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Chapter 244: Fifteen Minutes Later, He’s 300 Miles Away

In the Cerulean Planet.

In front of the 17th city of the Dragon City in the Sea, Miao Shuyao appeared at the city’s entrance with a flash of light.


Fang Xianmin and Wang Tianshan looked surprised when they saw Miao Shuyao.

They did not expect that she was back so soon.

Besides, she came back by herself.

“Secretary Fang. Mr. Wang.”

After Miao Shuyao walked out of the Dragon City in the Sea, she immediately walked over to Fang Xianmin and the others anxiously.

“Miao Shuyao.”

Wang Tianshan saw the anxious look on Miao Shuyao’s face and quickly inquired, “What happened? Why did you come out alone? How about the others?”

“I’m not sure about the others, but Xuan Xuan….”

Miao Shuyao heard Wang Tianshan’s question and immediately told him about Ye Xuan.

However, halfway through her words, Miao Shuyao, as if struck by a sudden idea, hurriedly used Sound Transmission and told him everything that happened to Ye Xuan in the sea world in detail.

When she mentioned that they were not the only ones participating in the trial this time and over thirty other tribes, Wang Tianshan and the others’ faces became severe.

He did not expect the trial to be so chaotic.

“Hourly Pointing List? Gold Hunting List, Bloody Killing List?”

However, when Miao Shuyao told them that Ye Xuan was far ahead of the rest of those Beast Tamers every time Hourly list re-ranking, and he even killed a few Gold Level beasts and was ranked in two more lists, they were all shocked.

None of them had expected that Ye Xuan’s strength had actually become so powerful.

He was actually far ahead of the Beast Tamers from more than 30 races.

Even they were Challenger Beast Tamers. They still feel shocked by such a talented guy.

However, after Miao Shuyao explained Ye Xuan’s current situation, Wang Tianshan and the others were stunned.

“What the hell? After Ye Xuan’s Ye Ye strength reaches 10,000 points, he will be informed of his coordinates every 15 minutes?”

“Furthermore, if someone kills him, the one will get half of his points?”

Their expressions changed drastically.

“Da*n it. How can this trial be so ridiculous?”

At that moment, they were all exasperated.

They all wondered if it was because Ye Xuan’s talent was so outstanding that the heavens were jealous of him.

Under this situation, t is impossible for Ye Xuan to survive.

Worse more, although they were Challenger Beast Tamers, they were not matched with the Beast Tamers from Dragon City in the Sea at all.

So they have no choice but only wait here obediently since They were incapable of providing any help for Ye Xuan.

Thinking of this, their hearts ached.

With Ye Xuan’s talent, if he grew up, he would definitely support Xia like those few.

He was even stronger than them.

But now, the possibility of Ye Xuan surviving this trial was really too low.

“Secretary Fang, did something happen during this trial?”

At this moment, when the Beast Tamers from Guluo, the Jiama, and the Oumo saw the change in the expressions of Fang Xianmin and the other masters from the Xia, their hearts skipped a beat.

One of them from Guluo’s eyes lit up and asked Fang Xianmin.

They had heard Miao Shuyao call out a name.

Ye Xuan!

Could it be that something happened to Ye Xuan from the Xia?

Under this speculation, they all had a few faint joys in their hearts.

Ye Xuan’s talent was too terrifying.

Most importantly, they were not on the same side.

Hence, in their hearts, most of them hoped that Ye Xuan would die in this training.

When Fang Xianmin heard this, he shot a cold glance at the Beast Tamer from Guluo and ignored him.


However, at this moment, a light flashed in the distance. Another Beast Tamer was walking out from the trial grounds.

It turned out a Silver Level Beast Tamer who had participated in the trial grounds of the sea world.

However, when the Challengers from Guluo The took a close to the Beast Tamer who walked out of the Dragon City in the Sea, their expressions changed with surprise.

This was because the Silver Level Beast Tamer was covered in blood, and his face was ashen.

He had escaped from the Dragon City in the Sea after experiencing a great battle.

“Gulauga, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing the Beast Tamer walk out of the Dragon City in the Sea, the people from the Guluo immediately went up to him. They asked as they treated his wounds.

“It was all Ye Xuan’s fault!”

Hearing the Challenger Beast Tamer’s words, the Silver Level Beast Tamer immediately said sorrowfully, “Ye Xuan has pissed the public off in this trial.”

“Now, in the entire trial grounds of the sea world, once they saw us, the Cerulean Planet Beast Tamers, they would surround and kill us. Naro died, Guna died as well, and I was the only one who gained enough points to escape barely.

“What the hell was the situation of the trial of the sea world?

Furthermore, what did it mean that Ye Xuan had committed public anger?

Why did we get involved and cause the death of two people in our country? ”

At first, when several of the Guluo Challengers heard the words of the Silver Level Beast Tamers, they immediately pursued him, but soon their eyes flashed, and they finally figured out what was going on.

After knowing what had happened, although they complained that Ye Xuan had committed public anger and implicated them, their hearts were vaguely happy.

Ye Xuan’s talent was too terrifying.

He was a Silver Level Beast Tamer, yet he actually killed a few Gold Level Beast Tamers.

As long as Ye Xuan can be left in this trial forever, it’s not a big deal, even if they lost serval geniuses more.

“Fang Xianmin, I hope you can give us an explanation on behalf of Xia in this matter!”

Although the Gold Level Beast Tamer from Guluo was pleased inwardly, he still had to pretend to be angry. Therefore, he immediately turned his head to look at Fang Xianmin, with anger showing on his face.

“An explanation?”

Fang Xianmin took a glance at him coldly, “After this trial ends, When this trial is over, I will first hand cut off a few heads as a compensation gift to your country!”


Hearing that, the expression of the Gold Level Beast Tamer from Guluo darkened immediately.

Sending heads as compensation?

Do you see killing as a game?

No one f*cking needs the heads you send!



At the same time, on the vast ocean, Ye Xuan was standing on the back of the clone of the Tyrannosaurus. As he rushed along, he summoned two Tidal Treasure Snails.

He was ready to go deep into the sea and hunt monsters.

For him, every time the Tidal Treasure Snails were released and recruited back by him meant he would gain at least two points.

He didn’t even know that Wang Tianshan and others outside were worried about him at the same time.

“It is so surprised that a hunting beast would be so fast.”

As Ye Xuan accelerated his way, he was surprised at its speed in his heart.

Although rushing at his current speed would force him to abandon many of the beasts he encounters along the way, fortunately, with the high speed of the Tyrannosaurus, there were new beasts that appeared in front of him one after another.

So, in this case, the progress he made in hunting the beasts actually did not decrease. On the contrary, he was even more efficient.

“Sister Yaqin, how do you think Ye Xuan, the Beast Tamer from Cerulean Planet? He’s incredible. It’s incredible. How the hell could he do that? There were so many people chasing him, yet he was actually able to kill the beasts time and time again with such speed. Isn’t he afraid of being delayed and being caught?”

In a sea region a few hundred meters away from Xuan Ye, five female Beast Tamers from Harp Melody Planet gathered together and searched for new Beast Tamers to kill on and on.

“I have no idea as well.”

The woman who was questioned was the Beast Tamer from Harp Melody Planet, who was holding a white puppy, finding Ye Xuan had opened up the Beast Lair and discovering Spirit Aura Riot caused by the Tyrannosaurus’s breakthrough.

She mumbled curiously.

It was unknown how Ye Xuan did it.

However, unlike the others, although they were curious, they didn’t look for Ye Xuan.

At the same time, in this sea region, other than the Beast Tamers from Silver Blood, Eternal Night Clan, and a few other greedy Beast Tamers, there were still a few people who, like them, did not look for Ye Xuan.

This group of people probably accounted for more than half of the total number.

The reason for this was because they did not have any enmity with Ye Xuan.

Secondly, they were afraid of death.

Ye Xuan attacked several times in succession. The number of beast teachers that died in his hands had already exceeded twenty.

Under such circumstances, not everyone would dare cause trouble for him.

While Ye Xuan was hunting monsters, fifteen minutes quickly passed.

As 15 minutes passed, whether those Beast Tamers wanted or did not want to kill Ye Xuan, they all were curiously looking at the Minimap in their minds and detecting Ye Xuan’s new position.

She wanted to see where he had run to and why he had not been caught after so long.


“What’s going on? How long has it been? Hasn’t he been hunting monsters? Hasn’t he kill Gold Level beasts? How did he get so far so fast?”

However, when these people saw the current location on the Minimap in Ye Xuan’s mind, most of them were stunned.

Previously, the Minimap Ye Xuan place was the piece of the sea they were in about a thousand miles to the south.

But now, after only fifteen minutes, Ye Xuan’s position had reached nearly 150,000 miles away from his original position.

It was 150,000 miles!

Had he f*cking took a stimulant? How come he moved so fast?


However, just as everyone was shocked by Ye Xuan’s speed and confused why Ye Xuan was hunting beasts to get points while hurrying over, Ye Xuan felt something and lifted his head, looking into the distance during his flight.

Soon after, he saw a Gold Level beast charging towards him from 10,000 meters away actually bumped into five female members of the Harp Melody Planet.

[Dicoria Mystic Tiger Shark: Two-star

Grade: Early Gold-level.

Ability: Dicoria Illusion, Overwhelming Force, Ancient Tiger Shark Battle Technique, Tiger Shark Roar

Evolution Path: Ancient Dicoria Mystic Tiger Shark.

Once Ye Xuan lifted her head and took a look, he immediately identified the attribute of the Dicoria Mystic Tiger Shark.]

“Three-star Gold rank monster?”

Ye Xuan’s eyes immediately lit up when she saw this Double Pupil Mysterious Tiger Shark.

If he could kill the three-star Gold Level beast, the points would double, which meant he would get eight Gold points.

If he could get the 8 Gold points, he would have 20 Gold points.

And he could even use the rest of the Gold points to buy a cheaper Challenger evolutionary resource.

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