatched the treasure from him was absolutely Ye Xuan.

He was angry.

Because Ye Xuan even snatched his treasure.

However, despite the anger, he was more shocked.

He was shocked that Ye Xuan had achieved the Platinum level from the Gold level so quickly.

“I was lucky enough to get an opportunity on the Ancient God Planet, so I leveled up.”

Ye Xuan explained.

“Lucky? You gained a lot of things by luck on the trip to the Four Saints Secret Realm, didn’t you?”

Wang Tianshan threw a glance at Ye Xuan.

“Luckily, I got help from an influential man. So, yeah, with his help, I did gain a lot.”

Ye Xuan replied with a grin.


In this way, Ye Xuan kind of admitted what he had done. Wang Tianshan humphed coldly. “You had a lot of nerve! As a new Platinum-level Beast Tamer, you went to the Challenger-level area.”

Then he was going to make a long speech to reproach Ye Xuan.

“What else could I do? I am just too poor.”

However, Ye Xuan sighed before Wang Tianshan could continue.

Then, looking at Wang Tianshan, he asked, “Mr. Wang, I need some Legend-level evolutionary resources. I’m wondering whether you can help.”

Wang Tianshan’s face was petrified when he had heard Ye Xuan’s request.

You just snatched a thing that was supposed to be mine, and now you are asking me for more things?

With that thought in mind, he glimpsed at Lin Shiru.

He felt Ye Xuan had turned into the same kind of person that Lin Shiru was.

“You’ve just achieved the Platinum level. Why do you need Legend-level evolutionary resources?”

Frowning, he asked after throwing Ye Xuan a cold look.

Ye Xuan needed Diamond-level evolutionary resources when he was on the Bronze level.

By then he had just achieved the Platinum level, and he was in need of evolutionary resources on a higher level, which was the Legend level.

Even Wang Tianshan himself could not afford Legend-level evolutionary resources.

The Xia managed to get some Legend-level evolutionary resources only recently, thanks to the opening of the Ancient God Planet.

They would not have found any in the old days.

“I’m not asking you for them for free. I can exchange for them.”

Ye Xuan said right away.

“You can exchange for them?”

Wang Tianshan humphed coldly again. “What are you gonna exchange for those Legend-level evolutionary resources?”

“Ye Xuan got some Beast Taming Elixirs in a Secret Realm on the Ancient God Planet. He was going to give one to Mr. Wang.”

Lin Shiru said with a big smile, “Mr. Wang, if you think a Beast Taming Elixir isn’t as valuable as a Legend-level evolutionary resource, I’ll just tell Ye Xuan to exchange with others.”

Beast Taming Elixirs?

Wang Tianshan was struck dumb.

Then he threw Ye Xuan an incredible look. “Is it true that you have Beast Taming Elixirs?”


“How many do you have?”

“Five. But I’ll keep one for myself and give one to Fang Luotian. And I am thinking Secretary Fang might be interested in purchasing two of them. As to the last one…”

“The last one is mine!”

Wang Tianshan cut in before Ye Xuan could finish his words.

He declared his ownership in a bossy way.

“Mr. Wang, I need Legend-level evolutionary resources.”

Ye Xuan looked at Wang Tianshan.

“What evolutionary resources do you need? Just tell me. I will help!”

Wang Tianshan said decisively.

“Mr. Wang, I got a Legend-level golden tiger bone in the Four Saints Secret Realm.”

Ye Xuan said cautiously.

“It’s because you deserved it. You already took it. Why did you bring it up now? I’m already an old man. Don’t you think I should know better than to blame you for that? Do you think I’m so irrational?”

Wang Tianshan said after darting a glance at Ye Xuan.

“No. No. I didn’t mean that, Mr. Wang. You are always very generous.”

Ye Xuan went on, “Actually, I only need a few Legend-level evolutionary resources. Not that I need a lot.”

“I need three Legend-level Stones of the World, three Legend-level Crystals of Life.”

“And ten drops of Legend-level True Dragon Blood and ten drops of Legend-level True Phoenix Blood.”

“Besides those, I also need a spiritual item with the Azure Dragon blood in it.”

You don’t need a lot?

Aren’t they a lot already?

Wang Tianshan was struck dumb by Ye Xuan’s request.

“Of course, even though I can’t get all of them at once, it will be fine, as long as Mr. Wang you try your best to collect them for me.”

Seeing Wang Tianshan’s expression, Ye Xuan added right away.

He knew the situation in the Xia.

He knew it would be difficult to find such high-level evolutionary resources.


Wang Tianshan nodded. Then he said, “I will contact Fang Xianmin right now. And I will tell him that you need these things. We will work this out together and find as many of them as possible for you.”


Wang Tianshan said after a pause, “Then just wait a few days. When we have used the Beast Taming Elixirs and contracted with new beasts, we will find the remaining Legend-level evolutionary resources for you!”

They could find all of them?

Ye Xuan was dumbfounded.

Even Lin Shiru was astonished.

Where would Wang Tianshan find so many Legend-level evolutionary resources?

Even if they ransacked the treasure trove of the Xia, they just would not find them.

“You will know by then.”

Wang Tianshan did not disclose too many details to Ye Xuan and Lin Shiru. He simply said, “Ye Xuan, the Beast Taming Elixirs you got this time will be of great help for us. And the timing is perfect. The Fangs and I will try our best to strive for them for you. Just wait a few days.”

“Strive? How will you strive?”

Ye Xuan was surprised.

“You will know by then.”

Wang Tianshan shook his head. He did not say more to them.


Ye Xuan felt extremely curious. However, he was not a rival for Wang Tianshan.

If it were Linlin who kept him in suspense like that, he would definitely give her a piece of his mind.

He would even pluck up his courage to untie that bowknot at her waist.

Yes, he was so arbitrary exactly.

With that thought in mind, he glimpsed at Lin Shiru.

Then he saw Lin Shiru was curious, too.

Apparently, she did not know what Wang Tianshan had meant, either.


While Ye Xuan was thinking about that, Wang Tianshan had taken his cell phone out. He called someone right away. He shouted on the phone as soon as that person answered it, “I need three Legend-level Stones of the World, three Legend-level Crystals of Life, ten drops of Legend-level True Dragon…”

“Wang, are you having a fever?”

That person yelled before Wang Tianshan could finish his words.

What the hell?

You told me you need Legend-level evolutionary resources as soon as I answered the call.

Okay, you need Legend-level evolutionary resources. But why should I be involved in this?

“I have some extra Beast Taming Elixirs and am going to give three to the Fangs. So, you don’t want them, do you?”

Wang Tianshan said calmly.

“Three Beast Taming Elixirs?”

That person remained in silence for a second.

“Wang, you are not kidding, are you?”

“I am at Jiangzhou University. If you want the elixirs, just come over as soon as possible. I don’t have much time to wait for you.”

Wang Tianshan hung up the call right away.

“Dad, what happened?”

In Zhongzhou, Fang Xianmin asked, feeling weird, when seeing his father Fang Shenzhou leaving in a hurry.

“I need to go to Jiangzhou University immediately. Wang Tianshan, that old jerk said he has some extra Beast Taming Elixirs and would give me three. I need to go and find out what is going on.”

Fang Shenzhou answered. Then something occurred to him. He said, “Do me a favor. Ask around to see who has Legend-level Stones of the World, Crystals of Life, and…”

Then he walked out of the house right away.

He called his beast out and headed for Jiangzhou University at a high speed.

“Beast Taming Elixirs? And he has some of them?”

Fang Xianmin was struck dumb by what Fang Shenzhou had told him.

The Xia was about to make an important move at the moment. If they could get some Beast Taming Elixirs, the elixirs would be of great help.

He did not dare delay and hurried to contact his acquaintances.

To ask who had those Legend-level evolutionary resources that Fang Shenzhou had mentioned.

If they had, he must get those evolutionary resources from them.

“Let’s wait. Fang will arrive very soon.”

In the meantime, Wang Tianshan said confidently at Jiangzhou University after hanging up the call.

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