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Chapter 191 Scheming Against Dragons

It was close to dawn when Mary snuck into Herdurand City.

Besides her army of blood servants and vampire spawns, the three adepts Greem, Keoghan as well as Ferrier followed her into the city.

They broke straight into the noble's mansion closest to the city square. In less than eight minutes, they had completely taken control of all fifty or so residents within the entire mansion. If it wasn't to avoid any outsiders from detecting abnormality, the more efficient way of doing things would be to kill those residents. Now, they had to have Ferrier, who was adept in brewing potions, turn them into obedient puppets using Heart-Loss Powder.

Ferrier sounds like a very feminine name, but in truth the owner of the name was a very rugged and burly man. According to Keoghan's words in another, more private conversation, Ferrier was truly a female when he advanced to an adept. He had only turned out like this after an accident during an experiment.

Of course, this was only referring to Ferrier's appearance. As for whether Ferrier's gender identity and anatomy was male or female, there was no way to find out. At any rate, Greem and the rest had absolutely no interest in this!

Greem had long despaired when it came to the group known as adepts.

There was no way there could be a normal person amongst those that could advance to adepts!

The passion and thirst with which adepts pursue knowledge was no less than that of the great scientists back on Earth in Greem's previous life. However, while the scientists on Earth had an ingenious brain and countless amazing ideas, most of their time was spent huddled up in their labs, not being able to turn the various ingenious and unbelievable ideas in their brains into reality.

Thus the scientists on Earth thought a lot, but hardly ever put to actions their thoughts. Constrained by the limits of their power, as well as financial situation, most of their ideas could only remain as dreams.

But the adepts of this world had no such constraints!

They were like a group of liberated mad scientists- with not just the insanity of scientists, but the ability to turn their insanity into reality!

The latter was what was the most terrifying!

The first thing the group did after they had settled in was to set up a hidden barrier within the mansion, and use the strength of spells to hide the overly obvious elementium flux radiating from everyone's body. Then they hid in their rooms, secretly spying on the two terrifying green dragons curled up on the square, snoring as they slept.

Greem removed his black adept's robe, and changed into noble's hunting attire that was good to move around in. This was to avoid staying conspicuous. The attire was a body-tight clothing nobles would wear when they went out on outings, or to play and hunt. The lower half was a pair of leather pants, designed for horse-riding. The upper half had two rows of buttons down the front, much like tight-fitting vests from Earth in Greem's previous life.

With Greem's height of two meters, such a neat, crisp and delicate costume coupled with the long crimson hair over his shoulders and his handsome looks made him look extremely gorgeous.

It had only been a short time since he became an adept after all. He had yet to have been twisted by the evilness and strangeness of the spells of adepts. Thus, with a little dressing up, Greem instantly transformed into a handsome noble youth.

Mary, on the other hand, had changed into a bright red muslin dress. She was as beguiling as a bottle of thick and fragrant wine, wine so captivating it could draw most human males in and drown them.

With how the two were dressed, they were a very fitting pair, like a handsome noble youth together with a seductive noble lady. One would look forward to the fantastic scene of the two dancing together amidst a crowd.

However, it looked extremely unnatural and twisted when the other two adepts put on the human nobility's clothes.  The look of an adept was too strong on them. The cruelty and savagery of adepts between their brows couldn't be wiped away.

But neither Keoghan or Ferrier seemed to care. The two looked at Greem and Mary, and a wicked smile surfaced uncontrollably on their faces.

Two brats that had just advanced to adepts. There were still too many emotions and marks of a human on them. Still too much passion. Now is the time indulge in debauchery, to immerse themselves in pleasure. Only once they had experienced near a century of the vicissitudes of life, only once they had enjoyed all the pleasures of humanity- beauties, authority-  will they finally realise that the infinite knowledge is the only thing worth their lifelong pursuit on the journey of adepts.

Thus when they saw Greem and Mary, they couldn't help but recall the period of debauchery and indulgence when they themselves had just advanced to adepts. Naturally, the expression on their faces was really weird.

Greem was in no mood to slowly consider the odd mentality of the two elderly adepts. He went to the front of the large wooden window and pulled aside one edge of the curtain. Greem silently assessed the giant green silhouette of which he could only see a vague outline from the distance.

Because he could not cast spells freely here, Greem had to rely on the chip's passive probing ability to silently feel the power of the two green dragons. 

"How is it? Did you find anything? "Keoghan went to the other side of the wooden window, and snuck a look out of it much like Greem was doing.

"These should be two barely adolescent green dragons. One is male and the other is female. As for their power....I can't get a good enough look from here, so I only have a simple estimation……"Greem's forehead was all scrunched up. Clearly, the green dragons' power was the most important thing he had to figure out.

"Oh? You can tell whether its male or female? "Keoghan, who was standing right beside paused for a second, rubbed his eyes and stared intensely at the dragons, but still, the only thing he could see was their emerald scales with their perfect and smoothly flowing lines. Keoghan couldn't see any distinguishing characteristics on their bodies that betrayed their genders.

"Hurhur……"Greem let out an awkward laugh: "Don't think of finding any obvious gender characteristics on their bodies. You need to look at their dragon horns and their build. The one on the left has horns that are large and rough, the degree at which they curve is also larger, along with the slightly larger build makes it definitely a male……The one on the right has shorter and slimmer horns, and a slightly slimmer build as well which makes that a female……"

Having Greem explained these to him, Keoghan looked at the dragons one more. As expected, he managed to spot these tiny differences that differentiated the dragons.

"These are also things you read from books? "Keoghan asked, shocked.

"It is introduced in the seventh chapter of the third volume of The Tome of Giant Dragons……There are also some descriptions pertaining to this in the summary of the Encyclopedia of Dragonspeak……and also……"Greem replied in a serious manner.

"Wait. Wait. Wait……Where did you read all these books? Have you actually been planning to go dragonslaying? "Keoghan was so stunned his mouth was wide open.

"It's all stuff I happened to flipped through at the Underground World's adepts' tower's library, I just happened to memorise them……"


Keoghan tilted his head and looked at Greem like he was a monster. He couldn't help but mutter: "You little brat, do you actually have perfect memory? I don't understand……I don't understand……"

Then, Keoghan couldn't help but follow up with a question: "Since you can identify the genders of the dragons, can you tell the power of the two dragons before us? "

Greem twitched his mouth and replied: "Even green dragon whelps have adept-level power. These dragons are already adolescents, so their individual grade must be above Second Grade……But considering that they are still young, and the lack of elementium in this plane, they must not have reached Third Grade yet……Their power levels are probably just barely above Second Grade, or in the middle of Second Grade……"

Greem nodded. He agreed with Greem's judgement.

Even though the two green dragons had yet to reach a shocking Third Grade, just their power of Second Grade was enough to roll over the four of them. To put it in more blunt and pessimistic terms, just these two green dragons were enough to obliterate the adepts' forward base!

While the two were softly conversing, Mary pushed open the door and walked into the room.

"We got the things. They are all at the kitchen downstairs. "Mary couldn't help but cover her nose, and wave her hand before it: "They really stink! I am definitely not touching them. "

Ferrier smiled slightly, and turned to leave the room.

Dragon feces were something most people would avoid. However, for potions masters such as himself, they were a very decent ingredient for brewing. Moreover, wasn't the purpose everyone dragged "him" out here to have "him" brew a potion specifically designed for dragons?

The dragons, having a powerful physique and exceptional magic resistance would be immune to most low-grade spells. Normal poison and paralyzing drugs would also have no effect. Thus, trying to kill them through poison was only a fantasy, but using them to incapacitate them for a while was still possible.

External curses and offensive spells had no way of piercing the scales of the green dragons. Crossbows and daggers were naturally even less effective. Thus, any external attacks were unlikely to have effect without alerting the Third Grade Dragon Knights.

Using potions to drug a dragon would be a very unreliable means in most situations, but it was the most suitable in the situation now.

To ensure that the two green dragons' life was comfortable, the city hall had even specially hired a group of paupers to take care of them. Transporting fresh livestock for them, cleaning the remains of their meals as well as their feces……This work was extremely dangerous and most peasants would never do such work. It was only the paupers who were willing to do anything for a spoon of rice that would take such risks.

Thus Mary sent out a couple of vampire subordinates to bribe some of the pauper servants with large amounts of money and have them secretly cart out some of the green dragons' feces and saliva. With these things, Ferrier, who was a professional potions master, could brew a potion specifically targeted at, and strong enough to knock out the green dragons!

Ferrier set up a small secret room downstairs to focus on mixing the potion, while Mary sent out large numbers of her vampire subordinates all across the city to gather information regarding the inner workings of Herdurand. Greem and Keoghan, on the other hand, were guarding by the window, silently observing the two green dragons.

The operation was designated for tonight, as information shows that there will be another large-scale feeding session tonight before midnight. Therefore, if they had any plans, it had to be based around this feeding session.

Yet, just as dusk arrived, something happened on the square!

One of the dragon knights exited the castellan's quarters under the company of the crowd. After some quick farewells, he leapt onto one of the dragons and took to the skies, whistling towards the east.

That was where Blue Hillock City was!

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