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Marquis Ernest Hārleon, has four daughters.

It is a rumor that they are beautiful girls with silver hair and amethyst eyes, similar to his famous wife Sofia, who is a beautiful woman with white skin like a ceramic doll.

Although they did not have political power, their father, who frequented visits the royal palace as a close friend, and their mother, who was beautiful and gentle, is loved by many of her servants, had no difficulty in spending every day.

Although. They were faced with a major problem.

「No, no, no, no. I don’t want to die.—–!」

The second daughter Julia ejaculates.

「Hey, Julia, don’t be so loud.」

The third daughter Alyssa hurries and tries to block her mouth with her hand.

The fourth Emily raises her index finger and points to Julia.

「No, no…….Mugu.」

「Emily, stop casting a spell on her voice.」

The eldest daughter, Marina, stated to Emily.

「But it’s faster this way.」

「It’s going to be okay!」

The four sisters slept in the same room with their canopied beds side by side. From the window side is the order of the owners of each beds were: Julia, Alyssa, Marina, Emily. Julia, who liked the bright sunlight, took the window, and Emily, who liked the dark room, took the door. It was a daily routine to gather, huddling around the bed of Alyssa or Marina before going to sleep.

「We’re all gonna die if we leave it like this.」

Alyssa’s nose began to sniffle. Tears begin to fall.

「It can’t be helped, because that is the fate of us villainous daughters.」

Emily discretely cuts her sister off.

「Are not you afraid, Emily? We were reincarnated into this game world.……」

Towards Alyssa’s words, Julia is vigorously shaking his head vertically her voice is still under a spell.

「Do you think there’s a solution to this? I think it’s better to live as you like until the next moment.」

「Lets think of how to live life next time, for now, let’s sort out the situation first」

Marina looked at the eyes of the three ladies in order and urged them to agree.

This world is like that of Earth, where they previously lived, but a completely different world.

Although there is also a tendency to set up and capture target, the otome game that gained moderate popularity because of it’s casting.「Eien ni Karenai Bara wo Kimi ni」, commonly known as 「Eternal Rose」. Now living in this game world that Marina, Julia, Alyssa, and Emily played in their previous world, they were reincarnated as “villainous” daughter of Marquis Hārleon and the rival character that is bullies the heroine.

「This appearance, a gentle father and mother, this gorgeous mansion, nothing in this life was lacking in any way, but … wow, we fell and end up dead」

Julia, who began to speak, mutters.

The path Marquis Hārleon’s daughter went through at the end of the game was terrible.

「Alyssa, you remember the ending of all the targets?」

「Yeah, at the time, His Highness the Prince, abandoned the engagement before everyone and elected the heroine to become the Crown Princess. Her wrongdoing was exposed and the servants left.  At the middle of the night, a thief entered the estate, and a body was found on a later date.」

「Coming across a robber in the estate.」

「Jewelry were stolen, but the more problematic issue……」

「We were killed?」

Alyssa’s wondering if she’s going to keep talking. While dropping the line of sight down.

「You know, on his highness’s route, when the body was found, it was naked.」

「GEEEE. Are we going to be violated?」

「Hey, Julia. Is there no other way to say that?」

Marina was puzzled.

「There was nobody around, and if a beautiful girl is alone, then it’s a natural result. You should have some means of self-defense so if you don’t want to get killed by burglars.」

Emily raised her palm upwards and created a deep purple sphere.

「That’s good. Emily has magic, I can use a sword! That’s perfect! I’ll ask father tomorrow.」

Julia humming and waving arms.

It was around a year after birth that the four people noticed they had been reincarnated.

When they were finally able to communicate with each other, they confirmed that they were all the same sisters from their previous lives, the four cried out with great joy. After that, whenever they were separated, they would cry, so members of the house made it so that they would not be separated. Their parents assigned the same bedroom to four sisters. Fortunately, whenever all the servants were brought down, and the four of them had a secret meeting.

The four of sisters, in their previous lives, shared turns playing this game.

Marina, the eldest daughter dreamed of getting a judicial relationship and got a job at a local small company, had her feelings overlapped perfectly with the daughter of Marquis Hārleon, the villainess’ father, and sympathized with her. The second daughter, Julia, was longing for girls to get a chance to fight like those in animes for a single person since a small age. She was keenly aware of the ending of the route for the Knight Captain’s son normal end in which the heroine became a female knight. As for the third daughter, Alyssa was crazy in collecting the Prime Minster’s routes, whose atmosphere was similar to that of the student body president. The fourth daughter, Emily, did not have much motivation, but her older sister (especially the third daughter) recommended the game to her, so she had no choice but to play the captured character that remained.

It was the night before the holiday when they came the next day, they had been reincarnated into the world of the game. A thirty-five-year-old house build by their parents who passed away in a car accident two years ago was set on fire by a stalker-woman who was anxious about their neighbor’s handsome son and died while sleeping upstairs.

…The goddess had told them that before they were reincarnated.

Marina said that she wished her three sisters to be happy, Julia wished to become a cool female knight, Alyssa said that she regretted not finishing the Prime Minster son’s route, and Emily stated that wanted the magic powers, so she doesn’t need to do anything by hand and sleep.

The goddess thought about their wishes, and when she granted the wish of the four sisters, they were reincarnated into this world together. However, they were placed in the villainous daughter position that should only be one person in the original setting of the game. It is good that the first name of the daughter has not been revealed in the game, so four sisters was named by Marquis Hārleon and his wife named them with the same names they had in their past lives. The sisters continued to use the name (romance/princess-based girls’ names from comics) that the mother of the previous life had also named them.

「We’re all in this together. If we put our minds together, we will be able to develop a new route.」

「Marinchan, what’s the plan?」

Alyssa hugged a teddy bear and saw her sister who looked just like her. In the previous life, they were four people with each a separate face, but now they looked in the mirror every day after they were born seeing the same face.

「I think that it is best not to engage with the capture target. His Royal Highness, The Prime Minister’s son, Knight Captain’s son, the Teacher of the Magic Department, and then hidden……」

「You don’t know the hidden characters, do you?」

「That’s right. No one of us could clear the harem route to the end.」

Prior to the fire, Marina, Julia, and Alyssa had already taken the individual route of the crown prince, knight’s son, and the son of the prime minister, respectively, and Emily was in charge of the magic teacher route. However, no matter how many times they tried, it was only「Devil’s Ending」, and it was because of that route the sisters fell asleep during the arsons.

「Depending on the direction of the hidden character, it may be opened in Reverse Harem Ending」

Emily said quietly. However, the Devil’s Ending that she played many times did not open the Reverse Harem Route.

「That’s right. Even if you don’t involve yourself with the capture target, you are basically a hidden character in the reverse har……」

「Who do you think he is? I think he’s a high-ranking person, like a prince from a neighboring country.」

「Not possible.」


「The neighboring Kingdom of Grandia does not have a prince, however, there is a princess. Even if you say that you are a little older, twenty is a bit high. It’s tough.」

「Doesn’t the setting allows us to be friends or make enemies with the neighboring country’s Princess?」

「…… I don’t want to be involved in a war.」

「I searched it up in the aristocrat list for it and had my maid collect information pleasant to a child’s eye, but other than status, they weren’t very young though.」

「Marinchan, you’re working early.」

「Then, is it a commoner?」

「Emily’s statement can’t be thrown away yet, can it? After all, an ikemen route who is unknown is…….Like.」

Marquis Hārleon’s daughter was the cause of the heroine’s failure in the routes of every capture target. Whether it’s any ikemen in good status, this woman will meddle! This was the start of the abuse from the four sisters, you can see the reason now. The villainous daughter is not alone now like in the original game, but I felt that the rival was not alone if I think well. It is impossible to become the fiance of all the capture character alone, and its a pain to interfere with each route.

「Anyway, let’s not concern ourselves with the capture targets, but for now, let’s do our best so that the heroine does not reach the reverse harem ending.」

Marina nodded agreeing to the three sisters.

「….. Hey, do we really have to not get involved with the capture targets?」

Alyssa tugs on the sleeve of Marina’s negligee, trying to get her sister’s attention.


「If we interfere with the heroine, we have to join the student council. Ray is going to be done.」

Raymond is the son of the Prime Minister, also known as Ray. He was a cool beauty in glasses. The atmosphere around him was very similar to the student council president of Alyssa’s previous life that she had been reluctant to think.

「I entered the student council after entering the Academy at age 15.」

「That’s right, Alyssa, but we’re still five years old.」

Marina looked at her sister with a smile on her face. Marina yawn as she caught the sleeping breath of her sister, Emily who was sleeping by her side.

According to the sisters, they all took a certain character’s route to clear the game faster, foreshowing?

Marina -> The Crown Prince

Julia -> Leader of the Order of Knight’s Son

Alyssa -> Prime Minster’s Son (Raymond – Ray)

Emily -> Magic Department Teacher

Heroine -> The Hidden Character’s Route

Abastasua Abastasiou -> No One

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