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Chapter 2914 - 2914 Retreating After Success

2914 Retreating After Success

Ling Han instantly made a decision. Unleashing his full strength, he charged towards Fu Yuan.

Several of the leader monsters continuously sent out orders, but did not go all out to stop Ling Han’s approach. After all, the two intruders were already trapped. What would letting them regroup change?

“Brother Ling, don’t mind me. You can break out of the siege on your own,” Fu Yuan said. Even though he was a Fifth Tier, he was panting and covered in blood.

Ling Han laughed. “We came here together. We’re going back together.”


“Dream on!” a monkey-like leader beast coldly said. It sent out a different command, and in an instant, millions and millions of arrows formed by energy shot forth. Ling Han and Fu Yuan were sure to suffer greatly from such an onslaught.

Ling Han grabbed on to Fu Yuan. “Brother Fu, watch out!”

He struck out with his other palm, creating a rip in space, and then dove in.

Xiu! The two of them disappeared in an instant.

“They ran into the Void?” The monkey made weird screeching noises, and scoffed, “Besides Master, everyone else is akin to a headless fly inside the Void. Do they think they’ll be able to escape?”

All the monsters ripped space open and gave chase. But the Void was a chaotic place with energy storms all around. To say nothing of finding Ling Han and Fu Yuan, a lot of the creatures were torn to shreds by the storms the second they stepped in.

Strange. Where could they have gone?

Without dimension coordinates, not even Hysteria would be able to enter a dimension as it pleased. But what about Ling Han?

As Ling Han took another step, he found his way back to the Flaming Frost Realm from the Void. But when he stepped out of the Void, the Flaming Frost Realm felt too different from expectations as the location he was currently in wasn’t the Realm Battlefield at all.

“Oh, where is this?” Fu Yuan was still a little surprised at having escaped death. He looked around his surroundings in shock, and exclaimed, “The Flaming Frost Realm!”

He looked at Ling Han. “Brother Ling, do you have the ability to traverse dimensions?”

If it had been just a rip in space, then they wouldn’t have been able to run far. They could try to walk back the same way, but there was a high chance of them getting lost forever within the emptiness of the Void. There was no telling how long they would need to be able to return.

However, Ling Han had done so in a very casual manner. It was natural for Fu Yuan to be shocked.

Ling Han chuckled. “I told you. We came together, so we’re going back together too!”

When Ling Han had said this to him previously, Fu Yuan had thought Ling Han had been just trying to console him. However, now he was simply shocked beyond words.

“I never thought Brother Ling would be able to freely traverse dimensions.” Fu Yuan was still trying to wrap his head around that revelation. “No wonder you were so calm. Now, even if we have to take a high-risk mission, we don’t have to worry.”

Ling Han broke into laughter. “I can’t compare with Brother Fu in that regard. You’re the brave one.”

“I’m embarrassed. In the end, I still needed Brother Ling’s help to escape.” Fu Yuan shook his head.

“Even though we weren’t able to completely decimate our opponents, we still managed to kill two of their leaders. That’s more than enough.” Ling Han smiled, and continued, “Let’s go back.”

The two of them turned around, and they returned to the Realm Battlefield in a few days.

When everyone saw that it was Ling Han and Fu Yuan, they were utterly shocked.

Some of them had seen the two of them leaving the city, and not long after, a commotion broke out in the Hysteria army. However, that commotion died down soon after, and everyone thought that Ling Han and Fu Yuan had been killed.

This was a very reasonable conjecture. How could they have survived after being trapped by the enemy?

But now, Ling Han and Fu Yuan were back in one piece. It was natural for everyone to feel like they were looking at a couple of ghosts.

Soon, the entire base was astir.

Lin Youlian, Xin Qihu, and Wu Haoyang immediately convened a meeting, and requested for Ling Han’s and Fu Yuan’s presence.

“Ling Han, you’ve accomplished your mission?” Xin Qihu immediately asked.

“That depends on how Brother Xin defines the word ‘accomplished’,” Ling Han said, smiling.

Xin Qihu snorted. “Don’t be glib.”

“Fine.” Ling Han nodded, and then continued, “Brother Fu and I went deep into enemy lines, and managed to kill two of their leaders.”

“Have you got any proof?” Xin Qihu continued. “How am I supposed to know you didn’t just kill a bunch of monsters in the outer regions, and then sneaked your way back here?”

A lot of the Fifth Tier Heavenly Venerates frowned at his statement.

‘Aren’t you just blindly looking for fault here?’

Those from the Ling Alliance were even more furious. Xin Qihu had gone too far.

“I knew you would ask that,” Ling Han casually waved his hand, and two broken corpses suddenly appeared on the ground. “Here’s the proof you wanted.”

“What can two corpses prove?” Xin Qihu asked.

Ling Han smiled. “These two corpses should still contain a bit of aura. I trust everyone here has plenty of experience fighting against Hysteria’s creations. You should be able to tell the difference.”

Everyone focused their senses, and soon nodded in agreement.

The aura from these two monsters was indeed different from that of the rest, which only contained violence and madness.

Against such hard facts, Xin Qihu had no words to counter.

He could use his status to oppress Ling Han, but he couldn’t twist the facts to his liking. After all, there was still Lin Youlian and Wu Haoyang. How could he do as he pleased?

“So you only killed two?” Xin Qihu continued to taunt. “There are at least five leaders in Hysteria’s army. You call killing two a success?”

Ling Han laughed. “I never said I was definitely going to complete this mission. Besides, do you honestly think that was realistic to begin with?”

Everyone shook their head. It had not been realistic at all.

Previously, everyone had been sure that Ling Han would not have been able to return. However, not only did he come back in one piece, he had even managed to kill two prime targets. This was a grand achievement, yet Xin Qihu still refused to acknowledge Ling Han’s success, and was even trying to make him look bad. This was too much.

“Brother Xin, you’ve gone too far.” Lin Youlian finally spoke. Her tone was cold, and she was evidently angered by Xin Qihu.

Wu Haoyang nodded in agreement as well. Even though he had lost to Ling Han, he simply wanted a fair test of strength between them in order to prove himself. He never thought of using underhanded methods to oppress Ling Han.

Xin Qihu chuckled. He wasn’t bothered even if the whole world was against him.

“Since your mission is incomplete, then you are to carry on.” Xin Qihu said to Ling Han.


What he meant was that Ling Han was to go back to the enemy territory and kill the rest of the leaders.

‘Is he mad?!’

Ling Han clearly had been able to succeed the first time because the Hysteria army had never thought that he would be so bold. However, it was unlikely the same miracle would happen twice. How would Ling Han be able to succeed again? He would be marching to his death if he went back.

Ling Han was just as surprised as everyone else. He knew that Xin Qihu was trying to pressure him, but he never thought he’d do it so flagrantly. How utterly shameless.

‘You’re still hailed as one of the greatest prodigies of all eternity. Have some self-respect, won’t you?’

“Everyone, don’t you think that Ling Han is the best man for the job?” Xin Qihu said loudly. “Ask yourselves, would you have a chance to escape if you found yourself surrounded on all sides by the enemy?

“Ling Han does. And he has managed to come back in one piece.

“Ling Han, don’t you think you should cast aside your ego for the bigger picture? For the sake of the Flaming Frost Realm and all of us here, do you think it’s right for you to hide and cower?”

His last question was addressed directly to Ling Han.

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