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1175 The Fu Corporation’s Clarification

Zhou Sihui had just come to the living room, so she didn’t hear the conversation between Old Master Fu and Fu Hongyi.

“You don’t understand. Don’t interrupt!” Old Master Fu didn’t give Zhou Sihui any face. If Zhou Sihui hadn’t seduced Fu Hongyi, Fu Hanchuan wouldn’t have become enemies with the Fu family.

Old Master Fu couldn’t gain any advantage from Fu Hanchuan, so he could only vent all his anger on Zhou Sihui.

“Zhou Sihui, if we do as you say, our company will go bankrupt. Do you understand?”

“Bankruptcy? That serious?”

Zhou Sihui furrowed her brows. Fu Hanchuan was that powerful?

Zhou Sihui thought of Fu Hanchuan’s dark eyes when he looked at her, and she slowly clenched her fists.

She always felt that Fu Hanchuan was a scourge.

When he was young, Fu Hanchuan cared so much about his mother. Now that she was dead, Fu Hanchuan would definitely continue to investigate.

She was worried that Fu Hanchuan would find out that she was the one who did it.

It was not that Zhou Sihui had never thought of getting rid of Fu Hanchuan, but Fu Hanchuan was lucky. She had tried to kill him three times, but he had dodged all three times. Later, he had left the Fu family and she never had the chance to kill Fu Hanchuan again.

Zhou Sihui’s mind was in turmoil as she tried to comfort herself.

She had done it very discreetly, and it had been more than 20 years since then, so Fu Hanchuan couldn’t have found out.

Thinking of this, Zhou Sihui felt a little more at ease.

Old Master Fu sneered. “Zhou Sihui, you used to be a bar receptionist and only have a high school degree. Of course you don’t know these things. You’re lucky to be Mrs. Fu!”

Zhou Sihui bit her lip and said, “Dad, I have no choice but to do this because of my poor background. I can’t make any decisions. I respect you, but you don’t have to use this to humiliate me every day.”

Fu Hongyi’s heart ached for Zhou Sihui, and he was worried that Old Master Fu would make things difficult for her again. He quickly said, “Dad, I’ll go and make the arrangements now. Hui Hui, come with me to the company first.”

Old Master Fu looked at their backs as they left, his face dark.

Why were his sons and grandsons all so smitten by women?

Fu Hongyi ignored his opposition and insisted on marrying a bar receptionist. Fu Hanchuan’s heart was only on Qin Sheng. For Qin Sheng’s sake, he went against the Fu family time and time again.

Fu Hongyi arrived at the company and made arrangements according to Old Master Fu’s instructions.

He couldn’t care less about the Ye family’s feelings.

Between the Ye family and the company, he naturally chose the company.

With Fu Hanchuan’s rebellious nature, if he didn’t clarify this matter, he would probably really hand in the information. By then, the Fu Corporation would really have no way out.

At most, the Ye family would break off their relationship with them.

The secretary was very fast, and in less than 15 minutes, the Fu Corporation posted a Weibo message.

[Fu Corporation: Hanchuan really doesn’t know about this. We made the deal with the Ye family five days ago. Also, Hanchuan has cut off all ties with the Fu family, so we can’t make the decision on his marriage. We’ve let the Ye family down for hiding this from them.]

In the past few days, the Ye Corporation had already given a reply to the news of Fu Hanchuan and Ye Yutong’s engagement, but the Fu Corporation had not made any moves.

The netizens were anxious. At this moment, the Fu Corporation finally responded on Weibo. They were excited and clicked on the post to read it.

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