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Chapter 310 Seal

Spirits and the like are one of the most troublesome guards to deal with.

If it had been ordinary voodoo beasts, four apprentice adepts would still have been able to kill them, even if they had to suffer some losses in the process. However, it was challenging to get rid of spirits.

Firstly, these spirits didn't possess actual physical bodies.

In low-magic worlds, death was inevitable once you stopped breathing. The death of the body meant that the spiritual consciousness had dispersed and vanished. The soul could not exist independently of its host.

However, this was not the case in high-magic worlds. Individuals who had possessed powerful wills in life, be it adepts or magical creatures, would still be able to exist in the material plane through their powerful mental will. They would be able to preserve their spiritual consciousness.

They would use their powerful hatred and regrets for their core and gather elementium substances as their bodies. Once they became powerful enough, they could even materialize in the material world.

Their bodies were both intangible and tangible, which allowed them to switch between the two states freely.

When they transformed into intangible objects, their bodies would not be affected by physical substances. They could pass through any unprotected materials, such as stone, wood, and metal. Only elementium energies under the control of adepts or magical forcefields could prevent them from entering.

Spirits did not receive physical damage while in their intangible form. However, the lack of a strong body made them susceptible to elementium attacks. They were easily wounded.

When they transformed into their tangible form, their rich elementium bodies would possess both physical and elementium damage. The effect of this was the ability to absorb the life force of any living being. They could also cause severe negative-energy damage. For example, the spirit before them dealt frost damage when using a physical attack.

The spirits still had extremely high resistance and immunity to physical damage in this form. Their damaged bodies naturally recovered through the absorption of wandering elementium. Thus, the most effective method to kill spirits was to use elementium attacks.

For the next seven minutes, the spirit stalked them like an assassin. It continuously appeared from the walls, the floor, and even the ceiling, striking the apprentices once before disappearing once more.

The spirit was fast and stealthy. Most of the apprentices' retaliations didn't find their marks. The spells would crash against the walls or floor and do absolutely nothing to the spirit. Moreover, the attacks on the apprentices were adding up. Their wounds increased, their flesh had started rotting, and more and more parts of their bodies were frozen. It was hard to regenerate even with the use of the medicine they had with them.

Bizarrely enough, the spirit seemed to have a vendetta against the apprentices alone. It only attacked them and wholly ignored Alice, who was casually walking along.

Alice was perfectly happy with how things were as well. She held the Gem of True Sight against the wall and examined the paintings on it one by one.

Much like what she saw in the swamp tower, none of the paintings in the walls here were ordinary. If it weren't some type of spirit sealed within, it would be a strange monster with mysterious abilities.

Every time Alice peered into a painting with her gem, the monster sealed within would screech and hide into the depths of the picture to avoid the light from the gem.

Finally, Alice found a sinister scenic painting on a wall by the side. Naturally, she also found Will, who was frantically calling for help from within.

The scene in the painting had turned to night by now.

The grey grass near the small hill started to overturn under the desolate moonlight. Shambling figures rose from beneath the ground. Their howling filled the entire world of the painting

These were fearsome mummies that had slept underground for many decades. Their bodies had shriveled entirely. Their stomachs had shrunk, and their remaining hair was yellow and withered. Countless corpse beetles crawled between their eye sockets, nostrils, and mouths.

Their actions were dull and slow. Unknown black flakes even fell off their bodies as they stumbled around.

They wandered without any particular purpose.

However, their shriveled nostrils were able to pick up on the smell of the wind; the warm smell of flesh and blood that belonged to a living being. It was a smell that would send any undead into a frenzy.

Everything changed in the very next moment!

The mummies started howling and growling loudly. A pungent odor of decay came from their mouths.

They got down on all fours and lunged towards Will's location with the speed and agility of a hunting hound. Their actions were as fast as lightning. Will hadn't even managed to break free from the shock when they had already had arrived before him.

The spinning bone shield repelled the mummies. A rain of bone fangs shot out from Will's hand, riddling the mummies around him full of holes.

But none of this curbed their desire for warm blood.

The mummies' growling became even more frequent, and the entire land started to crumble. More mummies emerged from the ground and leaped towards Will's position.

Dammit! Why was there so many of them?

Will cursed angrily.

His elementium affinity was negative energy, and he walked the path of a Whitebone Adept. He wasn't unfamiliar with these undead mummies. In fact, Will was better acquainted than any other apprentice adept when it came to these monsters. He might be able to deal with one or two dozen mummies, but a horde of hundreds or thousands of mummies was way too much! He wouldn't be able to survive even if he could split himself in three right now!

Will continuously released all sorts of bone tools from his pouch. He activated the negative energy within them and tossed them into the mummy horde. What happened next was a shocking eruption of negative energy. All the mummies enveloped by the tide of power were shredded to pieces instantly. The fragmented soul consciousness that remained in their bodies was dispersed as well, leaving them with no way to control their broken bodies.

Will's research focused on negative energy after all. He knew very well how to kill undead efficiently.

However, he didn't have very many of these powerful bone tools.He went pale after throwing four or five of them at the enemy. There was nothing left in his pouch.

Will couldn't help but let out a scream of despair as he looked on at the lunging horde of undead.

Then, the frame shimmered, and a massive hand extended in from the outside. This hand was like the small arm of a girl that had been enlarged by hundreds of times. The skin was smooth and white. The fingerprints and pores were all present. Will could even see the red nail polish that was applied to her nails.

The giant hand reached inside and instantly appeared above the hill. It grabbed Will and quickly exited the painting.

The mummies surrounding Will couldn't possibly let him go just like that. They stacked together and roared as they grabbed the hand and tried to stall it.

Their actions angered the owner of the hand. The hand shook, and everything within the world of the painting shattered to pieces. The swarm of mummies broke as well.

Now that it had dealt with the undead, the giant hand quickly withdrew and disappeared through the wooden frame portal.

Alice waved the Gem of True Sight around as she chased away the accursed spirit that had tried to take the opportunity to attack her. Meanwhile, she drew her right hand out from the wall.


Her arm came out and Will the apprentice was dragged out of the painting as well.

The spirit was enraged to see the prey it had caught be saved.

It let out an ear-piercing screech, and white smoke started to obscure the painting. Countless mummies charged towards the exit as if they wanted to get out of the picture as well.

Alice let out a cold laugh and shook the Gem of True Sight. A series of twisted and distorted magical runes surfaced in the middle of the painting.

"Amiasa, Slumber of the Dead!"

Alice quickly finished her chant, and a bright white light glowed within the painting. A mysterious white vortex appeared out of nowhere and dragged the wailing spirit back into the canvas.

When the light faded away, the painting had returned to its original appearance.

Mountains in the distance, a river, grey fields, a small hill, and a spirit wailing on the top of the hill.

She managed to seal the enemy!

Alice turned and smiled at Warren, "Hey, big guy! I really won't be responsible again if you take one more step backward and wake the monster sealed in that painting!"

Warren turned around with his left hand cradling his wounded right arm. Only then did he realize how close he had gotten to the wooden frame on the other side when he retreated.

A mysterious spirit boat was crashing through the towering waves in the painting as it sped forward.

Warren might not know what monster was sealed within, but he had already seen what happened to Will. He had no desire to tempt fate.

He quickly moved away from the painting!

It seemed that the guardians of this corridor were the creatures in these sealing paintings.

Progress was much more relaxed now that they understood what awaited them.

Alice used her Gem of True Sight to shine the way for every bit of distance they covered. They quickly uncovered the existence of magical traps this way. All they needed to do was take turns to attack and seal any enemies before they could come out and cause trouble.

It was evident that this was the primary location where Adept Sak performed his secret experiments. The number of magical traps he had prepared was numerous.

Monsters sealed in paintings, alarms hidden in candlesticks, and killing contraptions hidden underneath the floorboard were only a few.

It wasn't hard to imagine the fate of an intruder. Sak would be able to pick up on the abnormality even if he was a thousand kilometers away. All he needed to do then was rush back and seal the exit. The depths of the corridor would trap the enemy.

All magical traps and contraptions, as well as voodoo beasts, required an adept's management to exhibit their fullest potential.

However, now that Sak was dead, it didn't matter how many and how tightly-packed his defenses were. They would eventually be overwhelmed.

Thus, after an entire night's worth of torturous exploration, the party successfully reached the end of the corridor. They had arrived before the door of the laboratory!

A strange human face surfaced on the wooden door.

"Password. Speak the password or be denied entry!"

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