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Chapter 1563: 1563
1563 The broken wooden sword shows its migh When he had reached the height of 24,000 meters, Ling Han also felt strained . It was not that his physique couldn’t hold up to the pressure, but rather that the pressure here was too heavy, and formed a powerful hindrance . If he wanted to go further up, he would have to pay an exorbitant price .

He could barely still persist, but when he reached 27,000 meters, he could not fly any further up no matter how hard he tried .

This was the limit .

Ling Han was unwilling to give up . The Divine Fruit was just 3000 meters away, and he could smell its strong fragrance from here, causing every pore on his body to open up . If he could directly consume it, the effects would definitely be shockingly great .

But how was he to get hold of it?

He stopped, and sliced out a palm at the top of the bamboo . The force of his palm strike turned into Sword Qi, which was astonishingly shrap .

But there was also an unknown might in the air here . When he blasted out the Sword Qi, it was being continuously erased in the process of flying over, as if it was affected by Tide of the Ages .

However, the Tide of the Ages was the power of time, and this was another kind of power that directly destroyed it .

This flash of Sword Qi merely shot out 90 meters away, and was then completely dispersed .

The gap was too big .

Ling Han shot out the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, but it only widened this distance to 210 meters . He did not use the Ultimate Arrow . As he thought, even if he could shoot it out more than 10 times the distance, so what? It was still impossible to reach a distance of 3000 meters .

Was there any other way?

Ling Han thought for a moment, then drew out the broken wooden sword, and stabbed it into the body of the bamboo .


The sword’s tip pierced into the body of the bamboo . Suddenly, multiple seals shone on the Divine Bamboo, resisting the broken wooden sword . It should be known that though the broken wooden sword was battered and rundown, if one received a direct strike from it, even Saints and Demon Masters would be killed .

As expected of Saintly Material!

This result was also within Ling Han’s expectations . After all, they were both Saintly Materials . He merely wanted to give it a try .

He was just about to withdraw the sword when he saw that multiple demonic patterns were also glowing on the broken wooden sword .

This was strange—he had not used his Origin Power to activate it at all .

The broken wooden sword had awakened automatically!

He naturally dismissed the plans to withdraw the broken wooden sword, and instead watched on quietly .

The broken wooden sword’s demonic patterns all glowed, and a frightening black Qi was simultaneously exuding from it . That represented the Regulations of the Netherworld . It was filled with murderous intent, causing even Ling Han’s eyes to become bloodshot, and made him feel an urge to slaughter everything in this world .

He hurriedly guarded his divine sense . No matter how strong a Tool was, it was still a Tool, and should only be controlled . The opposite definitely could not be allowed to happen .

With a pu, the broken wooden sword actually stabbed into the body of the bamboo!

At first, Ling Han was stunned, which was quickly followed by joy . He hurriedly exerted force in his grip on the sword hilt . He wanted to slice the Divine Bamboo in half, and that Divine Sword at its top would naturally become his . However, only now did he know how sturdy Saintly Material was . The broken wooden sword seemed to have taken root in the bamboo, and he couldn’t move it at all .

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If this Demonic Sword did not show its might on its own, he could do absolutely nothing against the Divine Bamboo .

Ling Han was startled . What was he to do? Could it be he would lose a Divine Sword in the process of trying to get the Divine Fruit instead?

‘Wait, no!’

He looked at where the broken wooden sword had pierced into the body of the bamboo, and saw that the bamboo that had initially been as green as jade actually showed a sliver of sallowness . He blew out a breath of air, and the yellow and withered part of the bamboo suddenly turned into dust, which floated in the air .


Ling Han’s heart jolted . This broken wooden sword seemed to have the ability of swallowing as well, though what it swallowed was not metal, but rather the Nine Segment Divine Bamboo that was similarly of the Wood Element .

The Nine Segment Divine Bamboo lightly trembled . One after another, bamboo leaves fell, light as feathers, but this was Saintly Material here . One fallen leaf also carried frightening destructive power . How could Ling Han possibly dare allow even one to touch him? He continuously dodged and evaded in midair .

The speed of absorbing of the broken wooden sword seemed to become faster and faster . Ling Han could clearly see that the withered part that the sword had penetrated was expanding both upwards and downwards, spreading out over the whole body of the bamboo .

After about a few hours, he could see a green fruit fall down from the skies .

That was the fruit born by the Nine Segment Divine Bamboo because even the branch that was connected to the fruit had had its essence extracted, and could no longer bear the fruit .

Ling Han quickly made his move . He wrapped his divine sense around it, and directly drew it into the Black Tower .

Now, no one would be able to take it from him .

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Boom, the whole Divine Bamboo crumbled, all its divine essence was swallowed by the broken wooden sword, and it decayed . Meanwhile, there was actually a battered part of the broken wooden sword that had recovered; its color was clearly slightly brighter .

Ling Han was shocked, and asked Small Tower, “Is this sword also on the level of a Celestial Tool?”

“Tsk!” Small Tower scoffed coldly as if it was filled with disdain .

“Will you die if you speak nicely?” Ling Han began to threaten it . “Otherwise, don’t even think about the Chaos Source Rock . ”

Only now did Small Tower concede, and replied, “Natural selection is an ironclad rule of heaven and earth . Both of them belong to the Wood Element, so they naturally would be able to swallow each other, but on the question of becoming a Celestial Tool, that is truly wishful thinking .

“As far as I know, among Wood Element materials that could become Celestial Tool, there are only a mere three types . ”

“What are they?” Ling Han’s curiosity was incited greatly .

“There is no need for you to know at present,” Small Tower declared impatiently . “Go and get that Chaos Source Rock!”

Sigh, was this his precious Tool or his master?

Ling Han shook his head, but did not bicker with Small Tower . He knew its personality very well .

He flew downwards, internally very pleased . He had gotten a Divine Sword, and also helped the broken wooden sword get a certain degree of upgrade . Though it was completely looked down on and disdained by Small Tower, before he entered into the Celestial Realm, this should be an incredibly powerful precious Tool for him .

“Hand over the Saint Fruit, as well as that sword . ” Tan Mo stood in his path and said such words in a neutral tone, as natural as if he was a senior issuing a command to his junior .

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At this time, there were Flight God Tools approaching from the distance . That was Zhu Ba, Yun He, and the others . Though they had been left very far behind, Ling Han had also spent a very long time to harvest the Divine Fruit, which was enough time for them to catch up .

The Flight God Tools stopped one after another . At first, everyone was unsure what was going on, but after Chi Huangji and the others explained, they naturally understood the situation .

Mo Li, Zhu Ba, and Yun He all stepped out, and declared, “Whatever one attains in the Mystery Realm is based on one’s own strength . If you want to take something by force, you will have to pass through us!”

“Just a group of trash, do you think I do not dare to kill you all?” Tan Mo asked coldly . At first, he had disdained from even attacking this group of ants, but the Saintly medicine was much too important . Even their clan only possessed two such treasures . Furthermore, they hadn’t ripened yet, and could not be used .

If he could ingest a Saint Fruit, the benefits would naturally be shocking . It was definitely nothing that these country bumpkins could imagine .

Giving it to these people? That was an absolute waste and insult!

“We don’t believe you dare!” Zhu Ba, Yun He, and the others shook their heads . There were 17 Demon Masters on standby outside; do you dare mess around?

Tan Mo revealed a dreadful grin, “What you all are doing is courting death!” He leaped out, and charged over at Mo Li, Zhu Ba, and the others . A silvery river appeared around him, densely packed with stars . There were too many than could be counted .

“Gods!” This “innumerable” was in the relative sense of the word . With the eyes of the Eternal River Tier, it naturally was not a problem to count them . Once they saw how many stars Tan Mo possessed, everyone trembled .

More than 2,500,000 stars!

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