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Chapter 188 Conflict

The arrival of the adepts did not affect Mary's enjoyment of her blood bath.

Keoghan and the rest were not fazed.

However, Muret and Latour, the two adepts that had been assigned here, had a grim and sour expression on their faces. They were so black they was practically dripping ink!

The two had already felt the anger and resentment of the other adepts on the way here. But as veteran adepts of the clan, they only had disdain for this bunch of fresh blood in the clan.

A bunch of adepts that had never experienced a plane war were no different from a chick that had just learned to walk. So what if they were full of resentment? Did these people dare to oppose the clan's orders?

Yet what surprised them was that even though several more experienced adepts hadn't confronted them, a tiny vampire that hadn't advanced for even half a year had appeared and was publicly challenging them.

"You must be the newly advanced Adept Mary! You should have received Sir Fügen's message. From now on, Blue Hillock City will be managed by the two of us. You must hand over all the puppets and spies you control immediately!" The two adepts looked at each other, and Adept Latour, who was the assistant, went forward to talk with Mary.

Mary lazily stretched her body in the blood pool. Her snow white skin and the blood red water contrasted with each other, making her even more mysterious.

"Blue Hillock City is right here. Take it if you want to! I'm too lazy to think about all that! But some of the people here are already my blood servants. Their existence is part of my power. You wouldn't want to take away my wings and fangs, would you?! Mmm? ……"When she finished speaking, Mary snorted and looked upon the two adepts with contempt in her scarlet eyes.

"How bold! You dare oppose Sir Fügen's orders?" Adept Latour was a gloomy person by nature, but his face was flushed after being provoked by Mary's patronizing attitude.

"This is considered opposing orders? Sir Fügen wants me to cooperate with you; I am very cooperative! As long as you don't touch my subordinates, you can do anything you want with Blue Hillock City. I have no objections! Unless you are saying that the two of you added together are not enough to control this small city full of normal humans? If that's really the case, then I can't help but laugh…"

"You……" Latour's gaze suddenly became extremely threatening.

They had already gotten ahold of the basic information about the city before they arrived. Objectively, Mary had done a very good job, seeing how little time she took to completely gain control of Blue Hillock City! When it came to the authorities, she controlled the ruling nobility of the city; when it came to the underground, she controlled the head of the thugs and all the other shady figures. It could be said that most of the critical positions in Blue Hillock City had already been replaced with Mary's subordinates.

In such a situation, how were they supposed to control and manage Blue Hillock City while still avoiding her subordinates? Were they supposed to go and take control of the city guards and thugs in the streets one-by-one? Ignoring how counterproductive and time consuming this method was, even if they did manage to do it, wouldn't that make the puppets they controlled the subordinates of Mary's own underlings?! 

Latour was enraged when faced with such explicit provocation. He was still under the effects of the planar laws' suppression, but he didn't want to just endure the scorn of a female vampire adept.

Latour roared as his scrawny face started to stretch forward, turning into a snout that resembled a canine animal. Thick and heavy black hair quickly grew out, instantly covering his entire body.

Fangs, claws, black hair, green eyes……

These were all classic traits of wolves, and exposed Adept Latour’s identity. He was a Bloodline Adept. The only thing that was yet unknown was which magical wolf was his chosen bloodline path!

But before Latour could complete his transformation, a fountain of blood came crashing down. The next moment, a crimson silhouette cut through the blood and started to fight with Latour, weaving about like a phantom as it did so.

No one in the room was fazed. Everyone put up an energy shield and kept out the blood that was splashing everywhere. It seemed they had no intention of interfering in this conflict.

The fire on Adept Muret's body had just ignited when he turn his head and looked at Greem, who was giving him a wide smile. Two clusters of flames burned in the eyes of both adepts. Two silent streaks of flame clashed with each other, leaving sparks in the air as they shot towards each other.

Just as quickly, the fountain of blood had fallen back into the blood pool.

Mary stood proudly above the blood with her snow white feet exposed. The crimson armor on her naked body only covered her chest, her shoulder and the parts below her navel, leaving most of her elegant white skin exposed to the air.

There were five terrifying claw marks that went straight to the bone on her right arm that were still giving off a black smoke that wouldn't go away. This was clearly the special effect of Latour's claws.

But compared to Mary's light wounds, Adept Latour was almost completely bathed in blood.

Even though both of them were bloodline adepts, Mary's vampire bloodline was adept at agility, while Latour's wolf bloodline was famous for being ferocious. In such a narrow area, both parties couldn't possibly use all their strength or initiate an actual deathmatch. Thus, Latour was clearly disadvantaged in this battle of speed in such narrow quarters.

In the short few seconds just now, Mary had already left several dozen of wounds on Latour's werewolf form with her claws. Moreover, as the blood spilled out of the wolf's body, a red radiance vaguely flickered across Mary's body. Under the suppression of the red radiance, the black smoke on her arm wounds was slowly dissipating while the edges of the wounds were showing signs of regeneration.

After turning into a werewolf, Latour's intelligence had an obvious degradation.

Triggered by the numerous wounds on his body, blood began to show in his ghostly green eyes. He opened his wide fanged mouth and breathed heavily, letting out white breath as he did so. His body crouched slightly, and his hind legs covered in black hair pressed against the ground. A low growl rumbled in his throat as an intense and savage fighting intent quickly gathered about his body.

A curling grin appeared on Mary's pretty face. Her large leathery bat wings opened with a woosh. The blood pool beneath her was almost boiling, and fountains of blood were rising and falling. A bloody mist gathered around her, wrapping around her like a crimson cape.

Several blood servants outside the room started screeching in anger. Their eyes turned blood red in an instant, and they bared their fangs and threatened the werewolf. They had sealed the entrance, and were waiting for Mary's orders to rush forward and fight the enemy to their deaths.

In the world of vampires, blood servants had no choice but to obey the source of their bloodline. This kind of control even outclassed most of the contract spells that existed.

"Enough! Everyone stop……" Adept Muret could no longer stand the sight. He shouted in a solemn tone, "Sir Fügen sent us here to deal with a problem, not for you people to create more trouble!  If anyone else moves they will be defying my authority……"

As he spat out the last word, Muret's entire body burst forth with flames that reached the sky, turning into a human torch. The temperature in the room instantly went up to a thousand degrees. Some of the wooden materials that were exposed outside instantly started smoldering, letting out crackling sounds.

A few vampires that were close to the door couldn't endure the high temperature, and quickly dehydrated. Their previously smooth white skin instantly became withered, dry, and wrinkled. In less than three seconds, the front of their bodies had been completely burnt black. There was even black ash that was slowly falling off.

Greem flicked a finger, and a red barrier emerged from his body, enveloping the room. The elementium flames that was violently surging forth from Adept Muret's body paused at that moment, as they could no longer spread their high temperatures and heat outside of the red barrier.

Muret finally looked at Greem once again.

"To think that you chose fire as your mastery! Very rare indeed… I wish to have a good conversation with you if we have the opportunity!"

Once he finished speaking, Muret turned and glared at Latour, who was about to explode in anger, before raising his head high and leaving the room first.

The vampires standing guard by the door gave way under Mary's instructions. They bared their fangs and attempted to intimidate him, but none of them truly dared to attack a veteran adept!

The werewolf Latour growled and roared, finally managing to use his will to suppress the savage fighting spirit, that had almost burst within him, with much difficulty. A shroud of black smoke rose, and Latour changed back from his werewolf form, becoming a human once again.

The regenerative abilities of werewolves were indeed exceptional. The scratches all over his body had vanished in less than five seconds. Latour glared at Mary with his ghostly green eyes, then turned to look at Greem for a moment before silently walking out of the room.

Both parties had separated on bad terms, so naturally there was no possibility of sitting down and having a peaceful discussion.

The two adepts were still fuming and took the skies. They quickly found a noble's manor they found to their liking 1.5 kilometers away from the city. They didn't even bother to hide their identity. The two broke into the manor, and in less than fifteen minutes, they had become the new owners of the land. The original owners of the manor had either been turned into corpses, or converted into puppets under someone's control.

And so, Muret and Latour settled on the outskirts of Blue Hillock City!

Mary finally reverted from her state of combat after the two annoying fellows had gone. She softly landed on the edge of the blood pool, looking at Keoghan and the rest amusedly.

"What, all of you had your necks pushed so low you can't raise your heads? A bunch of guys, and yet you are all cowards. Don't think I'm an idiot! All of you don't stick your necks out, yet still bring those two guys to rampage at my place. Were you guys about to let me be the cannon fodder? Let me be the one who sticks her neck out? Let me tell you all something. If you don't compensate  me for my losses today, don't even think I'll let you treat me like an idiot next time!"

A wicked grin appeared on the faces of Keoghan, Kiel, and the rest. For the first time, they felt like Mary's straightforward personality was a pretty good thing.

As adepts, fair and equal trades were the key to ensuring long term cooperation and benefits.

Their identities were awkward and unsuited to having a direct conflict with those two fellows. Paying a little price and having Mary do it in their place was a natural thing to do.

The sounds of intense bargaining rang out within the room!

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