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Chapter 288 Golem Self-Destruction


The knight's sword slashed at the Infernal Tyrant, causing violent winds to blow in every direction.

The blade missed by fifty centimeters, but the ferocious air pressure still sliced apart the protective layer of fire on the Tyrant's chest. A white mark was left behind on its chest.

The sword had just swept by, and already the tower shield slammed into its face. Again, even before the shield had arrived, the powerful wind pressure had already put out the flames on the Tyrant's body.

Even the insignificant air appeared to have turned solid at this moment!

The energy reserve bar in Greem's mind instantly fell by 2%. He had no choice but to give up on enduring the shield slam and quickly retreated. He frantically threw out Explosive Fireballs as he backed away, preventing the enemy from following up on its previous attack. Two Solar Rays shot out from the Tyrant's eyes and sliced horizontally towards the Golem Knight's neck.

Explosive Fireballs continuously exploded between the two golems. The concussive flame shockwaves caused the two giants to stall in place, like tiny rafts rowing against the tide. It was hard for them to take a single step in the elementium storm.

An Explosive Fireball could deal over 70 points of damage and was no small threat, even to an official adept. However, neither of the magic golems were damaged by the multiple explosions.

One was a metallic golem made of steel and iron. It could completely ignore all damage under 80 points. Any damage above 80 points would also be mitigated and reduced by the magical alloy’s magical resistance. An attack had to deal at least 100 points of damage to have any hope of leaving behind a visible wound.

The Infernal Tyrant, on the other hand, was completely immune to weak fire damage. Only swift and fierce physical attacks, like those from the Golem Knight, could cause lasting energy loss.

Greem hadn't fired the Explosive Fireballs in hopes of dealing damage to the enemy. Rather, he was counting on the shockwaves from the explosives to break the Golem Knight's combo chain. Otherwise, there was a real possibility that the Tyrant could just be chained to death.

This was the truly fearsome skill of high-grade knights!

You were never sent flying with a slam of a shield or the slash of a blade when you engaged in a melee. Once they landed the first battle technique on your body, you would lose all control over the fight. The only option left would be to slowly retreat backward as they continued to overwhelm you with their lightning-quick slashes until you were sliced to ribbons.

Greem's Tyrant hadn't managed to dodge this string of attacks in the last bout. It was chained several times by the Golem Knight and instantly lost 17% of its energy reserves. Thus, Greem was now always primed to fire some Explosive Fireballs to interrupt the Golem Knight's chain skills.

Greem was now able to predict the Golem Knight's actions to a certain extent. He used his elementium sight's ability to see the flow of energy within its body as well as the chip’s analysis.

Every time the energy in the Golem Knight's body started to gather at the right wrist, the shoulder, and the waist, it meant that it was about to launch a Spinning Slash. Every time energy gathered at its feet and back, it meant that it was about to Charge. And when energy gathered at the legs and the right wrist, it was very likely to be a Forward Stab.

After such a long time in combat, the chip had perfectly captured and analyzed all of the tricks and techniques the opponent possessed. The price the Tyrant had to pay for this knowledge was the loss of 85% of its energy!

The Infernal Tyrant had never been hit by any of the enemy's attacks once the chip completed its analysis. In fact, every time the opponent was about to launch an attack, the Infernal Tyrant would be able to predict the direction of the attack and instantly reposition itself. It would then take the small window of opportunity where the Golem Knight was stuck in its attack motion to repeatedly attack the Knight's right knee joint.

There was originally a knee guard on that spot. However, that piece of armor had been completely melted and destroyed by Greem's constant effort. The Golem Knight's ball-shaped knee joint was completely exposed.

Perhaps because of Rouneau's command, or the battle instincts of the Golem Knight itself, it quickly took up its massive tower shield and started protecting its lower limbs the moment it realized its knee joint was exposed.

Though in doing so it lost its mobility. Both its movement and attack speed had been reduced by over 40%.

Greem took this opportunity to control the Tyrant and put some distance between the two golems. He then started to bombard the Golem Knight at a distance. One after another the Magma Fireballs and Fire Core Explosions sailed through the air and ravaged the slow, immobile Knight.

Pure elementium spells weren't that effective against metal cans like the Golem Knight. Single-target spells that had both physical and elementium damage, like the Magma Fireball, had far more condensed and concentrated energy. Of course, Blazing Light was also very effective in dealing damage!

However, Blazing Light was comparatively harder to form and required constant channeling. This made it easier for the Golem Knight to catch up and attack the Tyrant. Greem tried to cast Blazing Light several times, but he had to give up the idea in the end. Instead, he ravaged the opponent with streams of Magma Fireballs.

Greem had even turned off his favorite Ring of Fire to reduce the energy consumption rate. The only two spells he was using were Fire Teleportation and Magma Fireball. Even if only two or three out of every ten attacks hit the opponent, it was more than enough to wear away at the Golem Knight.

The lava splash from the Magma Fireball was extremely thick. It would cling to the Golem Knight's body and continuously inflict small amounts of damage to the armor. The fragments of rock that formed after the magma cooled were also the greatest enemies of mechanical gears. They would easily get stuck in the turning gears and cause them to twist and deform.

At this point in the battle, almost everyone with a pair of eyes could see that the Golem Knight's past glory had faded. Even though it still had the initiative on the battlefield, it was dealing minimal damage to the Infernal Tyrant. Most of the time it was only chasing behind the flame golem's ass.

On the other hand, the Infernal Tyrant had complete control over the pace of battle after finally getting over that difficult start. It nimbly moved across the stage and continuously wore away at the Golem Knight's body bit by bit with an unending assault of Magma Fireballs.

Only the outer layer of the armor appeared to be melting, but that didn't mean the Knight was winning. When it failed to destroy the elementium golem's core in a melee fight, it had lost its control over the entire fight.

Its injured right leg was also a major cause for concern!

The tower shield might allow the Golem Knight to protect this point of weakness, but it was also a burden on the Knight’s speed. The Knight could no longer catch up to the Tyrant. It might have been able to do so if it tossed aside the shield, but then the joint…

For a moment, even Golem Master Rouneau fell into a daze. He hesitated and no longer barked commands at his golem.

Just then, Greem decided to launch an attack of his own initiative.

There was no choice. The Infernal Tyrant had exhausted over 89% of its energy. There was no possibility of wearing down the enemy with a marathon. He had to conclude the battle soon.

The Fire Lord’s Scepter suddenly appeared in the Tyrant's hand. A massive pillar instantly exploded in front of it, and the equally massive body of the Fire Deity appeared on stage.

Everyone was shocked for a moment.

After all, the ten-meter-tall body of the Fire Deity was far too intimidating and deceptive.

However, all the adepts let out a sigh and shook their heads in disappointment once they used their Spiritual senses to get a feel for the Fire Deity's true power level.

What use was a pseudo-adept level elementium being in a golem fight of this level?

The Fire Deity bent its body and charged towards the Golem Knight before the audience could lament any more.

A distraction? Self-destruction? Or just…

The Fire Deity self-destructed before Rouneau even had the time to give another command to the Golem Knight.

 A flame halo ravaged outward with the sudden explosion, instantly enveloping the Golem Knight in all its wrath and fury. Even the earth and skies turned into a chaotic sea of flames. A cage made of pure elementium fire materialized out of nowhere as the violent fires and the fearsome streams of flame coursed all over the stage. The Golem Knight had been trapped within.

The next second the Infernal Tyrant's domineering body, shrouded in flames, appeared beside the flame cage. A mysterious smile appeared on its black and red face and an odd black grimoire flew into its hands.

The Scroll of Voodoo!

As a piece of Soul Equipment, the Infernal Tyrant was able to use the Scroll of Voodoo once Greem had transferred his spiritual consciousness into the Tyrant's core.

A deep and powerful roar rang out in the air. The Infernal Tyrant quickly channeled the powerful spells contained within the Scroll and several Fire Core Explosions detonated against the Golem Knight’s body.

The Fire Core Explosions each dealt up to 191 points of damage. Every single one of them could send an unprepared adept to their grave. Six unbelievably powerful Fire Core Explosions had burst within the flame cage. The accumulated magic effect was enough to send chills down the spines of every adept present.

The center of the explosion had reached a terrifying ten thousand degrees. The damage to the Golem Knight was enough to destroy it.

The Golem Knight could tell it was at a disadvantage. It frantically shielded its body with the tower shield and gathered all of its energy to charge through the flame cage. Unfortunately, the damage to its leg limited the speed at which it could move. The jets of flame quickly caught up after it barely broke out of the cage.

The Golem Knight, despite being able to endure the seven thousand degrees earlier, was no longer able to tolerate the heat this time.

The surface of the tower shield had turned a bright red from the heat and quickly softened. The molten liquid continuously flowed down. The shield was getting thinner and thinner. Finally, the shield completely eroded and scorching fires engulfed the Golem Knight's body, making a mess of its delicate armor.

All of the patterns and border carvings had melted in the heat like wax near a fire.

The Golem Knight tried its very best to escape from the blazing fire, only to find a shadow towering over itself.

A massive black-red silhouette stood before it.

Boom. A massive explosion. The monstrous flame humanoid smashed one of its arms into the Knight's weakened chest. It pulled, and a mechanical heart pulsing with magical energies was forcefully removed from the puppet.

The Golem Knight stalled when it lost its control core. Its whole body glowed a brilliant red.

Three seconds later a shocking explosion erupted on the stage. The energy balance within the Golem Knight's body had gone out of control. It had self-destructed!

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