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Chapter 544 Sage Snorlax

Five days later.

An ultrlong-ranged teleportation device that combined the technology of the goblins and the knowledge of the adepts was finally created.

This device was connected with Greem's teleportation array back in Fire Throne. It also symbolized that the Goblin Plane had officially turned into the first lesser plane under Greem's control.

The process of conquering the Goblin Plane had been met by obstacle after obstacle. If it weren't for their luck, many of Greem's party wouldn't have successfully made it back to the World of Adepts.

Still, Greem had ultimately managed to gain control over the Goblin Plane despite having lost Mechanical Adept Sabrina. Apart from the goblin laborers, the plane provided Greem with plenty of unimaginable goblin technology.

An army of workers that brought with them their own technology tree. Could there be any plane invasion that yielded more benefits than this?

With his personality, Greem wouldn't do anything like killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. He had no interest in turning all the goblins into slaves and waiting for them to initiate wave after wave of rebellion and resistance. The goblins of the Goblin Plane were all decent technicians in Greem's eyes.

Turning them into slaves would be a waste of their real value. They didn't have the muscular bodies of the ogres or the resilient life force of the trolls. Mining and digging for ores underground was just not an appropriate line of work for these delicate creatures.

In contrast, if he utilized these goblins as slave masters and technicians, their true value would be fully realized.

Greem's impression was that the machine technology of the Goblin Plane was already extremely mature, and its universalization rate was very high. It had permeated almost every social class of the Goblin Empire, from the very bottom to the top. Even the lowest social communities-the villages-possessed highly efficient Goblin Shredders and drilling machines.

At the very least, the degree to which knowledge was shared in the Goblin Plane far exceeded even the large-sized plane of the World of Adepts.

The World of Adepts was a large-sized plane and terrifying world whose name would incite fear and panic in multiple worlds just from the sheer mention of it. However, the universalization of adept civilization was not a complete one. The adepts still insisted on the development and cultivation of elites.

The status of the adepts could not be shaken. The magic civilization only extended to the First Grade adepts and the local nobles that were familiar with them. The ordinary citizens at the lowest rung of society had no right to enjoy the benefits that the developed civilization brought to the world.

That was why the middle and upper class of the World of Adepts were powerful enough to cross planar barriers to conquer other worlds, while the lower class still struggled in poverty, starving and getting by without any dignity to speak of. The situation greatly resembled Europe in the medieval centuries back on Earth. It was the knowledge that Greem had from his previous life.

The main reason this disparity between the Goblin Plane and the World of Adepts existed was due to the difference in their civilization's model.

The world that the goblins lived in lacked magical energies. As such, it was difficult for the world to give birth to individually powerful heroic characters. Even the famous God of War Tigule was no more than a First Grade goblin mechanic.

Such a situation made it impossible for the world to continue progressing and evolving with the help of only individuals. The world had to rely on the strength of the masses.

The goblins had no choice but to share their knowledge, skills, and civilization to strengthen the entire race. That was the only way to create a snowball effect and keep themselves perpetually moving forward.

Correspondingly, the strength of the World of Adepts didn't rely on the tens of thousands of low-grade adepts. Instead, they were feared because of the three Ninth Grade Supreme Adepts that terrorized the multiverse.

In the eyes of these three Supreme Adepts, the low-grade adepts of their world were no more than ants. Cultivating them was only for the purpose of having soldiers and cannon fodder they could throw at the frontlines of planar wars. As for the ordinary citizens that had no magical talents whatsoever? They were of absolutely no use to the Supreme Adepts. Naturally, no one would be bored enough to tilt resources toward them.

Improving the lives of the citizens? Improving the living conditions of the lowest class of society?

These were fated to be dreams!

Even a thousand unarmed farmers couldn't compare to the usefulness of a steel statue.

The purpose of low-class humans in the World of Adepts was for the sake of serving the great Adepts and the nobles themselves. Apart from that, their only contribution was for breeding, more breeding, and absolutely more breeding. If they were fortunate enough to give birth to a descendant that had the potential to become an adept, they would see a dramatic turn in their lives.

Such a situation made it easy to create a human society that revolved around the adepts. That was why the current state of life in the World of Adepts had been decided by the few Supreme Adepts out there. Creating an adept society in this manner was only for the sake of providing the Great Adepts who had ventured beyond the realm with an endless stream of logistical support.

The more Greem understood the World of Adepts, the harder it was for him to judge the correctness and logic of this societal model. However, there was no doubt that it was this social model that had forged the strength of the adepts and the prosperous development of a magical civilization.

Greem, himself, was honestly also a beneficiary of such a civilization.

The individuals with adept talents had rights and the space to continue growing, while those without could only remain trapped at the bottom of society, destined to always live at the whim and will of the adepts.

It was the most authentic side of the World of Adepts!

Now that the Goblin Plane had turned into his property, destroying the lifeforms and resources within it would be destroying his own wealth.

As such, Greem decisively reclaimed all of the poisonsoul seeds he had spread out with the use of the Scroll of Voodoo.

However, he couldn't do something so charitable for nothing. He needed to get something out of this.

Greem appropriately timed this to introduce the savior of the Goblin Plane, a great goblin that possesses the grace of a sage- Snorlax.

With the cooperation of Tigule and the Royal Family, Snorlax was built up as a great goblin that possessed mysterious powers of magic. He fearlessly stood forth to negotiate with the invaders of their world-the evil adepts-and won generous terms for the goblins.

He was also the only goblin in the entire race to possess magic powers!

Snorlax used his intelligent mind and merged goblin technology with his magic powers to invent a magical box known as the 'Plague Terminator.'

Snorlax carried this mysterious box with him and visited all the goblin villages ravaged by the plague. The moment he entered the villages, strange lights that resembled fireflies would fly out of the bodies of infected goblins. These lights would enter the metal box, never to be seen again.

Once the poisonsoul seeds of the plague had left their bodies, the infected goblins were healed. All of them returned to normal in an extremely short time.

This miraculous scene made it hard for any goblin to believe their eyes. Those who had been tortured by the plague were immensely surprised and happy to have survived.

All the goblins started to prostrate themselves before Snorlax wherever he went. They began to treat Snorlax as an actual living sage that walked among them.

The number of goblins that Snorlax saved in each place he went meant that many new followers for him.

Moreover, there were plenty of fanatics and zealots among these followers!

The walk through the plagued areas wasn't even halfway complete, yet Sage Snorlax had already become a household name. No goblin didn't know of his name. In fact, Snorlax's reputation had already outshone that of the recently deceased Father of Magic Energy, Gazlowe. He was now the only hope and savior of the Goblin Empire as they struggled in the deep and dark abyss.

Only 4.2 million goblins had been infected, which was only two-fifths of the entire population. However, who didn't have friends and families, parents and lovers? Saving one goblin was putting a whole group of them into one's debt.

For the first time ever, a living goblin had become a sage and a saint, the hope for all goblins to break free of their current nightmare.

Those who had been saved laid themselves down at his feet, and those who had yet to be visited waited in anticipation and excitement.

The excited Snorlax decided to get into his role even further. He took off his extravagant robes and changed into old rags. He walked barefoot while holding the mysterious metal box in his hands, refusing to rely on any transportation. He walked upon the village paths of the Goblin Plane with his own strength.

The devout goblins would crouch over and kiss the footprints he left behind. The goblins who waited in anticipation of his arrival would send their village chiefs and nobles out of the village to welcome him so that they might have him arrive that much quicker.

Moreover, these usually pampered elders and nobles would even bend down and have Snorlax sit upon their backs, just so they could run back to their lands and have the Sage reach a little earlier.

In fact, some neighboring goblin villages even fought among themselves over the right to welcome the Sage.

For a moment, the entire Goblin Plane was preoccupied with the colossal raising of a new figure of worship.

As Greem's proxy in this world, the tiny green goblin that had been looked down upon in the World of Adepts had now become a goblin sage revered and prayed to by all goblins.

It might sound ridiculous, but there was a vague hint of inevitability to how things had turned out.

Sage Snorlax then took advantage of his considerable influence to call for a new movement- the Non-Violent Non-Cooperation Movement. He called upon the goblins to give up on violence and use pacifist means and soft resistance to fight against the ruling adepts for the legitimate interests and legal status of the goblins.

After the 'difficult and painful' resistance and disagreement from Sage Snorlax, the adept rulers finally lowered their heads and agreed to restore the Goblin Empire's rule over the Goblin Plane.

However, while the land still belonged to the goblins, the ore resources belonged to the adepts. The goblins would have to pay large sums of money and advanced technicians, engineers, and alchemists if they wanted to mine.

It was through such a method that Greem easily negated all possible resistances that could arise in the future of the Goblin Plane. He had tied all of the goblins to his rumbling war chariot that he had just set into motion.

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