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The two holes were generally round with irregular edges.

Carrying the kerosene lamp, Feng Bujue discovered that wall inside was a pillow size space with nothing, but the board on that wall of the back seemed to write words.

He knocked out the plank between the two holes with the pipe wrench and made a large hole. Then he put the kerosene lamp into it and put his head into it, but he could still not read the words on the wall.

Only two words at the beginning had been translated, [The Spell], while the next few lines were tiny as fly wings.

Feng Bujue then realized that he had to use the magnifying glass here.

He withdrew his head from the wall, and without looking out, he raised his magnifying glass and scanned the contents. Sure enough, he could see the translation of the words on the menu the next second, even if his eyes were far away.

[HAKUNA… MATATA… What a wonderful phrase… Ain't no passing craze… HAKUNA, MATATA!] 1)

At the end of the line there was a note like annotation: “The old and amazing African proverb, always efficacious on all things.”

Feng Bujue finish reading these contents and fiercely throwing the magnifying glass to the ground: “What on earth this is! Amazing your sister! Why can I see something like this pop up in such a dark, disgusting script!

Africa your grandpa! Does Africa even have something to do with this place! Told me in a serious tone like 'fortress controlled by spell’, and finally, be solved with African proverbs!

What kind of stuff is that? If I shut the door and didn’t let that guy in, what would the next hint be? Is it when I open the door, a wild boar and a meerkat will lead me to the second floor, singing songs!?!

What kind of script is this? Scene blinds dog eyes, sound deafen dog ears, everywhere is filled with the smell of shi*… Unclear worldview setting, filled with disgusting settings with crazy puzzles and changeable solving rules, and all the hinds are just more and more nonsense!”

He growled, then gasped and cursing some awful things. It seems that HAKUNAMATATA must have influenced over negative for him…

After ten minutes, he had recovered himself. He then gathered his things up, went to the stairs on the second floor, where he read the words aloud.

The magic circle floated a few times, followed by a sound of broken glass. A few seconds later, the piled meat collapse like an avalanche…

Feng Bujue thought before that when he read the spell out, the things in front of him would disappear, but instead……

Caught off guard, he was buried in the ground and cursed from the deepest of his heart, “Mothe* Fuc**!” And climbed out. He was really glad he had a face equipment and chose to show it. Otherwise, the gross smell alone would have caused him to yell out ten more such abusive words.

Anyway, the access to the second floor was opened, which's a progress.

Feng Bujue adjusted the mood, sang out the spell with the melody while walking up the stairs.

The arrangement of the rooms on the second floor was slightly different from that on the first floor. Directly above the hall, there's a room with a door, while the layout and area of other rooms were roughly the same.

The doors of the rooms were all closed, and Feng Bujue was not hurried to explore them. He followed the blood on the ground to see where the synthetic man had gone, then he came to the room directly at the above room of the hall.

This door was unlike all the other doors in the room, which was two metallic planks that closed together. Even the layman could tell it was a very expensive metal, quite different from the cheap, rusting iron doors of the underground 2F. The height of the door was more than 2.5 meters, the upper edge of the door frame was close to the roof, and its width was almost as wide as the corridor.

“Hum… This size… Was it designed to let monsters in and out? “Feng Bujue said, then stretch out both hands, grasped two handles on the door to pull to move several times, “Well, as expected."

He guessed that rooms like this don’t get opened until very late of the game. So he returned to the side of the stairs and began his search in the room nearest the stairs.

At this time, Feng Bujue doesn't have the “death warning”, so he cannot exclude the possibility to encounter “Opening kill” circumstance. So, he opened the door very carefully slowly and took out that iron bar from his bag and went probing traps.

Having done this, he went in with the lamp.

In front of him was a bedroom, which looked neat and tidy. The beds were clean and the sheets and bedding were folded; There was a picture frame on the bedside table and two wardrobes against the wall. Same as downstairs, the windows were closed and it was dark outside. There was a small flower basin on the windowsill with nothing but soil inside. There are two kinds of reasonable speculation: First, the plants inside have become soil; Second, the plant mutates into some kind of animal and then leaves on its own…

Feng Bujue went straight to the bedside table, picked up the picture frame. In the frame was another faded, yellowing photograph. This time it's three people, two young men in their fifties and sixties, and a mother about forties.

Same with the thing that happened in the study room, Feng Bujue stared at it a few seconds then the game CG appeared naturally.

The lightning outside the window showed that it was a stormy night.

It was in this room, a brown-haired boy sat on this chair by the bed. A woman was lying in bed, her face pale and her eyes sunken. They held hands tightly, and tears welled up in the woman’s eyes.

“Arthur… There’s something mom has to tell you… “

“I know. Arthur replied, “I’m a Penaese, I’m… An adopted kid… “

The mother heard the words and silenced for a few seconds: “No, you are my child, even if you are not my own child, but… “

"Enough, mother. You don’t have to say that. Of course I’m your child, as always.’ Arthur squeezed his mother’s hand.

“You’re smart and strong, and mom is so relieved that you’ve always been able to take care of yourself.” The mother sighed: “But your brother is too kind, too weak, he… “

“Don’t worry, mother, I have only one brother.” Arthur interrupted. “I’ll take care of him." He said, looking down as if in grief.

Another flash of lightning flashed, and at that moment it gave Arthur a close-up of the corners of his mouth.

He was smiling…

Reference from Lion King, characters sang the song together in the movie. I believe that most of you can get it.
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