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When Greem finally got a hold of himself, he discovered that he was standing right inside of the golden bird cage.

Through the fence of the bird cage that now looked like rows of stone pillars poking into the sky, Greem could vaguely see the view outside of the cage. Especially when the frightening poisonous witch was leaning close to the cage, her enormous eyeballs that nearly occupied half of the sky simply sent chills down Greem's back.

When he looked into the distance, right at the other end of the cage, nearly three miles away from him, the petite figure of Alice was seen continuously teleporting her way and rushing in his direction.

Greem knitted his brows into a tight frown.

At this moment, he wasn't sure on whether this place was just a small space in a different dimension or if old witch really did transform him into a smaller size. Nevertheless, now was not the right time to research further on this. In less than ten seconds, that Alice who had gone berserk would arrive in front of him.

Previously, he had been concealing his capabilities and avoided the limelight, so he could further polish his own overall strength, and design a set of combat tactic that suited him the most. It seemed that now was the perfect timing for him to test if those combat tactics were suitable!

Greem started to equip himself swiftly.

While remained standing at where he was, he touched his waist belt with his right hand. A strange scepter with peculiar designs immediately appeared in his grip. At the same time, he stretched out his left hand, the magical book, tied by a silver chain that was hanging on his waist automatically flew into his hand, and started to flip through the pages by itself.

Following one after another the fiery red ring flashed out from Greem's body, Inferno Body, Inferno Shield, Inferno Force Field, Fire Damage Reflect, multiple Fire element defensive magic spells had revealed themselves. After finishing preparing his defense, Greem pointed in front of him with the Fire Lord's Scepter, and started to recite with a loud voice, "Redmond Carina, Anya Roset, in the name of flames…"

From all directions, countless fiery red flames started to gather in midair. Within the blink of an eye, a tall Fire Deity over seven meters stood right in front of Greem. It was surrounded by raging and boiling flames, and the color of the flames had turned from ordinary fiery red into flame with a purple colored core. This also meant that this Fire Deity possessed the overall strength of a Pseudo-Adept.

But, this was not the end!

Countless brilliantly lit objects flew out from Greem's storage waist belt and scattered around. After a burst of furious crackling coming from the explosions of Elementiums, these objects formed into different elemental golems with a variety of heights, shapes and looks.

The most attractive among them would be the Lightning Giant. Every time it made its debut, it would always bring forth a frightening scene, where the sky would be filled with raging thunder strikes. Also, the tall, green body which was completely covered in the golden armor, the lightning serpents that kept bolting out and lingering around its body, all had given it a touch of mightiness.

While the Lightning Giant slowly ascended into the sky, the Fire Deity strode toward Alice and the Water Elementiums started to gather on both sides of Greem at an incredible speed. Soon, two Pseudo-Adept level Water Elementals had emerged out from thin air.

Greem stomped his feet on the ground with great force, though they looked like they were made from stone, they were actually transformed from the Protection Barrier. Since he couldn't squeeze into the underground, there was no need to summon the Demon Alligator Hunter or Rock Snake. Greem gave up on the thought of summoning Earth element golems and switched his attention to the battle that was happening in the far distance.

The summon of Lightning Giant had consumed 7 points of his Spirit, while two Water Elementals took away 6 points of his Spirit. As for the Inferno Shield and the Fire Deity, both of them were abilities brought to him by the Fire Lord's Scepter, thus they didn't consume any of his Spirit. With Greem's total Spirit of 19 points, he still had 6 points that he could use in case of emergencies, and, judging from the development of the battle later, only then would he decide which golem to summon next.

The Lightning Giant was focused on offense with the Fire Deity as its assistant, and two Water Elementals handled both offense and defense at the same time.

These Water Elementals were the brand new golems crafted by Greem using Water element cores. They had an appearance that resembled a large clump of water that could stand straight and walk around. They didn't have feet, so their lower bodies were just thick water pillars, and water could be seen kept splashing around from the bottom of these water pillars. Their upper bodies had the vague look of a human, there was a body, a head, and even two arms. But all these body parts looked rather crude, there didn't have any facial features on their heads, and both arms were just two thick water pillars.

Though these Water Elementals had a humble outlook, their strange abilities could cause eyebrows to raise.

Right after both Water Elementals appeared, they immediately waved their arms several times in the air. After each wave, there would be a smaller size Water Elementals pulled out of their bodies, and within a blink of an eye, the smaller Water Elementals changed their appearances into that of Greem's. They even had the same magical equipment as Greem had.

Nearly in an instant, two Water Elementals working together and produced twelve 'Greem'. And, after all thirteen Greem switched their positions in a messy order, the real Greem, who was now mixed among the other 'Greem', had a bright smile blooming on his face.

There were so many 'Greem' that looked exactly like him, to be honest, when he saw he was surrounded by copies of 'himself', even he nearly burst out into laughter.

And, this was not the end. Following the waving movement of both Water Elementals, a large sheet of billowing water vapor emerged, blanketing this group of 'Greem'. From the outside, one could only see some wobbling figures behind this sheet of water vapor, and couldn't get a glimpse at the true scene at all.

Right at this moment, not only Alice, who was standing right opposite to Greem, nearly collapsed by what she was facing, even both Adepts who were standing outside of the cage and were observing the situation had their expression changed slightly, each portraying a different look on their faces.

Of course, Adept Anderson showed a surprised look at first, then it was replaced by a delightful expression. Initially, he thought it would be a one-sided slaughter, but because of the sudden explosive performance put out by this mysterious kid, everything became unpredictable. Though he could sense that because of Greem's existence his control over Mary had weakened, the thought of killing Greem in the dark had long hatched in his mind.

But, on an occasion like this, Anderson preferred to see that cute little Alice having her head severely beaten. After all, he still had plenty of time to deal with that kid. Therefore, Adept Anderson simply eased his mind, and for the first time, he was praising at Greem in his mind.

You just can't keep all the people happy at the same time!

When Anderson brought upon a bizarre smile on his face and quietly watched the battlefield, a complex look could be seen in Endor's eyes, as she seemed to dither over her decision.

Damn it, what kind of abilities did this kid possess! Lightning Elementals, Water Elementals, Fire Elementals… each and every single one of this element golems possessed the overall strength of a Pseudo-Adept, were these something he could own and control? Could it be that old rascal, Anderson, knew that she would come and passed these advanced magical items to this young kid? But this didn't make sense either. How could an Advanced Apprentice control so many Pseudo-Adept level element golems at the same time?

You couldn't blame this Poisonous Witch's bewilderment, after all, summoning ordinary element golems would consume a huge amount of Spirit. If not because the golems owned by Greem had been optimized and used the special magical arrays designed by the Chip, perhaps just one Lighting Giant alone would occupy more than half his Spirit, and he would have no way to fight against Alice using a small team of golems.

Meanwhile, right at a corner outside of the cage, Evil Bugs was watching Greem's approaches without making any noises. However, a huge wave that could devour his entire body and soul had been rocking violently in his mind.

Damn it, damn it! How did this bastard own such frightening approaches?

If he placed himself in Alice's position, even Acteon would feel a headache if he had to face more than one Pseudo-Adept level element golems, let alone Alice who would always fight alone.

Right when everyone outside of the battlefield was watching the intense battle that nearly broke out inside of the golden bird cage, Alice, who was supposed to fight against Greem, nearly broke out into a rampage.

Last time, this was just a poor guy who had to cover his head and scurry away from her, but this time, he was actually able to summon so many different element golems. Apparently, he was going to gang fight her! Alice felt as if her heart had been thrown into boiling oil, it was going through all sorts of torture right now. She just couldn't believe this was real.

But, the situation simply didn't permit her to ponder further. The Lightning Giant, whose body was surrounded by raging lightning serpents, was charging towards her.

Within a tiny fraction of a second, the powerful high-voltage current had filled her entire field of view. Alice didn't want to fight face-to-face with a mighty element golem, so, with a flash of her body, she had disappeared from where she was.

This time, her destination of teleportation was right above the head of that damn bastard.

She had made up her mind, once she got rid of those troublesome element golems, the first thing she wanted to do was cut that bastard into tens of pieces with her Spatial Cut.

But, something horrifying had struck Alice. When she stepped on the vibrating spatial and squeezed out into mid air, the Lightning Giant, together with a suddenly exploding thunderclap, had appeared beside her at the same time. A crackling noise echoed out from the scene, as a Lightning Chain covered with violent electricity was whipping toward Alice's body in a ferocious manner.

Bastard, how had this Lightning Giant caught up with her speed?

The thought flashed through Alice's mind, but before she could come out with any answers, with a sway of her body, she once again disappeared from where she was.

It must because she had been obvious about her motives and target, that was why the Lightning Giant could find out her teleportation destination. There was no way it could guess where she was going this time!

Having the thought of making fool of this Lightning Giant, this time, the destination Alice chose was thirty meters behind Greem's group. Right as she came out to the normal spatial, Alice spread her arms and prepared to pull out a Spatial Cut, hoping to give this group of 'Greem' a brutal attack.

But, before the spatial crack appeared between her hands and stabilized into an ideal Spatial Cut, the terrifying Lightning Chain had once again coiled up and forcefully slapped onto her back.


Right at this very moment, Alice's mind was filled with infinite anger. But at the same time, she felt a shivering sensation that was creeping up from the bottom of her heart.

How was this possible? How did this lightning man, who apparently had no brain, accurately grasp her destination, twice in a row? This was simply something impossible to be accomplished!

Filling her mind with endless resentment, Alice disappeared from the scene once again.

This time, Alice emerged at a short sixty meters to the left of Greem, and she didn't rush in launching an attack like last time. She patiently and carefully monitored the activity surrounding her. As expected, within seconds after she teleported, the powerful lightning man had also emerged after a flash of electricity.

And, the spot it emerged was still the same five meters behind of her!

Even for someone with a scheming mind like Alice's, she also couldn't control herself and nearly cursed out some bad words. Because when she gazed at the group of 'Greem' who were hiding behind the layers of the water barrier, she discovered that each of them was secretly holding onto a Wand of Prophecy, and was murmuring something while facing in her direction.

Damn it, so it was you that kept playing tricks on me!

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