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Chapter 313 Fate

I will not die!

I definitely won't die!

Alice exuded confidence even with the terrible situation she was experiencing.

Not for any other reason but the fact that she did not sense death from fate.

If death wasn't a possibility, then why shouldn't she go down the most dangerous path, and commit to the riskiest actions to reach the best outcomes!

If Greem could tell what Alice was thinking, he would probably be fuming right now!

She had jumped from one extreme to the other.

The Alice in the past had only relied on her spatial talents. She had completely ignored the intangible and invisible fate. Even when Alice occasionally sensed something, she rarely acted in accordance with Fate's instructions. However, now that Alice had finally felt the limitations of her spatial talent, she had ultimately fallen for the mysterious and limited powers of fate.

She was like a reckless zealot that trusted blindly in fate, a madman that charged under heavy fire without any regard for her life, all because of that one proclamation from fate that she wouldn't die.

Reality seemed to concur with her expectations. Countless attacks and dangers poured down upon her, but she was always able to avoid or walk past these risks due to all sorts of coincidences and reasons. She was wounded, but it was still far from being enough to kill a pseudo-adept.

Greem's flame projection and Sanazar herself were only watching the battle with playful gazes. They silently waited for Alice's life to be threatened before they descended as saviors.

However, the moment they waited for didn't arrive even after a long wait. Instead, the tides of the battle seemed to have mysteriously turned.

And all of this was because of the Decayer's unique ability- Splitting Multiplication!

The damaged Decayer was finally unable to endure the tremendous damage from all three individuals. Its body had exploded! It was like jelly that had been blown up. Tons of acidic substance splashed in every direction, before turning into a pool of liquid on the ground.

Alice was finally exposed to the enemy.

Every party involved in the battle was thrilled. The terrible performance today had finally come to an end. At this very moment, however, the green liquid suddenly started to gather under the guidance of an unknown force.

Just like that, two Decayers appeared under everyone's surprised gazes, be they hiding in the shadows or fighting in the light.

The two new Decayers appeared to be half as tall as the previous one. They were also significantly smaller. However, their firepower was still as ferocious as before!

The Splitting Multiplication significantly reduced the defense of the new Decayers. That said, this wasn't a significant problem for an aggressive and offensive elementium golem like the Decayer. The two Decayers took up positions on the left and the right respectively. Two bright green acid arrows shot at the sky every time their short and stubby bodies trembled.

These acid arrows exploded at first contact, sending acid splashing over an area. The area covered by the acid wasn't extensive. It was only seven or eight meters in diameter. However, when the two acid balls fired together, they significantly limited the space in the air.

Moreover, the acidic liquid was misty and could disperse in the air. Thus, the retention rate of acid in midair was extremely long.

The two Decayers continued to attack, and the skies above the castle quickly saturated with an acidic green mist. A pungent odor was present as well.

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

The female illusionist cursed repeatedly. For the first time since the battle started, she directed her hatred towards the strange elementium golem.

She misdirected all of the opponent's attacks to the spaces around her. However, the hybrid dragon's body was enormous. It was unavoidably hurt by the annoying green mist when it flew in the sky.

It would have been fine if it was its torso that was being corroded. After all, grey scales protected that spot. A little acid wasn't enough to kill an adept-level hybrid dragon. Unfortunately, if it were its wings that were corroded by the acidic liquid, there would be no way to protect them. There were no scales there.

Thus, thick white smoke started to rise from the dragon's wings as it circled in the air. The fearsome acid sizzled as it ate its way into the dragon's leathery wings. Small punctures were already appearing on the wings, and even these quickly expanded and turned into more severe wounds.

The hybrid dragon's ability to maneuver about had been profoundly affected. Its wings, riddled with holes, were also no longer able to keep it in the air for much longer.

However, the illusionist's powerful attacks had also destroyed the two Decayers as the dragon finally started faltering.

But four even smaller Decayers appeared in the castle ruins under her furious gaze.

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

The female illusionist didn't know what words to use to express her anger and frustration at this moment.

Who freaking made this disgusting golem? How many times could it split?

If the basic damage of the original Decayer were at 50 points, the Decayers that had undergone a single split would have their output reduced to 40 points. The Decayers that underwent two divisions then had their damage cut to 30 points.


Those were four extraordinarily green and extremely 'cute' Decayers! Four!

The total damage they dealt reached unbelievable heights when stacked together.

Every time the female illusionist tried to launch a charge with the hybrid dragon, four acid arrows would greet her right in the face. The attacks might miss from being misdirected, but the acid splash still made it difficult for her to dodge.

The four mini Decayers had turned into a dyeing machine. Their diligent shots quickly dyed the skies a sickly green. The pungent odor of acid was nauseating!

The acid was extremely sticky. It was blown about by the wind. It was tough to get rid of the acid when it landed on the dragon. The acid had finally severely damaged the massive wings. They were no longer able to maintain flight.

The hybrid dragon's movements became increasingly clumsy!

The female illusionist could tell what was going to happen. She let out a battle cry and leaped off the dragon, successfully landing on another side of the castle as the dragon crashed into the ground. The earth trembled from the impact.


Another side of the castle collapsed from the impact. Tons of sand and debris tumbled to the ground like a landslide. Two massive claws gleaming with a metallic sheen clanged as they grabbed onto the crumbling walls.

The dragon's ugly mouse-like face appeared in front of everyone. Then, its scaled and skinny body, as well as its broken wings, were revealed as well.

The dragon wasn't going to be flying any time soon, judging from the state of the dragon's wings!

Runes were already glowing around Alice. She had taken the opportunity to use Spirit enhancing arrays to break free of the illusionist's control. She felt intense pain from every part of her body when she woke up.

She had received plenty of damage from the battle earlier. Alice wasn't in any mortal danger, but the number of wounds she had accumulated was too large to count. She had not been able to feel pain while her Spirit was under the enemy's control. The only thing Alice had cared to do was relentlessly attack. However, now that she had finally managed to wrestle control of her body from the enemy, the sudden surge of agony from all her wounds was enough to cripple her in an instant.

The dragon was also using the ruins of the castle to creep towards the Decayers.

It might not have long ranged attacks, but it still had tremendous strength.

It leaned against the wall and dodged as it moved forward. It even picked up broken furniture and other heavy things to throw at Alice and the Decayers.

The Decayers had powerful long-ranged attacks, but their defenses were far inferior to the Roaring Monster. They had no better way to cover for Alice than to intercept the projectiles with their acid arrows.

The illusionist, on the other hand, had utterly vanished!


Back in the shadows in the distance, the Third Grade female adept Sanazar couldn't help but turn and ask Greem.

"Hey, brat. What do you think? Will Alice die if we choose not to act and save her?"


An expression of deep thought appeared on Greem's blazing face.

Indeed. Would Alice die?

The reason Alice was so calm was that fate had told her that she wouldn't die. Which is to say, fate's calculations should have included her two reinforcements.

Sanazar and Greem both had a clear view of the situation with their personal methods of spying on the battle. The female illusionist had already snuck to Alice's side while the dragon had been attracting the attacks of the Decayer. She now closed the distance after applying Invisibility to herself.

The illusionist could easily kill Alice at this distance as long as she was willing to endure a round of attacks from the Decayers.

If Lady Sanazar wanted to act, she would have to move now.

However, even Greem himself still hesitated.

He wanted Sanazar to act and save Greem, thereby ending this stupid show. He also wanted to wait and see if this most powerful force known as fate had other means of protecting Alice.

Greem surveyed the surroundings. Almost everyone around the castle was dead. Where could Alice's savior come from, if she still had one?

Alice was undoubtedly one of Greem's most treasured subordinates that he had invested most of his resources into. Letting her die here like this would be a massive waste. But Greem seriously wanted to know. Was fate really that powerful and mysterious?

The two thoughts competed in his mind. He couldn't help but feel unnerved.

"Chip, could you calculate the possibility of Alice surviving if we refuse to act?"

"Zero. Disregarding unknown variables that exist outside of our control, the chance of Alice surviving is zero!"

Damn it! If Alice couldn't survive without help, then they had to act.

Greem wasn't willing to use the life of a vital subordinate to test the limits of fate.

However, an unexpected change happened on the battlefield just as Greem was about to request Sanazar to help.

Dammit! How did it come to this!

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