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Chapter 1508: 1508
1508 Origins of the Forbidden Lands But the problem was that the mountain winds here were too bitingly cold, and greatly restricted their cultivation levels . In that way, the Empress, who had hold of the Absolute Beginning Stone, was too mighty . How were they supposed to defeat her?

It was not that they were not strong . The truth was the conditions here were too much in favor of the Empress .

“Let’s go . We’ll go somewhere else first . Once they descend the mountain, we will apprehend them!” Hu Can promptly decided . Even if he was in the peak stage of the consummate level, he was not confident that he could apprehend Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing here .

Especially Ling Han . It was really too strange . It was like he was completely unaffected by the mountain winds .

“Hey, hey, hey, why are you leaving?” Ling Han stood up . “We were just having a fun conversation, so how could you leave without saying goodbye?”

‘Who was having a fun conservation with you? Do we know each other very well?’

Hu Can shook his head . “Ignore him . Retreat!”

There was no need to get momentary satisfaction . Fighting in this place was much too disadvantageous for them .

The seven of them wanted to leave, yet Ling Han blocked their path of retreat with a single leap, not allowing them to descend the mountain .

When they saw Ling Han fly over their heads, the seven of them could not help but pale .

‘Are you a f******* freak?!’

The mountain winds here possessed frightening destructive power . They didn’t even dare to walk too fast . Otherwise, when the winds tore at them, they would be wounded all over, and there was even a chance to be directly killed on the spot . This was also why Hu Bing and Hu Jing had been hit previously—because they dared not dodge .

But Ling Han actually managed to leap over their heads . The winds were not just stronger at a higher altitude, but the speed of this leap was also fast, yet Ling Han was standing there completely unharmed . There was not even a single scratch on him .

This caused their hair to stand on ends; just what technique had this guy cultivated to have such frightening defenses?

Could it be that he really was a freak from some Forbidden Land?

They were initially absolutely sure that there was no Great Ling Forbidden Land, but now, their conviction couldn’t help but waver . After all, there were still quite a large number of Forbidden Lands, and it was normal if they had not heard of one or two among them . Perhaps the others just liked to keep a low profile?

Ling Han smiled . “All of us are siblings from Forbidden Lands, come, let’s sit down and have a nice chat . ”

Hu Can and his group were all shaking their heads internally . They really wanted to throw curses back at Ling Han, but with their identity and status, they naturally disdained to say such crude words . Hu Can was the leader of their group, after all, so he spoke up, “Since we are all brothers from Forbidden Lands, we can have a chat at any time, right? Why don’t you come and visit our Eight Stones Forbidden Land later?”

‘Do you dare accept?

‘Once you have come, don’t even think of leaving . Even if you have a massive secret, you will have to obediently hand it over . ’

“All right, I will pay a visit to your place later . However, I am not familiar with the Eight Stones Forbidden Land . Why don’t you introduce it to me first?” Ling Han said with a smile . To speak frankly, he wanted to know of the origins of the Eight Stones Forbidden Land .

These seven people were very strong and very condescending .

Without powerful abilities, this was definitely the behavior of an idiot . However, all seven of them were in the Eternal River Tier, so they weren’t idiots, but rather had a very strong background .

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Hu Can strove in the opposite direction, and said, “I have not heard of the Great Ling Forbidden Land, either . Why don’t you talk about it to us, brother?”

Both sides were smiling cheerfully at each other, looking to be completely on good terms .

A thought appeared in Ling Han’s head, and he asked, “It can’t be that the Eight Stones Forbidden Land were among those who attacked the Heavenly River King together, right?”

Otherwise, how could it be possible that these people had so “coincidentally” appeared?

This was really a lucky stroke . He had guessed correctly, but the process was completely wrong . But it was fine, as long as the result was correct .

The expressions of Hu Can and his group shifted slightly . The secret treasure of the Heavenly River King was too important . They felt regret now . In truth, they should have sent one of their number back to make a report, but according to the circumstances then, who would be willing to return?

The first to enter into the Mystery Realm would definitely obtain the largest gains .

There was no need for the seven of them to admit it . Ling Han knew just by looking at their expressions . Though the seven of them had strong abilities, it was obvious that they had not travelled for too long in the outside world . They were not very subtle, and all their thoughts were written on their faces .

He pondered internally . At the time, the Heavenly River King had been on the end of the combined attacks of a great many elites, and there were also the bodies of three Phoenix Kings outside . Then, those who had attacked the Heavenly River King together would definitely have to be mighty figures of Saint King-level .

They had already reached that height; what else could they possibly want?

To enter into the Celestial Realm, and achieve true immortality!

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But how was it possible that those from the Immortal Realm knew of the existence of the Celestial Realm? Just like how the Star Sand Saint, the Notionless Saint also thought that the apex of martial arts world was the Saint King, and neither could avoid the most fundamental Regulation of the heaven and earth—life, aging, illness, and death .

Thus… there was only one possibility!

Ling Han nodded, and asked, “You have all been exiled from the Celestial Realm?”

When these words were spoken, Hu Can and his group immediately became stirred up .

“Nonsense, how could we have possibly been exiled?”

“It was a few forces of the Celestial Realm that rose up in rebellion, and we were only forced to leave the Celestial Realm because we lost the war!”

“We will definitely return to the Celestial Realm and take back all that is rightfully ours!”

These people exclaimed with bloodshot eyes . It was obvious that this idea was regularly instilled into them; that was why they would become so hot-blooded and rash upon a single mention of it .

Ling Han chuckled, and said, “Don’t be stirred up . Speak calmly . ”

“Humph, though you have wormed facts out of us, this is not the slightest bit advantageous to you!” Hu Can looked coldly at Ling Han . “Since you know of the Celestial Realm, you should also be a victim of that massive wipe out long ago . ”

At this moment, he truly believed that Ling Han was from that whatever Great Ling Forbidden Land . Otherwise, no one aside from those from a Forbidden Land would know of the existence of the Celestial Realm, especially when he also mentioned the great turmoil that happened then .

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Ling Han really wanted to introduce Gu Daoyi to them . He was one who had directly come from the Celestial Realm; these people would have to address him as ancestor, right? Then, with him and Gu Daoyi being fellow sect disciple brothers in name, these people should also address him as ancestor .

He thought that, and a strange smile involuntarily appeared on his face, causing Hu Can and his group to feel creeped out . They felt a coldness rise up in their bodies despite themselves .

Ling Han coughed, and said, “How many Saint Kings are there in your Eight Stones Forbidden Land?” He was very curious about the strength of a Forbidden Land .

There had been innumerable people who had been cast out of the Celestial Realm . Some were exiled with their entire tribe, and it was possible that this was what led to the formation of the present Forbidden Lands because they possessed a complete martial arts inheritance . But some had their entire tribe wiped out, and only one or two tribesmen managed to escape to the Immortal Realm, and that was the origin of the ancient divine tribes . An example was Empress Luan Xing, who could only rely on her bloodline inheritance . Naturally, she was weaker .

“Humph, you want to know our baseline?” Hu Can smirked . “However, it is fine to tell you . Our Eight Stones Forbidden Land is one of the very best of all the Forbidden Lands . ”

He did not clearly say how many Saint Kings there were in the Eight Stones Forbidden Land, but Ling Han was sure that the number was definitely not limited to one .

Ling Han smiled, and said, “This Mystery Realm is very important, so I will need to trouble you all to obediently follow me for a few days . ”

Hu Can and his group all looked livid . Previously, they had wanted to keep Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing under house arrest, but in the blink of an eye, their positions had actually exchanged completely . How could they endure that?

“You want to keep us captive?” Hu Jing questioned harshly .

“Hoho, why do you have to put it so negatively?” Ling Han shook his head and smiled . “However, if you must think of it that way, it can also be understood like that . ”

Hu Can’s expression turned to ice, and he declared, “Then we can only settle this with a battle!”

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