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Chapter 1564: 1564
Chapter 1564 Slaying a Big Sho This was inconceivable!Zhu Ba, Mo Li, and some others had all surpassed the pinnacle level of the Eternal River Tier, and formed over 1,000,000 heavenly bodies . However, it would be incredibly difficult for them to form any more .

If the difficulty of a Demon Master forming an extra heavenly body on top of their foundational 1,000,000 was assigned a value of one, then the difficulty of an Eternal River Tier elite achieving this would have a value of 100 . Moreover, this difficulty would continue to increase as one formed more and more heavenly bodies . The value of difficulty would grow from 100 to 1000, and 1000 to 10,000…

Thus, it was widely acknowledged that forming 1,100,000 heavenly bodies was the pinnacle limit for Eternal River Tier elites . It would be impossible to surpass this number .

However, this ironclad rule had been shattered now . Tan Mo had created a miracle and surpassed this number—by a huge amount, no less .

Over 2,000,000 heavenly bodies… What kind of concept was this?

No wonder Mo Li and the others hadn’t been able to defeat him just then, even after they had teamed up . Mo Li’s power had already reached a profound and overwhelming level .

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhu Ba and the two others were no match for him, and they were instantly sent flying after just one strike . The astonishing gulf in power between them couldn’t be more evident .

Fortunately, all three of them were super elites . Although they were sent flying, they hadn’t been severely wounded .

Ling Han stood face to face with Tan Mo .

“Last chance,” Tan Mo said calmly . Even though he had defeated three big shots at the Eternal River Tier with just a single strike, there was no sign of smugness on his face . After all, he viewed this as an extremely normal outcome . Thus, there was naturally no need for him to become smug .

“Hand the Divine Fruit and Demonic Tool over!”

Ling Han glanced at him before saying, “Don’t mess with me if you don’t want to die!”

Tan Mo faltered for a moment before bursting into laughter . “Do you think you’re more powerful than me simply because you managed to obtain the Divine Fruit and I didn’t? What an absolute joke! You’re only at the medium extreme, while I’ve already reached the pinnacle level . Moreover, I’ve formed over 2,000,000 heavenly bodies! This is an overwhelming advantage . ”

“You really want to seek death?” Ling Han asked . He also gave his final warning .

“Just this question alone is enough reason for me to kill you!” Tan Mo said coldly . He raised his hand and slowly pressed it down at Ling Han .

He was purposefully moving slowly so that Ling Han could feel the terror of death bearing down upon him .

Could Ling Han flee?

No, that would be impossible . With Tan Mo’s formidable power, how could Ling Han flee from his grasp?

“Not good!”

“That person is about to get obliterated!”

The onlookers all whispered among themselves, yet none of them stepped forward to help . This was because they were no match for Tan Mo . Even if they all teamed up to target him, they would still be defeated in one simple strike . The gulf in power between them was far too great .

There was no sign of delight on Wu Jue’s face, either . He had indeed wanted to defeat Ling Han, but definitely not in this kind of manner .

However, Ling Han was completely unfazed as he retrieved his Divine Demon Sword .

“Hmm?” Tan Mo was astonished . This was yet another Demonic Tool!

He knew that Ling Han possessed one Demonic Tool, but a second one? His eyes were red with greed . The Tan Clan didn’t possess many Demonic Tools, and thus even prodigies like him would only have the right to obtain one after becoming a Demon Master .

Resources were scarce, while prodigies were many . Thus, there was no way around this .

However, this ant actually possessed two Demonic Tools? And these were extremely powerful Demonic Tools, no less . This caused immense jealousy to rise from his heart . What right did Ling Han have to possess these Demonic Tools?

However, this jealousy quickly transformed into a cold sneer on his face . This didn’t matter . After all, as long as he killed Ling Han, both of these Demonic Tools would become his! Heh, as it turned out, he still needed to thank this ant . He was actually presenting him with two massive presents! Oh, no, make that three!

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His palm involuntarily pressed down quicker . In the presence of two Demonic Tools, even he couldn’t maintain his composure any longer .

“You asked for this yourself,” Ling Han murmured . He started to activate his Divine Demon Sword .


Numerous symbols lit up, causing the Celestial Tool to release a boundless radiance .

“What?!” Tan Mo’s expression changed drastically . This was because he could sense the formidable might of a Genesis Tier Saint!

‘How is this possible?!’

There was an insurmountable gulf between Eternal River Tier elites and Genesis Tier Saints . Even someone as powerful as him—whose power could surpass that of numerous Demon Masters who had just reached the Genesis Tier—wouldn’t be able to defeat Genesis Tier Saints in a true fight .

This was due to the suppression of the Dao of Heaven and Earth! He would be no match for Saints unless he formed more heavenly bodies and experienced a qualitative change .

Thus, even he couldn’t activate a Demonic Tool and unleash their full might . So, why had this ant been able to do so?

However, there was no time for Tan Mo to wallow in his astonishment . He hurriedly turned around to flee .

Battling against a Genesis Tier power? He still didn’t have the right to do so .


The onlookers choked in shock upon witnessing this sudden turn of events . The four individuals from the Tan Clan more so wore expressions of ghastly astonishment .

That was Tan Mo, a prodigy who ranked highly even among all of the prodigies of the Forbidden Lands! Yet, he was actually cowering before the might of Ling Han!

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“That’s… a Demon Sword!” someone exclaimed in a shaky voice . They bit their tongue in shock, but still continued, “That’s a fully activated Demon Sword!”

No wonder Tan Mo had turned around to flee . A fully activated Demon Sword was equivalent to a Demon Master! This wasn’t something that Tan Mo could oppose .

‘Holy! F*ck!’

Ling Han gritted his teeth in exertion . The Divine Demon Sword had drained him of all of his Origin Power and energy . The veined patterns on the sword were all illuminated, and they were circulating with a powerful aura that felt as if it could suppress past and present .


The Divine Demon Sword was astonishingly quick as it automatically sliced through the air and slashed at Tan Mo .

Demon Masters could cover tens of millions of miles with a single stride, and the Divine Demon Sword was no exception . Thus, how could Tan Mo escape from its attack?

Upon seeing the sword slash over, Tan Mo had no option but to turn around and block it with his full strength .

If he turned around to block, he would still have a sliver of chance at survival . However, if he continued to flee, his only fate would be death .

He roared loudly as the heavenly bodies behind him all unleashed a boundless might . He then launched a punch to meet the attack of the Divine Demon Sword .


The Divine Demon Sword faltered slightly .

‘He’s blocked it?!’

The onlookers were absolutely stunned . Was Tan Mo about to defy the heavens? He had actually blocked the attack of a Demonic Tool!

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Meanwhile, Tan Mo was both astonished and delighted . In fact, even he could barely believe that he was this powerful . However, his expression changed the very next instant . This was because the Divine Demon Sword had started to move again, inching closer and closer to his throat .

This… The sword was toying around with him!

What kind of precious tool was this? Not only had it developed a spirit, but it had developed an extremely despicable spirit . It was actually toying around with its prey!

Ling Han was rendered speechless . The Divine Demon Sword had been nurtured and raised by him, so it had definitely taken after his personality .

Was he this wicked?

There was a slight feeling of guilt in Ling Han’s mind .

The Divine Demon Sword inched closer and closer as cold sweat started to pour from Tan Mo’s forehead . He could clearly feel the sensation of death bearing down upon him . This was a petrifying sensation .

This had nothing to do with whether he was a prodigy or not . Everyone was scared of death, even Ling Han . It was just that there were situations where he would rather battle to the death than flee .

“No!” Tan Mo roared . He was a prodigy of the Tan Clan, and his future lay in the Celestial Realm, so how could he die here? Moreover, how could he die at the hands of a mere ant?

He unleashed his full strength, and even started to combust his life force . If he didn’t make a sacrifice now, there would be no more chances in the future .

However, before the fully activated Divine Demon Sword, he didn’t stand an iota of chance—even though the Divine Demon Sword was only at Level 17 right now .


The Divine Demon Sword slowly stabbed down, unstoppable as it pierced into Tan Mo’s chest . Murderous aura surged outward, slowly obliterating his life force .

There was bitterness on Tan Mo’s face as he looked at the Divine Demon Sword in his chest . He reached over as if to grab something, yet his hands immediately fell to his sides, limp and powerless .

Tan Mo, a supreme prodigy, was killed just like that .

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