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Chapter 513 Spatial Vortex

The flying ship was crashing!

The massive ship was like a drunk, shaking and wavering from side to side. Blinding flames and debris occasionally blasted out from the side of the vessel, along with endless screaming figures.

Mechanical Girl Sabrina dug her metallic appendages deep into the hull's metallic deck. At this point, the deck slanted sixty degrees. It was only then that she could free up her hands to grab Greem, who had exhausted all the energy in his body. Her remaining appendages continuously fired magic energy beams to keep the Metallic Goblin from approaching them.

The move from earlier had taken everything out of Greem; every drop of his fire energy had been used up. Even though his Heart of Flames was continuously replenishing him with more power, it couldn't compare to the massive deficit he was experiencing. The meager amounts of new energy simply were not enough.

Only Greem could dare to be so reckless and arrogant. If it had been Sabrina or Endor who had exhausted their energies, then what awaited them would be a long and endless journey of recovery. Even back in the World of Adepts, a Second Grade adept would require two to three days to recover after exhausting all of their strength. Here in the low-magic Goblin Plane, it might take up to half a month.

If one were to factor in the pursuit of the goblins, they wouldn't be able to recover all of their energy after an entire month.

Only Greem could so recklessly and fearlessly waste his energy due to his Heart of Flames perpetually providing him with pure fire energy. Otherwise, Greem wouldn't dare to take such massive risks and place himself in such a compromising position. He had lost all ability to threaten the enemy!

The ringing sirens followed closely, one after another.

Magical machines crashed through the hull and escaped from the cabin before frantically flying away from the ship. Greem could clearly see plenty of goblins clinging to all of the magical machines.

This unnatural act of escape that the enemies were attempting was a clear hint to Greem.

The flying ship had a space furnace hidden within it. If something happened to the space furnace, then things were troublesome!

"Leave now. Don't delay any longer. I suspect the space furnace inside the ship has malfunctioned. Otherwise, the goblins wouldn't be in such a frenzy to escape." Greem quickly reminded Sabrina.

His voice wasn't soft. It seemed he didn't mind letting that Metallic Goblin hear what he was saying.

Unfortunately, the Metallic Goblin didn't seem to have heard what he said. It continued to rush forward while leaning against the slanted deck.

Sabrina shouted and braced her legs against the deck. She then flew away from the flying ship with Greem in her arms. As she flew outwards, she continued to fire a web of magic energy beams with the miniaturized magic energy guns at the tips of her metallic appendages to obstruct the Metallic Goblin.

A magic energy beam accidentally hit the Metallic Goblin, causing brilliant sparks to burst all over its metallic shell. Sabrina took advantage of the metallic goblin being disabled and fired two goblin rockets at the machine. The magic energy storm that exploded at close distance completely enveloped the Metallic Goblin.

This time there was no way Tigule could turn the tables, regardless of how powerful he might be!

The Metallic Goblin struggled slightly before crashing to the ground powerlessly.

Sabrina saw that the metal goblin was a terrestrial magical machine; it had no flying device installed. If Tigule fell from this height of a thousand meters, he would be smashed into meat paste.

Sabrina couldn't help but let out a joyful and chilling laugh when she thought of the terrible fate that this annoying enemy was about to face. Yet, just as she was flying outwards with Greem in her arms, a pretty little white flower suddenly bloomed in the sky below her.

Goblin Parachute!

Dammit! That bastard Tigule actually had something like that with him!

Anger bubbled in Sabrina's heart. She dove downward and intended to finish the job. Greem patted her back lightly and pointed at the flying ship that was now crashing while spinning in a spiral pattern.

Sabrina instantly forgot any grudges when the thought of the space furnace came to mind. She hugged Greem even more tightly, and the booster rockets behind her blasted with even more power. The two adepts rapidly glided towards the distance.

A massive explosion that shook the heavens and earth rang from behind them when they were five kilometers away. A large, blinding fireball appeared on the distant horizon.

The entire land suddenly turned from night to day.

The harsh light and heat were like golden spears, creating ferocious gales as they shot in every direction. The winds hadn't yet reached them, but already Sabrina and Greem could feel a stinging pain on their bodies.

Greem didn't even need to remind her. Sabrina took out everything she had and frantically flew away. As she flew, she dove down and used her bright mechanical eye to scan for a suitable hiding spot below.

"There." Greem was much superior to Sabrina when it came to elementium senses and detection. Greem pointed at a hill nearby and had her fly there.

There was no point and no time to argue at this moment.

Sabrina descended without any hesitation and landed behind the hill.

They had just landed when a sharp howling rang out. The savagely violent shockwaves from the explosion blew past the hill. All the trees and plants exposed atop the slope instantly snapped in half before being blown far away by the subsequent shockwaves.

The fierce gale uprooted everything that stood out. Even the dirt of the hill and the vine plants that rested upon them were not spared. After the strong winds blew away all the soil and plants, hard stone was revealed beneath the earth.

Judging from the brilliant shine of the rock's surface, the metallic composition of the hill's stone had to be very high. Moreover, this hill seemed to be one solid entity of its own that went as deep as a hundred meters underground. This kind of hardness made it impossible for the explosion in the distance to harm it, even if it were ten times stronger than this.

Greem and Sabrina finally survived that explosion without much trouble thanks to the shelter of what remained of the hill.  When the shockwaves started to die down, Greem climbed to the top of the reduced mountain and stared at the center of the explosion in the distance. His eyebrows furrowed together.

Even though it hadn't even been fifteen minutes, the fire energy from the Heart of Flames had been enough to sustain Greem moving.

"Are we not meeting up with Endor?" Sabrina arrived at Greem's side and watched the slowly dimming sun with him.

"If I'm not wrong, the flying ship had already snapped into two halves before the explosion."


"So, there might be something left behind."

Sabrina silently sighed.

Perhaps this was the most significant difference between her and this mysterious Second Grade adept.

Her thought process focused at every moment on how to stay safe. Yet Greem always seemed to place the acquiring of benefits ahead of everything else!

Sabrina hesitated for a moment before lunging towards the searing wind. She grabbed Greem and flew against the wind, quickly heading towards the place they had just fled.

The ground had been completely razed flat. All the rivers, mountains, and creeks had vanished without a trace. Everything else had also disappeared. The dirt and earth had been blown away in many places, revealing the hard layers of stone and dry riverbeds.

From a distance, between the black and white sky and land, the entire ground appeared to be pitch-black. You could sense the chaotic space energy and frightening spatial turbulence everywhere.

Such a scene was usually only seen at the edges of a ruined plane. However, this place was the main continent of the Goblin Plane!

Sabrina carefully adjusted the direction and strength of her booster rockets with Greem's help and avoided the multiple pockets of turbulence.

It was ordinarily difficult for a being of a plane to make it through the planar barrier and into space. However, if one encountered spatial turbulence, the person only needed to close their eyes and jump in. It was highly likely that they would be brought to a different dimension.

Of course, it was more likely that you would be launched into the vast space beyond the realm, where the space energy would corrode your body into unobservable tiny particles that would be spread to every corner of space.

Sabrina spent half an hour to cross the five-kilometer distance.

The space furnace had exploded in midair.

A small spatial vortex slowly moved across the sky above the location of the explosion. Colorful and brilliant strips of lights wavered around the spatial vortex.

One couldn't let the beautiful strips of lights deceive them. In the eyes of a knowledgeable adept, that place was an extreme hazard. That was because that spot held the faults of laws that would only occur when the planar laws clashed with space energy. It was a fearsome place where a single misstep would mean death.

All the laws that had initially been suited to the plane became chaotic and disorderly in an area like this.

Greem tried to use his elementium vision to look at the hazardous area, but only blinding red warning signs could be seen when he opened his eyes. If he hadn't closed his eyes in time and cut off his extended spiritual senses, then the massive stream of data might have consumed the Chip's insignificant data processing bandwidth in an instant.

Greem didn't dare easily extend his Spirit into those rainbow strips of light, even if he had Spirit that far exceeded Sabrina's.

The two of them slowly landed a quarter of a kilometer away from the center of the explosion. They felt their heads hurt when they looked at the rainbow lights floating in the space before them.

They saw the remaining half of the flying ship entangled in many prismatic ribbons of light, suspended in the air. Much like the ship, masses of dirt, rocks, fallen trees, rotting leaves, and goblin corpses had become entangled in the wisps of light. They were floating in a mysterious and profound trajectory through the air, slowly being devoured by the spatial vortex.

Greem's expression changed.

If the spatial vortex devoured anything in front of them, then who knew which corner of the space they would have to travel to find them!

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