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Chapter 1644: 1644
Chapter 1644: The living creatures inside the Mystery Realm

The Spiritual Qi here was too abundant, and even an Eternal River Tier elite would feel discomfort .

This was really exaggerated .

The two women of the Long Tribe were still in a state of shock from the information that they had just found out, and Ling Han and his two companions began to walk ahead . They had all become Saints, so they could cultivate at any time . Their bodies absorbed the Spiritual Qi, continuously turning it into their own Origin Power . The stars inside their bodies were either expanding, or forming from nothing .

It was very quiet here . There was only a dense forest, and no animals existed . There were also no cries of insects, as if this was a world that contained only vegetation .

They did not know where they should go, so they climbed towards the mountain peak to see exactly how tall this mountain peak was .

Slightly less than half a day later, they were still unsuccessful; there was still a very, very far distance separating them from the summit . Now that they had arrived here, there was a very strong pressure that caused even them to feel strained, especially Long Xiangyue, who was already covered with sweat .

However, she was extremely headstrong . She gritted her teeth, and did not request that they stop for a short rest .

Long Yushan naturally could not bear to see this, and drew her into her own Spatial God Tool . Otherwise, even if she forced herself to bear with it, she would only be hindering everyone else’s speed .

Ling Han did not say anything, and was presently walking ahead . Suddenly, his heart clenched, and he struck out with a palm strike, pressing down on Long Yushan .

“What is the meaning of this?” Though Long Yushan had not had her guard up, the reaction speed of a Saint was very fast . Her right hand instinctively formed a block in front of her, parrying Ling Han’s attack, but she was still sent back 30 meters by this strike .

And this was still because Ling Han had not used his full strength . Otherwise, with his usual battle prowess of a middle stage Saint King, he would be able to kill Long Yushan with a single strike .

Ling Han did not explain, because there was no need to .


A dark shadow scrambled out, pouncing at Ling Han and his group . Its target was where Long Yushan had previously been standing .

“Humph!” The Notionless Saint immediately moved . He drew a treasured saber, and slashed out at that dark shadow .

It was forged from the Saintly Material that Ling Han had bestowed on him . Previously, Ling Han had obtained a considerable amount of Saintly Material and Saint Tools from the treasure trove of the Heavenly River King . He had given the majority of it to his brothers, disciples, and friends .

At first, there were not that many, so there were not enough to be divided among all of them .

Weng, the precious saber glowed, multiple patterns appearing . The aura of great dao was entwined around it, possessing astonishing might . The Notionless Saint was a veteran Saint, after all . He had long since forged the Saintly Material into a weapon, and after he became a Saint, he nurtured it day and night, instilling his own martial intent into the weapon, and a basic Saint Tool was formed .

That dark shadow missed the target of its pounce, and reacted extremely quickly . Suddenly, it swiped out with a claw, smacking over at the precious saber .

Peng, a large boom rang out . The dark shadow was sent backwards, and the Notionless Saint also stumbled . He stepped back repeatedly for over 20 steps . What surprised Ling Han was that the heaven and earth here were surprisingly sturdy . Under the impact of the resulting shock wave, a part of the vegetation had been turned into fine powder, but the mountain itself was not damaged at all .

Long Yushan naturally knew that she had wronged Ling Han, but her personality was a very proud one, so she did not apologize to Ling Han . She only turned to look at that dark shadow .

It was a black panther . It was not very big, only about three meters long and about one and a half meters in height . Its tail, though, was extraordinarily long as it reached a total nine meters in length, and as its tail waved, they could see that there was actually a snake’s head at the tip of its tail, presently flicking out a forked tongue!

Which exactly was the real head here?

Long Yushan humphed coldly, and immediately charged towards that strange black panther . The bloodline of the Dragon Tribe surged . She was very aggressive, and shot out a punch that took the form of a dragon’s head, releasing the howl of a dragon .

The True Dragon belonged to the Nine Heavens, and to the majority of Divine Beasts in the world, it possessed a strong suppression ability . Unless the gap in cultivation level was too large, they would definitely be affected .

Yet this black panther was completely unafraid of the dragon’s might . Instead, it was as if it had been provoked . It bared its fangs, its two canines long and sharp, and there were actually densely covered patterns appearing on them, as if they were Saint Tools!

It charged to attack Long Yushan, depending on the burst of power from its four legs . Its speed instantly exceeded the limits, becoming indescribably fast .


It brandished its front paw, and there were also patterns glowing on it, forcefully tearing a hole through Long Yushan’s attack . It aggressively barged in, and bit ruthlessly at her wrist .

With how sharp its fangs were, Long Yushan’s wrist would probably be bitten off with this one bite .

…It would be like being severed directly by a Saint Tool, and Long Yushan was only a Small Saint, so how could she possibly manage to block this strike?

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Ling Han’s figure suddenly moved, and with his use of Lightning Flash, his speed was actually even faster than the black panther . On the brink of crisis, he stood in front of Long Yushan, and stretched out his own hand .

With a hu, the black panther had bitten Ling Han’s wrist .

Long Yushan couldn’t help but gasp, and she didn’t know what she was feeling at this moment .

Previously, Ling Han had already dissipated an attack for her, but she did not appreciate his kindness, and instead even rebuked Ling Han, but what did he do? Repaying her misdeed with kindness . Not only did he not make a fuss over her mistake, he even blocked another strike for her, even if it was at his own cost!

Though the broken limb of a Saint could be regrown, what was important was this friendly regard!

She was very strongly touched, but this feeling immediately turned into shock because the black panther actually could not manage to bite off Ling Han’s wrist . Instead, its teeth were shaking, and there was blood surging from its gums .

If it was not that the black panther’s teeth were as sturdy as Saintly Material, probably the shock would even snap its two sharp fangs off .

‘Are you still f***ing human?’

Long Yushan looked at Ling Han in shock . She knew that there were some that concentrated on cultivating their physique, but which of them could be compared to Ling Han? This was equivalent to stretching out his hand to be directly severed by a Saint Tool, yet almost causing the Saint Tool to shatter from the strike instead .

The black panther was also confused . It couldn’t even feel the existence of its fangs; they were limp and numb to the extent of almost falling out . It leaped back, its legs slightly bent, and its body slightly lowered . Its eyes focused fixedly on Ling Han, looking like it would attack at any moment .

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“Strange!” Ling Han said . “This is definitely a Demonic Beast in the low extreme of the Genesis Tier, yet did not actually gain intelligence, and only has its primitive instincts of slaughter . ”

This was inconceivable .

Ordinarily, once they had cultivated the Mountain River Tier, Demonic Beasts could even take human form, what more something as simple as gaining intelligence . Yet this black panther was already in the Genesis Tier, and belonged in the top tier of the Immortal Realm, but it only had its bloodthirsty instincts?

“This is indeed strange!” The Notionless Saint nodded . “However, its battle prowess is extremely strong, and it can be considered a king tier among Small Saints!”

He and Long Yushan had both exchanged blows with this black panther . Though it had only been a single exchange, it was enough for them to form their own judgement .

But what was a king tier among Small Saints worth to Ling Han?

He moved .  Boom, as his hand stretched out, stars appeared, as if a new world had been formed .

The black panther was instantly so scared that all its fur was standing on ends . Suddenly, it turned around, and swiftly fled .

Unfortunately, in front of Ling Han, even Saint Tier speed was not enough .


The black panther was instantly subdued, and flopped onto the ground, its limbs stretched wide . It was releasing low growls, but even so it was still showing its vicious nature as if it wanted to swallow Ling Han, its wild nature on full display .

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