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Pain and Konan- This is the most boring chapter so I'll resume it quickly: Tobi and Zetsu tells Pain and Konan the localization of a Jinchuuriki and Tobi orders Konan to go to get him but she refuses saying she can't leave Pain which makes Tobi get angry but Pain tells Konan to go that he'll be okay and so she does. She heads to the place where the Jinchuuriki is but meanwhile she is flying she sees from above a flower and flies down and picks it, That flower makes her remember a lot of moments she had Yahiko this is the boring part of where she had a lot of flashbacks like she remembers when Yahiko gave her as present a flower -this was before they met Nagato- and she also remembers when Yahiko sacrificed himself to protect her from Hanzou and she blames herself for death and bla bla. She later arrives to the Jinchuuriki's place but starts to fight him but at the beginning she was kinda weak because the flower put her under a genjutsu but she easily broke it off by throwing the flower and then defeated the Jinchuuriki, he didn't even dure 10 seconds against her. The chapter ends with Zetsu telling Tobi to kill Konan because she would betray them but Tobi tells him that's not worthy because it would make Nagato to enrage and Konan always keeps Nagato calm.

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