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Chapter 266 Infernal Tyrant

"Dammit, do Kane and Lucy still have a chance?" The green dwarf Pyro asked grudgingly.

The black-robed adept beside him took out a handful of bone fragments from his robe and scattered it before himself. He knelt to look at the bones before shaking his head in disappointment.

Murderous light gleamed in Pyro's green eyes, "I spent that fortune to hire you, and this is what you tell me?"

The black-robed adept spoke calmly, "Sir, as a Second Grade adept, I am sure you have a perfect understanding of the mechanisms behind divination magic. The more we know about the opponent, the more capable we are of eliminating factors beyond our control. This brat has been hiding in the adepts' tower this whole time. It was already a difficult task to pierce through the defenses of the tower and predict the path of his fate. Moreover, I am certain that Lord Kane had an eighty percent chance to beat this brat when we made our preparations three months ago."

"You mean to say he suddenly obtained a golem of this level within these three months?" Pyro quickly calmed down and asked in a collected manner.

"Indeed!" The black-robed adept nodded, "This unknown factor has already informed me of the truth. The sudden increase of his prowess had occurred right after the last time I successfully used divination magic on him. It is clear that his fate had suddenly shifted during these three months. It is unclear how this happened! I suspect… he carries with him something that can affect even fate. A unique artifact, a magical item, or perhaps… a person!"

Pyro wasn't very good with all this talk about fate. However, even if he didn't understand the mechanics behind it, he knew one thing for certain. His failure today was a certainty! As a decisive person himself, he didn't bother to wait and see the result of the fight. He immediately turned and disappeared into the depths of the forest, bringing with him this 'failure' of a diviner.

Feidnan City, Adepts' Tower.

Lady Sanazar leaned against a soft bed. Her body was tilted such that she could observe the battle that was being displayed on the light screen floating before her.

Sanazar was the one who gave Greem the wooden idol, but she had clearly omitted a crucial detail. As long as he kept the idol by his side, Sanazar would be able to observe everything happening within a hundred meter radius of the idol without the use of another magical medium.

Thus, Sanazar had immediately activated her water mirror after sensing the elementium flux from the wooden idol. The first scene she saw was the appearance of the Infernal Tyrant.

Of course, such an insignificant fight between First Grade adepts was nothing to a Third Grade adept like herself. However, even she couldn't help but be interested in the fight when she saw the rampaging flame golem.

A weak First Grade adept that had just advanced possessed an elementium golem that had power close to a Second Grade adept. This was quite unthinkable. It was almost certain that this little fella had secrets of his own. If it wasn't for Lord Sarubo's orders, she would totally drag him back and split his head open to see what he had hidden within…

The brutal and savage Sanazar suppressed her curious desire and put herself in a more comfortable position to enjoy the battle in the mirror.


It was all well and dandy for the boss resting in her bed to be entertained, watching from afar. However, this was a matter of life and death for the adepts engaged in battle!

The Two-face Adept, who had possessed the initiative in the battle earlier, was now in an awkward and trying situation.

They weaved nimbly between the rain of fireballs, occasionally destroying the unavoidable ones. As long as the fireballs were unable to make direct contact, the ice shield orbiting around them would be enough to defend against the attacks.

They had no extra strength to dodge the flame shockwave and splashing lava from the explosion of the Magma Fireballs. The only thing they could do was to endure the damage with the ice shields formed from water elementium.

Light blue frost floated around Adept Kane. He casually strolled past a flurry of fireballs. It seemed like a breeze to him, but in truth, he was extremely anxious at this point. A path of frost was left behind him wherever he went.

If an enemy ever stepped upon this path of frost, they would instantly be frozen to the spot by the ice energy that surged forth. Although the effect wouldn't last for very long, that short pause would be unavoidable. Kane, as the owner of this path of frost, would be able to appear anywhere on it at any time he desired to.

This path of frost wouldn't last for very long. It would melt in just five minutes. However, this short amount of time was more than enough for Kane to turn the battlefield to his advantage.

Any adept would perform at their best within an environment that was advantageous to them. They would be able to battle in a style unique to their own abilities. That said, Kane had clearly run into trouble today!

Greem was a master at creating a homefield of lava and magma. Kane also excelled at creating his own home field.

Greem had his amazing Fire Teleportation, and Kane had his Frost Path Teleportation.

One a master of ice, and the other a master of flames.

The two were similar in strength, and fought with similar styles, causing the battle to quickly spiral into a tense conflict and stalemate between the two of them. At this time Kane's sister, Lucy, became the key to determining the outcome of the fight. With her terrifying soundwave attacks that could penetrate even the most resilient of defenses, she could easily turn the tables in the fight.

However, the situation was quickly flipped on its end after Greem summoned this beast of an Infernal Tyrant.

It became an overwhelming force of nature the moment it appeared.

Its powerful attacks, that reached up to 135 points in power, caused even the simplest of Magma Fireballs to become devastating blows that Kane and Lucy had trouble dealing with.

Lucy was the one defending against the first Magma Fireball that the Infernal Tyrant hurled at them.

Piercing Scream and Death Roar. Two soundwave spells had to be launched at this inconspicuous fireball to even destroy it. Yet still, the position where the fireball had exploded was a little too close to Lucy.

The lava corroded through her defensive magic and splashed onto Lucy. She let out another piercing scream.

But it wasn't a spell this time, it was just her natural reflex after experiencing intense pain!

As a pair of siblings sharing a body, Kane was adept at mobility and magic defense, while Lucy was better at offense with her penetrative abilities. With no choice left to them, Kane had to come out from within and replace Lucy. He summoned layers of ice shields to cover their body.

The injured Lucy quickly retreated within their body, treating her wounds and preparing her next spell.

If the Magma Fireball was truly nothing more than a one-off attack, Kane was confident he could hold on for a little longer with his mastery of defensive magic. However, it was only when the demon of flames started bombarding him with gigantic fireballs that he realized something horrific. The enemy's attack remained steady at 135 points of damage! Every single attack was as powerful as the last one!

He grit his teeth and deflected four Magma Fireballs. The Ice Demon Kane was already at his limit!

He cursed angrily at this unbelievably powerful golem, going through several dialects as he did so. Ice Demon Kane gathered all the water elementium he could and converted it into ice energy to put out the flames eating away at his robe.

Meanwhile, as he awkwardly dealt with the fires, he still had to change his position constantly. The use of the large trees to block the Tyrant was the only thing slowing its march. Kane didn't even dare to engage in a melee after seeing the Tyrant's black-red hands and its terrifying body forged solely of concentrated flames.

Ice shields could be re-summoned if they were destroyed. Ice barriers could be repaired if they were riddled with holes. However, as the battle progressed, the only thing that kept happening were the flames that ignited all over Kane's body. They burned and roasted his flesh, leaving him grimacing in pain. He couldn't keep up his defense for much longer.

Because that accursed Tyrant was now starting to cast an area-of-effect spell!

Most adepts were actually very well protected during a fight between adepts, thanks to the existence of defensive magic. Consequently, area-of-effect spells were rarely cast during a duel, as the power of such attacks were usually spread out over a large area, causing them to be much less powerful. Even the occasional uses they saw in battle were often for the purpose of restricting movement.

But this damned demon of flames… it… it could even deal 110 points of damage with a massive area-of-effect spell. Kane was so mad at this fact that he desperately wanted to shout out in anger at that moment!

110 points!

Even Kane, who thought very well of himself, could barely reach such intensity with his attacks. And this was assuming he used his most powerful single target spell! Yet the opponent was able to do more damage with a sea of flames that he casually tossed out than an attack that he had to prepare for an extended period of time.

Kane had no choice but to teleport rapidly along his frost path. He had to avoid the pain of being roasted alive.

The Infernal Tyrant might not have been very smart, and thus could only chase after Kane blindly, throwing fireballs as it did so. However, Greem was able to take perfect advantage of the situation. He instantly let loose a slew of seven of eight Magma Fireballs.

These weren't meant to hurt Kane. Rather, it was to destroy his path of frost!

Kane had clearly attached his Spirit flux to the frost path that he had laid across the battlefield. It was through that mental connection that he was able to lock onto a position and teleport there when he needed to. However, now that the path had been blasted in four or five separate segments, they had been completely disconnected. Even though the path hadn't been utterly eradicated, the fragmentation of the path still caused most of it to be mentally disconnected from Kane.

In a single blow, Kane's mobility had been greatly stunted! There was less space for him to move about now!

In the meantime, Lucy had also shown herself several times. The violent Screeching Blast she’d unleashed had even minced one of the Tyrant's arms to pieces.

Sadly, this had absolutely no effect on a blazing monster hell-bent on attacking. Especially not a monster with no concept of pain or fear. A massive halo of fire blasted apart, and a new arm of black-red fire formed once again.

At the same time, having lost the protection of Kane's ice shields, Lucy was once again injured by the terrifying flames!

This time, it wasn't just their robe being ignited. Even their body, hair, and flesh started catching fire…

At this point, the siblings were no longer hoping for a victory, but an opportunity for escape.

Unfortunately for them, just the Infernal Tyrant alone would be enough to deal with. However, they still had another opponent– Greem. He had turned into a Grim Reaper, moving about the edge of the battlefield and shutting down every opportunity of escape they had.

Finally, the Infernal Tyrant made a final move. A terrifying Firestorm ravaged the battlefield. Kane and Lucy's screams rang out simultaneously, echoing in the burning winds.

The next second, a completely charred and unrecognizable figure stumbled out of the sea of flames. But Greem was already waiting at the edge of the battlefield, the Scroll of Voodoo in hand.

A ferocious Fire Core Explosion erupted on their bodies. This pair of sibling adepts that had plagued the central continent for many years had finally reached the end of their lives!

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