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First off, the good stuff: is up, the first of 3 chapters today.

So, let's get do old business first. WE HIT 3RD PLACE LAST MONTH! I am incredibly excited to have hit that goal. It was only for the last couple of days of July, but you readers voted solidly and made it happen, and I couldn't be more proud. I had crunched the numbers, and knew it would be a hard push to make it that far. But you all did it. Thank you. This community never ceases to amaze with your dedication and effort to help make Age of Adepts prosper. And of course, because we hit our bonus chapter goals for the end of July, there will be two bonus chapters today in addition to the normal Wednesday chapter.

Now, onto new business. The August update. First off, this is going to be a chill month behind the scenes of AoA. As mentioned back in the July Update a month ago, Eris will be moving overseas and starting up college this month. Therefore, we will be reducing the chapter release from ten chapters a week to seven per week for the first three weeks of August. That means through the 19th of August, we will only be releasing one chapter a day. Also, sadly, there will be no Bonus Chapters for August. I  accept this will likely mean we'll slip back a bit in our GT Ranking, but it's more important that Eris has a smooth transition into their new school schedule. I can only work them so hard- there's got to be some slack in the proverbial leash.  We also hope to be back to a normal schedule by that last week of August, but I'll add a caveat here that if Eris' transition doesn't go smoothly, that we may need to extend the seven chapter a week schedule longer if needed. I don't anticipate it, but it's better to be prepared. I hate breaking promises.

I do hope that everyone will continue to vote every day for AoA, even without the incentive of bonus chapters. But like I said; I'm fine this month if things slide a little bit. Once September comes along, Eris will be situated, and I'll be free to start cracking the whip at both them and you readers. I need my chapters and votes, and I shall not be denied! Gegegegegegege...

That's it. Thanks for continuing to stay with us as we enter our seventh month of publication here on GT. We've got the 500th Chapter coming up in a month or so, and I'd like to do something for that. Also, if you haven't, seriously consider joining the . There's plenty of people to discuss the series with, and if that isn't your thing, then come just to watch me make bad puns, memes, and to harass me when I'm running late on posting chapters. We'd love to have you.



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