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Chapter 0162 -- Outskirt of the realms
To protect the family's realms coordinates, the world's portal is located in the Fernando's tower of adepts.
Half a year's while is not long, it is still not short!
After entering the threshold of the becoming an official adept, one of Green's greatest regret was the growth of strength slowing down. For Green, it has become like how he first begin meditating when he was a apprentice adept, the amount of mentality he gains per day is less then an millionth of a point. If it was not the AI chip's ability to monitor his body, Green would think meditation no longer works.
There is of course suitable mediation methods in the Salu Bo family's hands, but unfortunately to Green is not qualify to obtain it. Of course, if Green participated in the family's realm's war and make great achievements, it is possible to get the mediation methods, otherwise he can only endure the snail like pace of mental power growth.
Now Green, Mary and En-Tik, are are the adepts of the Salu wave family, but they are no more then a enfants perdus band that is to be used in forlorn hope assaults.That dammed second-order adept, Ferguson, placed a curse in their spiritual mind, and if they ever left Feidnan City, they will be cursed to death.
So the three loiter around the city of Fernandin, but never leave the city even by half a step.
For Green and Mary have become wizards, Alice felt nothing but furious.
Alice always suspected that Green deliberately sent her away and allow Mary to have the opportunity, causing Alice to lose a quick opportunity to ascend.As for dangers and risk that Mary face during her trials? Alice pretend that nothing has happen.
Angry makes people irrational!
So these days, Alice has been a task-alcoholic, clearing all of Fernando most dangerous missions one by one.Due to her non-stop working on missions, it even hard to see her around the tower.
As for Mary, after becoming a adept, her strength made a rapid advancement.Her high agility, along with sharp fangs, and her habit of being a kamikaze attacker, which makes Mary a very fearsome opponent.
Even without her strong abilities, her charismatic body is enough to cause the battle hard veteran adepts to charmed by her. Otherwise the Kiel adept of the Sanlu family will not have a strong hatred against Mary.
Although Mary was flamboyant in her abilities, Green was again become humble.
The bulk of his strength before ascension to an adept was largely due to him slowly building up his army of puppets. But those apprentice magic puppet are being coming less useful as Green's strength grow, and thus Green's advantage after ascension has diminished largely. Furthermore, his advantage will keep shrinking as the strong he becomes. If he wants to regain the advantages of combat power, he needs to strive to enhance the strength of their own body, while also find a way to obtain a large number of adept-class element stone.
Gulim currently only adept-class magic puppet is the flame lord. Other then that, he have a level 2 magma-titian untreated core. However, even if he has obtained such magic stones, with his merely skills, it is hard for him to refine puppets to utilize the magic stone's strength. Therefore, once again Green has slowly but steadily collect magic stones of different attributes.
Although, he cannot increase the strength of his magical puppets in the short run, he can increase the numbers, and use it as a diversion army.
Along with his daily refinement of magic puppets and meditation, Green also collected many resources, in a attempt to crave additional magic bands to his own body. As for the rest of the time, Green has spend his time decipher the magical tomb that is bound to his soul
Green however, has no knowledge regarding magical tomb. Based on information that he had read from library and he had find the special features of the magical tomb.
Soul tool?
This was the name that Green had heard from Andreson.He then using the chip quickly access to the relevant information, and a start an preliminary assessment of the soul tool.
Soul tool is a type of adept wapon!And it is one that can grow along with the wielder.
It can not only automatically return to him after a separation, it also have 6 skills slots, allowing him to unleash strong skills that grant him a strong advantage in combat6 instant cast skills are more then enough to make him win in the battle against the enemy, and occupy a prevailing situation.
How as he is an official adept, he has found a new way to use it.
Black Death!
When every he writes the name of someone using thier blood in the soul tool, they will suffer a terrible case of the bubonic plague. And this attack is done by the magical tomb independently, and does not consume mentality or spirit power.
Therefore, Green has spend half a year in meditation, refining the magic puppet, learning about the magic tomb. And now it is time for the family planer war.

Just one month before departure, the adepts belonging to the Saluwa family returned to the shaman tower.
The amounts of adepts in the family adept tower has as much as seven!
This also means that the Salu family put strong emphasis on this war, as that before Green and party join there were only three level 1 adepts in the whole family.
In order to avoid detrimental actions by other hostile family,during the period where the families main forces are at the realm's war, the Salu Bo family of adepts have to move secretly to prevent such knowledge from leaking out.
Now, they are all gather at the tenth floor of the adept tower. The vangaurd team was led by the second-order wizard, Ferguson, along with green and seven other official adepts.
Standing in a straight line in the gate, Ferguson stared at the the team and yelled: "Everyone get ready!Wait for us to send directly to the outer realm, then regroup with the other teams. This time the transmission will break through the barriers, belonging to a super-long-range transmission, for those that did not experienced it before because defend your mentality and spirit well.
After finishing speaking, Ferguson drawed some icy ruins in the air and then step in to the gate.
The gate flashed a blight like, and adept Ferguson had disappeared.
Although for the ultra-long-range transmission gave Green a terrible feeling, and it was confirmed when his whole body in the gate will be pulled into a thin line, one will be twisted into a mass of mud, Green still found it hard to bead the damage it has done to his mentality when his is travelling.
Colorfully blurred blocks almost occupied the whole horizon, his eyes are blocked by a thick layer the stained glass, blurring his sight.
And the most uncomfortable thing for Green is space sickness of traveling.
Eyes can not see things, spiritual power has created the illusion of space misplaced, Green almost unable to distinguish between the relative location of space, and is disoriented to the point that he cannot tell the difference of up down, left and right. Of course, there may be space where the left and right, up down does not exist!
It is hard to determine how long this transmission will ended. And during his January, he has not only lose his sense of space but also his feeling of time.
After he comes out of the portal, he has to wait around 30 seconds until his vision has return normal.
Grene opened his eyes, the first thing he see is a splendid bright star river.
There was never a moment, and Graham's mind was so quiet that his body was so indulgent.Above the head, above the sky, is a layer of solid and transparent energy shield.And the energy cover of the outside, is boundless vast sea of ​​stars, the most powerful sea of energy in this universe.
The vastness of the stars, boundless, little stars, endless!
Looking at the stars, the destroyed realm barrier, Green suddenly felt his body has slowly melt in to the darkness of the scene. Heaven and man's barriers suddenly disappeared, everything becomes such a dream.
After he took a great effort, Green was finally able to pull his consciousness from the darkness of the scene and arrived to the gate.
This was a plane that is floating in the depths of the sea of realms.
Half of the realm is not similar green's original world common continental form, but are huge rocky peaks.Rugged steep rocks, rock peaks, everywhere are tall towers like a sword-like horror peak.
And Green and his party are directly sent to a the top of a peak by the gate.Spikes were cut out with a terrible means of a large platform, standing on top of the above view, surrounded by the top of the mountain cut out of the dense holes, there are countless of magical creatures that are the strength of a flying dragon moving in and out.
There are not only one gate located in the rocky peaks, but Green has seen at least three to four gate within his vision. And looking at the flashing likes, there is at least three teams entering the realm.
"Go with me, we need to regroup with them first!"Fugen gently greeted with a shout, and took by flying there
Can become a adept, almost all them have their own unique way of flying.
Some call a beast that can fly, some growth of a pair of wings on their backs, as well as others use elements of the wind lingering in the side of the side to fly their own ... ... Green is called out of the lightning giant, and command it to hold on to him and followed behind the Ferguson flying towards a distant silhouette of the peak platform.
Standing on the platform is difficult to understand how large it is , but when he is flying he flying he finally understand how bit is the platform. This is a enough to be called a small realm planes!

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