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Chapter 8

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Currently, Mary was overwhelmed by countless marriage proposals .

The Albert family was not only second to the royal family, but also had the same authority as the royal family . Their family also has the official recognition of the royal family .

It is not surprising that someone would want to invite the young lady of the Albert family to be part of their home . It’ll be pleasantly surprising to know that having a connection with the Albert family also compromises an alliance with the royal family and the Dice family . Someone who marries Mary can have a friendly relationship with them . No matter how ordinary the family is, a single Mary’s pipe can catapult them to the top of the aristocratic world .  

Because of such added value, Mary is now the center of attention in the aristocratic world, and those with ambitions are doing their everything to obtain her hand in marriage . It was an existence that she craved . But, conversely, behind her back, the royal family and the Dice family, not to mention the Albert family, have taken strong positions – backing her up . So it is also true that no one is stopping offers of engagement, as no one can easily be accepted .

Furthermore, Mary herself is beautiful and intelligent enough to match her family’s background, so this is the only way to make the offer . Therefore, there is no reason not to be inundated with the number of proposals . The most interesting thing is that she is an oddball in addition to her beauty and intelligence, but she is something more than that . It’s worth it!

The fact that everyone had been shunning her until now, thinking that she would marry Patrick of the Dice family, may have added to the rush .

Of course, Mary’s father was also thinking about his daughter, and he was sifting through all the offers he received one after another .

By the way, the usual phrase used in that sifting is “The person I want my daughter to meet must be the same man as Patrick of the Dice family”, which is surprisingly effective … although Patrick himself doesn’t know that…

But even so, there is someone whom she must personally meet . According to his father, this time he is dealing with the son of a prominent family that has diplomatic relations with a neighboring country, and the Albert family owes them a debt of gratitude . His father insisted on it because he had to .

It’s just that he seems to like someone and the word ‘blind date’ is a bit of a stretch– it’s only a tea party . Her parents are just acting on their own, and the man she’s dating doesn’t seem to be in the mood for it either .

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As she spoke, Mary groomed herself .

Behind her, Addy, who was tying her silver thread hair, showed a hint of relief, but unfortunately, Mary was oblivious to it .

No matter how slow the squire behind her in hiding her emotions, Mary could not see it as Addy said, “I can’t do this . The question is whether or not you can get the flow of the conversation to the point where he realizes that you are not alone . In addition, if the other party refused to accept the offer, it would be perfect . ”

But if it’s going to take too long, they can use the last resort .

What‘s the last resort?

It’s how they could casually refer to Master Patrick!

“I’ll use whatever I can get my hands on! And it works so well, nearly every man retreats!”

She’d turn down any man using Patrick’s name .  

“I mean, it’s because you say things like that that people talk about you still having feelings for Patrick . ”

“Just let them say whatever they want to say . I’d rather have Patrick’s name as my assurance and last resort . ”

As Mary smiled in a good mood with a colossal way, Addy unintentionally muttered resentfully, “You don’t even care what people are thinking . ”

Mary seemed to hear these words as well, and when she rolled her eyes with a scowl, she turned around and looked up at Addy, who was tying her hair up .

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“What are you thinking? What do you mean?”

“Well, that’s… well…”

“Oh, it’s hard because you have to stand there for the entire matchmaking session!”

All right! The first thing that came to her mind made Mary’s expression brighten, as if to say, I’m not sure if this is the right thing to say .

It’s a good idea to be able to have a good time with them .

It’s not a hard thing to have to stand in the corner of the room and watch while the young lady talks to another man .

“Well, I’d like to let you sit down, but you won’t like it . ”

I can’t get through to you .  I told myself it was because all the throughs I’d been playing through had been because of the soundproofing effect of the alloy drill . I was there…!

“I don’t know what it is, but I know they’re making fun of me! You’re the one who said I’m going to a tea party with your father, remember?”

“I’m sorry! Braid! I’m going to braid my hair, so please forgive me!”

I don’t know what your standard of apology is . So, what are you talking about?

 When Mary nodded her head curiously, Addy looked away and cleared her throat with a cough as if to fool her .

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 And so still, “We’ll get a chair in the corner of the room” and “Why don’t we all just stand up? He glanced at Mary, who was thinking about the day ahead . As misguided as ever, but at least now Mary was still in front of her arranged marriage to Addy .

 That makes Addie happy, and it leaves a blur in her heart that she has to see herself talking to another man after this – and a man who may be up for engagement .



“I can’t stand to watch you talking to another man . So…”


‘What’s going on?’Mary tilted her head again .

 She gazed into her eyes, and Addie opened his mouth as if he’d made up his mind .

“So, for me… to… please get this over with . ”

 Addy’s face gradually turns red as he says this .

 Originally, this is not an unacceptable statement . It’s not a good idea to have your master’s tea party as a squire, an important tea party that could lead to an engagement, and you can’t help but feel selfish and say, “Quickly! It’s not just about rudeness, “Let me finish,” etc . It’s a level that you may be scolded for not getting carried away and dismissed .

 That’s why, after finishing saying it, Addy closed her eyes tightly and prepared herself for the words of scolding and rejection that may come .

 What do you mean by that?

 Will she calmly admonish you not to be so unreasonable?

 Or will she tell me to stay out of her husband’s tea party?

 But contrary to the defensive Adi, Mary simply replied, “Fine . ” When Addy opens her eyes in surprise, she sees Mary’s smiling face in front of her .


“What’s the matter with you, asshole? I’m finishing this up for you . Hope you don’t mind . ”

“…for me?”

“Yes, for you . Do me a favor and I’ll have you finished in the shortest amount of time . ”

 Addy was slightly stunned by Mary’s enthusiasm… and gave a small smile with a cousin . Although none of his own feelings were conveyed, still, the fact that it took priority over the tea party was his chest . It erases the blur and brings relief .

 It was just then that there was a knock on the door of the room and the maid’s voice was heard calling for Mary .

 So Mary and Addy went to the guest room, saw their counterparts sitting there waiting for them, and quickly retracted their earlier conversation, saying that this might not be the shortest way to go .

 This was because the person who was there was none other than Gainas Eldrand .

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