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Chapter 265 The Two-Face Adept

The Head of the Black Glove Association, the Green Dwarf Pyro, quickly retreated with the other adept. The battlefield was left to the two adepts facing off.

As long as they weren't involved directly in the battle today, the Sarubo would be hard-pressed to find a proper excuse to take revenge for Greem.

Greem hesitated for a moment before putting away the wooden idol he was gripping in his hand. He didn't crush it.

This was a magic talisman Lady Sanazar had given him.

She had agreed to teleport over to his location and obliterate his enemy, as long as he crushed the wooden idol within a fifty kilometer radius of Feidnan City.

However, it was clear that the enemy had expected this as well.

None of the adepts of the Black Glove Association were acting personally. They had hired a powerful wandering adept to do their job instead. Greem would probably be in trouble if he summoned that violent Lady Sanazar now. After all, even if she teleported over, there would be no one she could kill. It was easy to imagine how mad and annoyed she would be then.

Moreover… Greem was confident in his abilities, even if he was facing the infamous Two-face Adept. His abilities had improved recently and he had been itching for a chance to test his skills.

As Greem was pondering his next step, the Two-face Adept had already started to move without any hesitation.

The first to attack was the sister, Lucy. She was a master of the rare sonic magic.

She shut her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Her hands pressed against the side of her mouths as she screamed. The powerful sonic waves sent ripples across the air. Strange patterns formed in midair as the waves quickly spread towards Greem's direction.

Greem couldn't hear anything. Rather, there was nothing to be heard.

Adept Lucy's Death Scream had long since exceeded the range of frequencies that ordinary humans could hear. The scream was in the range of ultrasound.

Every single object placed in front of Lucy had disintegrated the moment the soundwave passed by them.

The tall trees would first crumble into wooden pieces of various sizes. Then the pieces would disintegrate into wooden splinters the size of a thumb. And finally, the splinters would be blasted away, turning into unrecognizable wooden dust as they did so.…

Grass was sent flying in every direction, as if an intangible hand had ripped them from their roots and tore them into pieces. Even the green sap propelled forward and splashed everywhere, bringing with them the terrifying kinetic energy of the sound wave. They riddled everything in their way full of holes, as if they were bullets shot from a gun.

Even Greem's Lava Shield strained from the impact of the resounding soundwave.

The Lava Shield, that had always been known for its extraordinary physical and elemental defense, was like paper before the soundwave. Its combination of black-red lava and tough magma rock was ineffective. The shield cracked and peeled away. The black-red lava started boiling and exploding. Just one more push and the entire shield would crumble into pieces.

At the same time, the chip in Greem's mind was sounding the alarms.

"Warning. Warning. Detecting intrusion of high frequency ultrasound. Advising the host to leave the area immediately. Tremendous damage is expected to be inflicted on the host body… "

Dammit! The opponent's soundwave attack had penetrative effects. The Lava Shield was unable to deflect all of its effects.

Greem endured the uncomfortable feeling in his chest and threw a Magma Fireball towards the enemy. He then paused for a bit before vanishing from the spot with his Fire Teleportation. After all, the soundwave attack was a directed spell. As long as he could avoid facing it head on, he would be able to avoid the effects of the soundwave.

The screaming Adept Lucy instantly increased her efforts. The flying Magma Fireball exploded in midair as its magma shell was damage by the high frequency.

Greem appeared in a blazing fire fifty meters to the left. The moment he revealed himself, the Two-face Adept turned its head. All of a sudden, Greem found himself facing Kane instead of Lucy. Kane had been silently chanting in the back all this while. He was already in the final casting stages of a massive large-area spell.

"Hermedes, Freezing Tide!"

The last words of the chant was completed. Kane made a circle with his arms, and a large blue ice crystal blasted towards Greem, accompanied by a chilling blizzard.

Greem had already lost his Lava Shield and had already used up his only mobility spell. His expression soured. He took a step backwards and waved the Fire Lord’s Scepter he was holding in his right arm. Flames flashed above the scepter and a massive Fire Deity appeared before him, shielding him from the assaulting Freezing Tide.

The pseudo-adept level Fire Deity, who had helped Greem deal with so many enemies in the past, was hardly enough to help him now.

Even if it summoned a massive fire pillar with all its strength, it was still unable to ward away the chilling winds and the ice crystals. A short moment later, the five meter tall Fire Deity was sealed within a block of ice. It was frozen stiff in the position it was in before, still trying its best to fight back.

A few seconds later the ice shattered, and the Fire Deity was reduced to a handful of ice.

The poor Fire Deity. It didn't even get the chance to self-destruct this time!

Meanwhile, Greem took full advantage of the short time the Fire Deity had bought with its life. The Scroll of Voodoo in his hands quickly flipped through its pages. A Fire Core Explosion quickly formed and shot towards the enemy.

However, before this most powerful spell of Greem's could even land, it was negated by Lucy once more. The head turned around again and a Death Scream blasted in his direction.

Thus, with the violent storm of icicles still shooting towards him, Greem had no other option left but to reposition himself with the Fire Teleportation again.

In the following battle, Greem tried multiple times to use his Fire Teleportation to close the distance between himself and the Two-face Adept. He wanted to use his most ferocious instant-cast spells to throw his opponents off their flow. Sadly, he was beaten back by the well-prepared enemy every single time. As painful as it was, Greem couldn't help but acknowledge that there were adepts that could completely counter his abilities!

Greem chose the path of fire mastery. This allowed the might of his fire spells to be far superior to other adepts. However, the Two-face Adept was a difficult opponent. The elder brother, Kane, was an ice adept, the exact counter to Greem's flames. The sister, Lucy, was a master of soundwave attacks. These attacks were naturally penetrative and could easily break through defenses. Greem would have a hard time dealing with her attacks, even if he transformed into the tough and resilient Flame Fiend.

Moreover, the siblings had an innate mental link. While one was controlling the body to stall Greem, the other would be able to start chanting for a spell behind them. When the massive spell was at its last stage of channeling, the siblings would switch places once more, blasting Greem with their most powerful spell.

With their dual-soul advantage, the Two-face Adept pressed on, completely driving Greem into a corner. Greem had no choice but to dash all around the battlefield, desperately searching for a weakness in the enemy's defenses.

Honestly, Greem had never been in such an awkward and terrible position, even counting the outnumbered fight at Locker Castle.

Greem quickly moved about the battlefield, returning the enemy's vicious blows with the instant-cast Magma Fireball. In the meantime, he was listening to the chip's suggested strategy.

"Beep. Collection of enemy's data has been completed. Data comparison and analysis suggests that the host only has a 34% chance of victory in this battle… "

"And if I send the Decayer forward?"

"Chance of victory rises to 41%… "

"Along with the Roaring Monster!"

"Chance of victory rises to 53%… "

Greem silently wiped away the cold sweat.

His chance of victory was not much more than 50%, even after using his two adept-level golems. They were supposed to be part of his standard strength. How was he supposed to feel about this? Just a few days earlier, he had been fantasizing of crushing opponents of equal Grade to him!

"And if I send the Infernal Tyrant along with them?"

"Chance of victory rises to 128%… "

"What if it's just me and the Infernal Tyrant?"

 "Chance of victory will be 93%… Warning: this percentage does not factor in any hidden powers the enemy might possess!"

"That is enough!"

Greem quickly communicated with the chip and made up his mind.

The mediocre Roaring Monster and Decayer were not enough to turn the tables on such powerful opponents. If he wanted to end this fight as decisively as possible, he would have to use the most powerful force he had at his disposal– the Infernal Tyrant!

On the other hand, there was the Flame Fiend Transformation! But there was still that terrifying side-effect to worry about. The new runes hadn't properly set yet. Consequently, Greem had no intention to take the risk of transforming in the short term.

Greem no longer hesitated now that he had made up his mind. He exhausted yet another instant-cast spell from the Scroll of Voodoo to deflect Kane's Freezing Tide. Then, he found an opportunity to flee to the outer rim of the battlefield and instantly tossed the brilliant golem core to the ground.

The next second, a massive amount of fire elementium swallowed the green forest whole. A radius of five hundred meters had been engulfed in fire and smoke. Blinding red light filled the entire battlefield.

Violent fire elementium gathered together under the horrified gaze of Two-face Adept Kane. A four meter tall demon of flame slowly rose beside Greem.

This imposing demon had power rivalling the peak of First Grade. What's more, its control over flame energies was far superior to the Flame Fiend that Greem always turned into.

When Greem transformed, fire and flame streams would surge all over his body. This looked extremely intimidating, and also made him a terror as he burned down everything around him, but it was also an extreme waste of flame energy. The flame demon that had appeared in a blazing inferno appeared very different from Greem's Flame Fiend form. The flames around his body was a dark crimson shade, appearing to be much more subdued and concentrated.

Greem was right next to it, and had a perfect view of its body.

This terrifying ruler of flames had not only subdued the ruthless fire, but had even concentrated them and turned them into a solid state, using the fire to forge his own body. Muscles, bones, and even internal organs formed of clusters of flame burned before Greem's eyes. The dark crimson fire slowly blazed on around the Tyrant's body, without any of its usual recklessness and violence.

This was a true being born of fire– an Infernal Tyrant!

The few adepts near the battlefield couldn't help but pay attention to the Infernal Tyrant. Even though it had yet to make a single move, everyone could feel its might.

Dammit! Where did this bastard get his hands on an elementium golem of this level?

For a moment, everyone brooded silently in their minds. Some were angered, while some were curious. Everyone had their own thoughts about the situation!

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