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Chapter 409 Dance of Monsters

Several strange creatures of varying shapes and sizes took up the entire space of the stone forest. Amongst them was a Three-Headed Demon Hound, a Dark Tentacular, and a Giant Berserk Gelada.

Even though these creatures weren't on particularly friendly terms, they still managed to suppress their displeasure out of respect for Lord Tula's overwhelming power. They just exchanged hostile looks from a distance. Irrelevant characters such as forest spirits and two-headed ogres could only wait outside the stone forest, waiting upon the commands of the magical creature lords.

"Almost everyone is here. It is about time we start our operation!" The first to speak was an ettercap. It was one of the many aberrant descendants of the veteran lord Tula.

It looked like a human standing upright, yet it was a monster with the ugly appearance of a bug.

Its words usually conveyed the will of Lord Tula!

The Three-Headed Demon Hound raised its three wicked heads covered with rough and thick fur. All six of its crimson eyes fell upon the ettercap as it spoke, "And the plan? We can't recklessly rush at the human adept's tower like this. If the plan fails, you spiders can still return underground, but we who live on the surface will have to flee. We need a plan for this battle!"

As the leader of the fiend hounds in the area sixty kilometers northwest of Plaguewood, Unguja was the only three-headed demon hound in his pack. His three heads didn't just give him three separate attributes in the form of wind, fire, and poison. They also allowed him to possess superior intelligence.

He might not be the most powerful lord in this stretch of the Black Forest, but he was undoubtedly one of the smartest and slyest of them all.

Fiend Hounds were a type of wolf-like magical creature that could transform into either a wolf or a goblin. Their actual appearance was that of a wolf with goblin features. They had frightening jaws and sharp claws. They were no different from wolves while they were still cubs. Every single part of them was the same, except for their size and their nails. When a fiend hound reached adolescence, its skin color would turn darker and darker, first becoming a shade of red and blue before finally turning completely blue.

There was a unique evolutionary form among the fiend hounds, and that was the elite-class three-headed demon hound. The bloodline inherited from Cerberus awakened within their bodies. Apart from their strong and powerful jaws, each of the three heads possessed unique magical abilities. The green head on the left could instantly fire wind blades, the red head on the right could shoot a chain of fireballs, while the main head in the middle possessed the poison breath skill.

Compared to the power of his attacks, the three-headed demon hound had nothing much in the way of defense. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been relegated to his current position as one of the weakest magical creature lords. The Demon Hound might have a thick hide, but his thin and long waist was his biggest weakness. He had no means of resisting or enduring the swift strikes of stronger beasts.

Thus, even though the Demon Hound loved slaughter, he had to resort to more underhanded means. Ambushes and sneak attacks were his favorite tactics; he rarely ever fought an enemy head-on.

"I agree with Unguja's opinion. We need a plan. Otherwise, I'd have reason to suspect that this is a conspiracy to exhaust our strength!" The first to concur was a giant Dark Tentacular that looked like a squid.

M'uru, the only Dark Tentacular in this entire area. He had the muscular body of a teenage human, but everything from his waist downwards had been replaced with thick and long tentacles. Furthermore, there were many fleshy extensions where his hands and fingers were supposed to be. The limbs continuously intertwined and pulsed; it was a disgusting sight to behold.

M'uru was completely naked. There wasn't a piece of clothing or armor on his upper body. A strange cloud of black mist perpetually shrouded his body. His pitch-black eyes sent shivers down a person's spine, even when it was still bright outside.

As a lonesome but powerful magical creature, M'uru had no tribe members or even companions. However, his potent dark magic and capable close combat skills made him a challenging foe. Not many in this forest dared to provoke him.

"Tula, if your goal is to expel these human adepts, we will willingly follow behind you. However, we must see your spider army during the fight. Otherwise…" This time it was a Medusa that spoke. It was Dana, a medusa that had just completed her metamorphosis.

As one of the known magical creature lords in this area, Dana the Medusa had seven or eight gorgons as subordinates, as well as a hundred underground creatures that acted as her servants. She was an elite-class earth magical creature. She had the alluring body of a pretty human girl and the slender tail of a rattlesnake. However, her hair was what was truly terrifying. It was composed of countless tiny, creeping serpents.

Moreover, her beautiful eyes would occasionally let out a frightening shine. Everyone looking into her eyes would find themselves consumed by Petrification magic.

She was nude as well. However, a thin layer of purple and black scales covered her proud bosom. Her exposed skin was soft, smooth, and white. Her slender arms looked weak and harmless, but they had the strength in them to tear a tiger apart.

Apart from Tula the Demon-Hunting Spider and his countless descendants, Dana was the most powerful and influential of the magical creature lords in this area!

The arrogant ettercap didn't dare take the words of the medusa lightly. He could only step aside and reveal his gigantic ancestor. Demon-Hunting Spider Tula.

The spider took two steps forward. Tula's massive body took up Dana's entire vision. The medusa couldn't help but fall silent and leaned backward slightly. The sheer size of Tula was far too overwhelming. She continued to stare cautiously at this domineering magical creature lord.

Every area of the Black Forest had one such magical creature lord; a being of imposing power. They used their strength to hold onto the most bountiful lands, and wielded the influence to command the surrounding magical creatures.

Anyone that went against their will would be exiled or eaten. There were no exceptions!

That was why even Dana the Medusa, with all her power and influence, didn't dare to challenge Tula, who was eldest and most senior of all the magical creatures.

Purple light glowed in the many compound eyes on the demon-hunting spider's head. However, his mouth didn't move. He spoke with his Spiritual Voice, allowing everyone present to understand his thoughts through telepathy.

"The human adepts must die!" Tula's voice was exceptionally rough and coarse, as if there were hundreds and thousands of chittering voices speaking at once, "The adept's tower must fall! Otherwise, our Black Forest will devolve! It will degrade! I will not tolerate this outcome!"

Now that the magical creature lord had given the declaration of war, there was no more that needed discussing.

"Three days," Tula's voice continued to sound in the hearts of all the magical creature lords, "You have only three days! Three days from now, you must bring all your subordinates here. Then, we will launch our attack, destroy the tower, and kill the adepts! Anyone who isn't present will have to face punishment from me."

As Tula threatened them, countless tiny spiders the size of fists emerged from underground, from the canopy, from the bushes, and from the cracks between the rocks. They flashed their fangs menacingly at all the magical creatures present.

These tiny spiders were extremely weak individually, but there were far too many of them. Even elite-class magical creatures would have a hard time escaping without a scratch if so many spiders swarmed them at once.

The faces of the magical creature lords turned green, but no one publicly opposed Tula's orders.

As magical creatures, they very well aware of the consequences of allowing an adept's tower to secure itself in this spot. The opponent would eventually exterminate them like prey in the wild. Thus, Tula's orders sounded harsh to the ears, but they were the correct course of action. They had no reason to object!

A short moment later, Greem received the image-recording crystal that Eva had sent back.

Even Greem, with his calm demeanor, couldn't help but draw a cold breath when he saw all the magical creature lords in the crystal.

Tula, the demon-hunting spider, was most likely a magical creature at the peak of elite-class. It meant that he would very likely have a portion of a Second Grade magical creature's strength. Greem wasn't sure he could survive an ambush by a monster like this!

The other magical creature lords, such as the Three-Headed Demon Hound, the Medusa, the Dark Tentacular, the Berserk Gelada, and the Wyvern King were all powerful elite-level magical creatures. Any single one of them alone would have been a troublesome opponent. Greem had no guarantee he could beat any of them in a duel.

Not to mention the numerous ordinary magical creatures. Minotaurs, Berserk Geladas, Houndfiends, Ettercaps. Even someone of Eva's caliber was only one against a horde of hundreds and thousands. She would barely be a deciding factor during the war.

Compared to these mighty creatures, the more numerous critter-like magical creatures didn't even draw Greem's attention.

Greem had already made up his mind. Once the monsters reached the caverns, he would pull out all the stops. He was going to flood them with fire!

A bottomless sea of lava rested right beneath the tower. If he could draw out this lava and inject it into the caverns, he would inflict massive damage upon the magical creatures. He didn't know how many of the powerful ones would die, but the weaker ones were doomed!

They were currently outnumbered, outmatched, and the tower had no magical energy reserves to speak. However, the conclusion of the battle was not as obvious as it seemed.

These rural monsters that stayed cooped up in their homes would never be able to imagine the true extent of cruelty and savagery that an adept was capable of!

Greem had decided. If those magical creatures dared to come, he would leave them a lasting impression that they would never forget.

Trying to outwit a human adept?

Heh! Greem still had plenty of tricks up his sleeves!

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