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Chapter 601 The Violent Fire Dragon Girl

One had to admit that the fire dragon still possessed uncontested strength even after turning into her human form.

The twenty-seven points of physical Strength made her a human-shaped monster. There was nothing that could stop her in her tracks when she swung her massive fire hammers among the magical machines.

If one were to look from high above in the sky, they would clearly see shattered metal bodies and components flying everywhere that the flame-red silhouette went. A winding path extended behind that form.

The broken bodies of the magical machines, twisted beyond recognition, could be found all along that path.

Even more magical machines were wildly lunging at the red shape before being dealt an unbearably heavy blow two to three seconds later.

Even so, the magical machines still rushed at the fire dragon without stopping.

Two magic energy cannons extended out of the thick metal walls of the fortress. They would fire two compressed energy shots every fifteen seconds. Without exception, the fire dragon, with her agile and lithe body, dodged all of them. Even when the magical machines managed to drag her down and prevented her from avoiding in time, she was able to use the massive fire hammers in her hands to block the compressed energy shots.

These two fire hammers were no ordinary items. They burned with magical purple flames. A ripple of flame shockwave would erupt from the hammers every time the fire dragon girl swung or blocked with them. Even the compressed energy shots had their effectiveness halved when they ran into these flame ripples.

The remaining strength of the shot had no chance of dealing any damage to the fire dragon girl!

The fire dragon girl's actions had become increasingly agile due to the shrinking of her body and the fact that she was now on the ground. It became increasingly difficult for the heavy and clumsy magic energy cannons to lock on to her figure.

In fact, the friendly fire caused by the compressed energy shots had almost caught up to the number of magical machines that the fire dragon girl had destroyed herself.

Gazlowe had no choice left but to recall most of the remaining magical machines and arrange a circle of Archers hundred meters away from the fire dragon girl. These Archers were to apply pressure upon the enemy continuously. Every time the fire dragon girl wanted to get close and attack them, these magical machines would scatter and run in every direction. The ones at the front were to run while the ones at the back were to continue kiting and firing at the fire dragon girl.

For a moment, sparks flew from her armor, crackling and snapping from all the attacks.

Moreover, with no more friendlies around the fire dragon girl, the magic energy cannons could increase the frequency of their attacks. Several powerful compressed energy shots landed near the fire dragon girl's side like a torrent. They blasted several deep craters into the ground and sent pillars of dirt into the air.

Even though the fire dragon girl neutralized most of these attacks with her agility and her fire hammers, the occasional shot that struck would still cause her to wince in pain.

Fire Dragon Philippa finally realized what to do after being dragged by the Archers like a dog being taken out for a walk. She gave up on the annoying magical machines and charged toward the metal fortress with the fire hammers in hand.

The moment she stepped within a hundred meters of the metal fortress, the sturdy walls of the structure suddenly split open. Over a hundred openings appeared in the walls. A hundred menacing black cannon barrels extended from within.

Violent magic energy gathered within the cannon barrels, making it seem as if a hundred miniature suns had lit up on the wall of the metal fortress.

This sudden change shocked Philippa tremendously. She immediately stopped in her tracks.

She had used too much strength in her assault, causing her powerful legs to sink into the dirt below.

The next second, a hundred compressed energy beams shot out, blasting toward her like raindrops in a storm.

Philippa was so terrified that even her hairs were standing on their ends.

An aura of death so dense that one could smell it enveloped her. Philippa felt scared out of her wits.

She let out a roar, and a massive projection of a fire dragon's head appeared above her. The dragon head projection let out a fan-shaped fire breath as her own fire dragon armor glowed with a brilliant red light. A large projection of a fire dragon's silhouette appeared and used its massive fire wings to protect her.

Philippa then placed the two fire hammers in front of her body after activating all these necessary protections.

The one hundred energy beams had reached her just as she completed these actions.

Flame Breath versus the energy pillars!

The flame breath vanished without a trace after merely neutralizing one-fifth of the energy pillars.

The second layer, the flame barrier, was then exposed.

This secret dragon technique that the fire dragon girl activated with her origin power possessed power unparalleled by ordinary magic. However, that tiny bit of magic power from the fire dragon girl still couldn't compare to the magic energy that the magic energy furnace had been accumulating for half a month.

The flame barrier only lasted a mere five seconds in front of the energy pillars before shattering into bits of fluttering light.

There was only one-third of the energy pillars left after the filtering of these two protective layers. However, these remaining energy pillars still brought the fire dragon girl an unforgettable lesson.

The barrage of energy pillars immediately neutralized and destroyed the blazing flames on the fire hammers upon impact. It caused the hammers to return to their original state- metal hammers forged from pure volcanic copper, completely etched with mysterious runes.

The last remaining energy pillars landed upon the surface of the copper hammers, instantly punching tiny holes into the weapons. A series of minor explosions appeared within the hammers.

These two magical weapons of exceptional quality had been obviously damaged.

The energy pillars that hit the fire dragon girl pierced bloody holes into her body. The intense pain caused Philippa to howl and hiss in agony.

The fire dragon girl heartbrokenly looked upon her almost destroyed hammers. She then endured the pain of the almost thirty piercing wounds in her body and tried one last time to charge into the metal fortress.

The very next second, something fearsome that caused her to scream in terror happened.

The one hundred magic energy cannons retracted into the metal walls, and one hundred new magic energy cannons emerged from the black openings.

Fire Dragon Girl Philippa turned and ran without another word upon seeing the hundred magic energy cannons glow with blinding energy radiance. She wickedly cursed the controller of this metal fortress as she ran.

These intruders were too despicable and shameless!

They didn't dare to fight her, the great Fire Dragon Warrior Philippa, head on. They only knew how to send some lifeless metal lumps to harass and disturb her. They were even more extreme now. To think that they would turtle up and arm the metal fortress like a hedgehog, making her unable to even get close.

Still, the battle from earlier had destroyed over forty or fifty of the enemy's magical machines. If she had a bit more patience, she might have been able to grind away all of the enemy's metal guards slowly!

Philippa cursed as she thought to herself. A crimson light glowed around her, and she quickly transformed back into her dragon form. The female fire dragon kicked against the ground with her powerful hind legs and took to the skies once more with her large fiery wings.

She circled the ravaged surroundings of the metal fortress and let out a few intimidating roars. Philippa then turned and left, flying into the depths of Stonetalon Mountains.

Her stamina had been greatly exhausted after such a long battle. It was time to find food and feast!

Philippa had already made up her mind when she flew away. She had to find a way to break into that metal fortress and exterminate all the otherworldly intruders hiding within with her murderous fire dragon's breath. Otherwise, letting such a dangerous force remain at the edge of her territory would eventually invite a calamity of extermination upon her own lands.

Speaking of which, where had that Wind Dragon Cherkes gone? Why was his dragon nest empty now?

The female fire dragon was exceptionally disappointed. She had suffered some losses and was looking to recuperate them.

Hopefully, he hadn't been abducted by the otherworldly intruders. If that were the case, then she would have to reassess the power of these mysterious invaders.

The female fire dragon unfurled her wings and flew into the depths of the Stonetalon Mountains as she thought to herself.

Several wary yet greedy eyes on the ground fixated upon the fat body of the fire dragon.

They had witnessed the entire process of the battle that happened at the metal fortress and had thus obtained a comprehensive understanding of the power of the female fire dragon.

They had no choice but to admit that this female fire dragon was superior to most Third Grade adepts in terms of pure combat ability. If one were to be brutally honest, the female fire dragon even had the power to confront some Fourth Grade adepts. Of course, the final victory would definitely belong to the Fourth Grade adept. However, the manner of the battle would not be entirely one-sided.

IMost of the time, Fourth Grade adepts could even be wounded at the hands of the female fire dragon if they were careless.

She could fight at close quarters and at long-range. She could fly, and she could transform.

They were heavy bombers while in the skies. Though a bit clumsy and slow, there was no doubt that they were undefeated in the skies. Moreover, their terrifying dragon breath made any air to ground battles absolutely crushing. Even the magical machines that had undergone several modifications and enhancements couldn't fight against a dragon that flew in the skies.

If they weren't happy with how slow and inefficient they were in air battles, then the dragons could even transform into human form and sacrifice Strength and Physique to significantly increase their Agility and Spirit. Dragons in their human forms were even more challenging to deal with and even more of a terror, especially when they started using their dragon breath and equipped magical weapons.

Any human adept would be terrified if they were to go against an opponent like this. They could hardly perform at their very best.

After all, adepts and dragons of the same grade couldn't be compared in the food chain!

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