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Chapter 1610: 1610
Chapter 1610: Gathering of Saints

Finally, the White Rainbow Forbidden Land formed an alliance with Ling Han . If one of them was in trouble, the other would provide assistance .

This was an expression of goodwill from the Blue Feather Saint King to Ling Han . Otherwise, did the White Rainbow Forbidden Land have to worry about others using force on them?

The people from the White Rainbow Forbidden Land had not left when a new Forbidden Land had arrived . It was the Extreme Forbidden Land, and they were similarly led by a Saint King, who had four juniors with him—since he was bringing juniors with him, he naturally was not hostile .

Then, there were several other Forbidden Lands arriving, and all of a sudden, Wood Figure Planet suddenly had many Saints . Their numbers were close to exceeding the number of Eternal River Tiers . It was practically enough to make one wonder if it was the Eternal River Tier that was harder to reach than the Genesis Tier .

After the Saints from the Forbidden Lands saw the memories and image of the battle between Ling Han and Hu Luo and another Saint King, they were all very polite to Ling Han .

In front of these supreme elites, whatever age, background, and aptitude were no more than empty words . Genuine strength was the only thing that they would take seriously .

Ling Han was qualified to be their equal in their relations .

The atmosphere on Wood Figure Planet also became very peaceful because of this . The Saints all made an agreement of alliance with Ling Han, and there were even a great many Forbidden Lands that were even more decisive, wanting to form a connection with Ling Han through marriage . In their eyes, only this kind of alliance was the most dependable .

Yet Ling Han shook his head . Seriously, forming a connection with him through marriage was no joke . What if it drew out that little jealous lover of his? They all would be razed instantly .

A great many Forbidden Lands naturally gave out many gifts, which were considerably valuable, but there was no Saint-grade Godly metal that Ling Han wanted—it was too precious . There might not be that many pieces even in the whole Forbidden Land; it was absolutely impossible such an exorbitantly valuable gift would be given upon the first meeting .

If they were unwilling to give it, then he would just have to buy from them!

Taking advantage of the fact that so many Saints were present, Ling Han decisively conducted a treasure exchange .

They naturally would be giving him some face at present . All the Forbidden Lands participated . However, it was not every Forbidden Land that had a Saint King; there would also be weaker and stronger Forbidden Lands . Thus, if they did not have a Saint King, they would send out a Great Saint, and if they didn’t even have a Great Saint, then a Medium Saint would come, and if they still did not have a Medium Saint… That was impossible . Those that could become Forbidden Lands would at least have a Medium Saint in their ranks .

Ling Han drew out the Reincarnation Tree leaves, and steeped a cup of tea in front of them, and had every Saint take a small sip . Suddenly, all the Saints were excited .

This could allow them to comprehend Dao; this was too awesome!

A precious treasure!

This was natural . Not just them, even if this was in the Celestial Realm, the Celestial Kings could also comprehend the Regulations of heaven and earth through the Reincarnation Tree leaves! Of course, Ling Han’s Reincarnation Tree leaves were too unorthodox as they had been produced through an accelerated process . They definitely would have no effect on Celestial Kings, and their effects on even Ascending Origin Tiers and Immortal Palace Tiers would also be very light .

But for Dividing Soul Tiers and Severing Mundane Tiers, this could still be called a supreme celestial treasure!

Then to these Saints, how could this not be awesome enough?

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Ling Han used these tea leaves to trade for Saint-grade Godly metal to continue increasing the grade of the Divine Demon Sword . Previously, though he had obtained all the belongings of over 100 Demon Masters, Saintly Material in their possession was very limited, and there was not enough to increase the Divine Demon Sword’s grade by another level at all .

The Saints all took out their Saint-grade Godly metal to trade, but for Ling Han, this was only an utterly inadequate measure .

Many little drops made an ocean .

Ling Han made a promise with the Saints: this kind of exchange would be effective in the long term .

Though some Saints were envious, and had the urge to rob him, they then thought of the memory image depicting how Ling Han had practically killed two Saint Kings in an instant that they had seen previously, as well as remembered the news that had also spread from the side of the Netherworld, where Ling Han had slaughtered over 100 Demon Masters in a single battle, and there were even more than 20 Heaven Demons among them .

When this news spread out, those Saint Kings became even more polite to Ling Han, and the attitudes of the Great Saints and Medium Saints could practically be called humble .

See, his trump card could be used again and again, so who knew how many more times he could show his might? As long as there was another time, the Saint Kings here would probably be enough for Ling Han to make another massacre .

Strength was naturally produced through battle . Were over 100 Demon Masters and two Saint Kings still not enough for Ling Han to establish his might?

Even in the hearts of the various Forbidden Lands, Ling Han was also the equivalent of a Demon God . Now, aside from some extremely remote and closed off Forbidden Lands, it could be claimed that Ling Han’s name was known throughout the world, and he could completely continue just by depending on his face .

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Another few months later, the grand elders of the various Forbidden Lands all left, but a considerable number of the younger generation stayed behind, wanting to further their amiable relations with Ling Han . There were even a great many that were exquisite beauties who could match divine fairies in their looks, and their goals were considerably impure!

Ling Han completely ignored them . After breaking through to the consummate level, he first newly inscribed the Limitless Nine Deaths Formations on his Godly bones . The number had soared up from 27 all the way to 99, which made even the Tranquil Heart Saint dumbfounded .

However, even 99 killing formations could not possibly match a Small Saint . Genesis Tier was too hard to break into, and once they became a Saint Tier, their abilities naturally would be earth-shatteringly powerful .

Next, Ling Han continued to work hard on cultivation . Now, he had enough alchemical pills to allow him to rush up to the peak stage of the consummate level .

Since that was the case, he naturally had no need to do something like go on exploration trips in some ancient sites; he only had to work hard on cultivation underneath the Reincarnation Tree .

Time passed quietly, and there was absolutely no movement from the Eight Stones Forbidden Land at all . Even their two Saint Kings had died, so they did not even dare talk about the matter of vengeance . It was already a stroke of luck for them that Ling Han did not seek them out to make trouble, and they obediently lowered their heads and behaved .

In the blink of an eye, another three years had already passed .

The Empress had already formed 9,999,999 stars, and was only a single star away from the end of the pinnacle level of the Eternal River Tier, but at this time, even if the Empress was a supreme Divine Fetus, she also reached a bottleneck .

She could not make that final step .

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She began a deep seclusion beneath the Reincarnation Tree, determined that she would not stop unless she had taken that last step .

After the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden returned to the Immortal Realm, her cultivation level spiked as if she had a cheat code . The inheritance of the three True Phoenix Saint Kings was fully boosting her, and added with the help of alchemical pills and the Reincarnation Tree, she had already soared to the consummate level of the Eternal River Tier, and was beginning to attempt breaking through to the Saint Tier .

She did not even think of wanting to cultivate the pinnacle level of the Eternal River Tier .

Ding Ping, Jiuyao, and the others also reached the low extreme of the Eternal River Tier . The Rain Emperor was even more impressive as he had advanced into the high extreme of the Eternal River Tier, and furthermore, he had merged the Regulations of the two Realms on the high extreme level .

‘Luck is not too bad . Though I did not get much Saint-grade Godly metal, I unexpectedly obtained High Crimson Blood and Purple Valley Godly metal, and together with the Heavenly Phoenix feather I got long ago, I am now only missing the True Dragon horn .

‘En, when I have reached the pinnacle level of the Eternal River Tier, I will seek out Long Xiangyue and make a trip to the Long Tribe, and get the True Dragon horn to fulfill my agreement with the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire .

‘However, this time, I don’t have Hu Niu with me anymore; wouldn’t it be terrible if I were lost in the darkness?

‘Hence, I will have to go only after I reach the pinnacle level of the Eternal River Tier; it would be safer . ’

In these three years, Ling Han also reached the peak stage of the consummate level of the Eternal River Tier, and had to work hard to take that last step into the next level .

He ingested pills every day, and continued his accumulation . He also comprehended Dao beneath the Reincarnation Tree every day to bring up his comprehension of cultivation level . Once he broke through, he would be able to soar to the skies .

Two months later, he rushed out of the Black Tower, and entered into the galaxy . Suddenly, dark clouds rolled out, and thunder boomed . The heavenly tribulation was here .

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