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As the matter of fact, the cultivation of Inferno Body was more of a process of attracting the Fire Elementiums in the air and making them merged into the cultivator's body. Using them, the cultivator was able to temper and strengthen his Fire element innate talent.

Thus, during the cultivating process, the density of the Fire Elementiums in the surrounding environment played an important role in the speed of the cultivation!

If Greem was placed in a wet and cold environment like the Swampy Tower, the speed of his cultivation would be at least ten times slower. On the contrary, when he was cultivating in this underground lava pool where Fire Elementium was in an extreme majority, his progress in cultivation had simply skyrocketed.

The comparison between two different environments couldn't even be calculated with mere numbers!

Countless Fire Elementiums kept pouring into Greem's body together with some mysterious lava materials. They were condensing his flesh and blood, tempering his bones and strengthened his tendons, helping his body which had become corroded by the Mind Concentrating Potion, become strong once again.

Washed by the slow-moving molten lava, Greem's bones and tendons had started to produce cracking noise, a sign of their growing and becoming stronger. At the same time, his blood and flesh had become sturdier and filled with more vitality. His dark long hair which had once hung loosely on his shoulders had been completely burned off by the lava. However, they were now slowly regrowing while making a strange hissing sound. Surprisingly, the color of his hair had changed to dark red and was glowing now with magical luster!

Within Greem's mind, the dynamic data about his body attribute was refreshing at a crazy speed.

Before he could get a glimpse at the rows of tiny green characters that were pouring in with insane speeds, they were immediately flooded with new prompts given out by the Chip.

"Beep. An incoming unusual foreign material detected. It will increase host's Physique by 0.01 points…"

"Beep. Merging of a foreign Fire element energy into the Spirit source detected. It will increase host's Spirit by 0.01 points…"

"Beep. An incoming unusual foreign material detected. It will increase host's Physique by 0.01 points…"

Two different messages kept alternating off his vision. From time to time, a message that prompted the successful cultivation of Inferno Body would mix between them.

"Beep. The host's body and Spirit have reached the lowest requirement of the cultivation of Inferno Body. Current progress: 1%."

When Greem finally stepped over the threshold for cultivating the Inferno Body, the temperature of the lava, which had caused him to reach the limit of his endurance, suddenly dropped. He felt that he was able to handle the extreme temperatures better now.

A thought suddenly struck Greem, and he couldn't hold himself and took a step forward. He wanted to keep himself at the border of his limits, and force himself to endure the painful torture throughout the entire cultivation.

"Beep. The Inferno Body has been strengthened. Current progress: 2%."

Trying his best to ignore the tremendous pain resulting in his body going through the tempering process, Greem diverted his attention by staring at the rolling text in his vision. Only by doing that could he feel an excitement filling his mind, making the pain he was suffering endurable.

Following the strengthening of the Inferno Body, the enduring limit Greem had towards the high temperatures of the lava had become higher, and he himself also moved deeper into the lava pool.

The Succubus was standing on the edge of the lava pool, overlooking at the rocking and burning hot lava. Her green glowing eyes were filled with strong surprise and a look of disbelief! How could this be possible? That kid who had just came in was only a mere Apprentice Adept, how could he directly touch the frightening underground lava?!

Could it have been because of that mysterious looking magical scepter? Or, he was a kid with extraordinary innate talent, having amazing potential in his bloodline?

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. The Succubus couldn't help but lick her juicy flaming lips in a seductive manner. A hot stream suddenly surged in her heart, as the once charming eyes turned watery.

Although she was a Succubus from the World of Abyss and was regarded as a Fire element demon by the common people, when facing a underground lava at this degree, she only dared to play with the fire at the edge of the pool. She could only cup a handful of white and boiling lava, pour them on her curvy and perfect body, and let them roll off her silky smooth skin freely. But if asked to dive deeper into the lava pool, even she couldn't withstand the devastating and deadly high temperatures.

After all, she was just a Succubus, not a Flaming Demon who could dance with fire. She could only endure the fire, not like it from the depths of her soul.

After more than an hour, following the splashing of fire sparks, Greem poked his head out from the lava near the edge of the pool. He started to walk slowly back to the platform.

A moment ago when he was at the bottom of the lava pool, he had received a prompt from the Chip.

The Inferno Body had reached to the maximum level that he could withstand currently. His tempered body had started to show signs of decay as a result of over cultivating. Therefore, he had no choice but to leave the lava pool slowly and prepare to cool down his body that had been constantly been in extreme limits.

Previously, Greem had looked like a slightly skinny, immature youth of sixteen years. But now, he actually possessed a muscular body that would make a lot of people envious.

With just an hour of tempering, his body had grown to the height of two meters. His burly body was now filled with toned muscles that popped right out, and together with the long dark red hair hanging loosely on his back, he was sending forth a devil-like charisma.

When remaining standing in the boiling hot lava pool that had reached his waist level, the Chip had finally refreshed the latest body attributes in Greem's mind.

"Greem (Advanced Apprentice): Strength - 7.12, Agility - 7.35, Physique - 9.17, Spirit - 16.25."

Without any notice, Greem had grown to the Advanced Apprentice level that he once had looked up to. Also, his Physique and Strength had finally crossed the threshold of five points, matching the grade of his Spirit.

Clenching his fists slightly, for the first time, Greem felt that his body was filled with mighty forces that he could never deplete. At the same time, the raging Fire element energy was pushing around violently within his body, making it hard to sit still and urging him to smash something to release the active energy.

Greem lowered his head and looked at the Fire Lord's Scepter in his left hand. He couldn't help and sigh with mixed emotions at his heaven-defying luck. Without this scepter, at most he could only have a short moment of meditation right beside the lava pool. And if he had wanted to cross into the threshold for the Inferno Body, it would have been simply impossible without tens of days of restless cultivation. Because of this scepter, Greem was given with the ability of intermediate level Fire resistance, allowing him to be spared from the Fire element damage caused by the scorching hot lava.

Just because of this, the progress of his cultivation had skyrocketed. Without it, he would have had to express his thanks to heaven and earth just for having a one-point increment in his Spirit!

Right when he had all his attention focused on his brand new body attribute, a soft and warm body suddenly attached onto his back and was stroking up and down slowly. At the same time, a sweet, seductive voice suddenly squeezed into his ears.

"My handsome boy, I just losing sight of you for a short time, I never thought that your body would become so strong, so attractive! Do you want this sister to accompany you for a lava bath?"

After that, two tender and lovely arms stretched out from his back, gently and slowly stroking on his toned chest. In an instant, the marvelous sensation of being touched by silky smooth skin had filled Greem's mind.

Right at this very moment, the Succubus who had her charming fame spread across the universe had fully revealed the tenderness and agileness of her body. While sticking out her flexible tongue and lightly licking on Greem's neck, she pressed her curvy body tightly onto Greem's back, at the same time her hand were skillfully flirting and stroking his chest.

Inside of the lava pool where no one could see what happened, her long bone tail gently coiled up around Greem's ripped thigh like a nimble snake, using the huge contrast between the touch of coarse bone and sensitive skin to further provoke this young man's 'anger'.

For an evil creature like this Abyss Succubus, the concept of chastity and dignity was something that would never cross their minds. In the World of Abyss ruled by the jungle rules, the mighty strength that brutally destroyed everything was the only thing they were after and also the ultimate guide of the Will of Abyss World. Since Succubus don't possess a strong body constitution or powerful magic spells, attaching themselves to mighty existences became their only method for making a living.

The material world wasn't a place suitable for their survival, yet they still stubbornly tried to come to a material world. What they wanted was in fact, the bloodline and soul of a mighty existence.

The reason those human Adepts summoned and imprisoned this Succubus in their own plane was for nothing more than to enjoy her wonderful body and her wild techniques when making love. Although this Succubus knew this clearly, she still came to this place without any hesitation, because she was proud and had confidence in her body.

Once she was allowed to spend a long time with an Adept, she would use her own ways to make the Adept fall in love with her uncontrollably. At that point in time, not only she would gain control of huge sum of fortune, she could also devour the Adept's body, and return to the World of Abyss with the soul of a mighty human.

For the Will of Abyss, any behavior regarding bringing back the soul of a mighty existence from a primary plane was well worth the praise. If these Abyss Succubus couldn't improve themselves by slaughtering, then carrying out the business of smuggling the souls of mighty existences was still beneficial!

Only through this method, would she have the chance to grow into an advanced devil - a Pleasure Devil, which was the advanced shape of Succubus.

It was worth mentioning, the flirting techniques that the Succubus knew were most effective!

In nearly a few seconds, Greem's face became flush.

But at the moment this Succubus had attained her success, she had failed at the same time. Because the huge humanoid stone figure hidden inside of the stone wall had once again revealed itself.

"Time's up! Outsider, you have to leave here at once. Or else, you'll be attacked by all the Lava Guards. Countdown starts now! 10… 9… 8…"

Fuck! The time was up!

The intense sense of danger brutally pulled Greem out of his lustful fantasy. He forcefully shook off the Succubus clinging on his body and rushed towards his magical equipment that were scattered on the ground and picked them up. When he had finally rushed into the center of the teleportation array, he saw the Succubus standing in the lava pool, breaking into a furious rage.

She had already bitten the well-cooked duck, however, it had just slipped away because of a stupid reason. How could she not get angry?

Surrounded by her furious roar, the attractive and inviting body of Succubus gradually rose from the lava pool. The widespread bat wings on her back kept flapping in the air, while the raging aura of Abyss emanated from her body like a blood mist, covering a large area.

But too bad, before she could increase her power to the maximum level, two tiny, delicate and mysterious looking magical arrays suddenly emerged on her round and smooth shoulders. Under the suppression of the two mysterious magical arrays on her shoulders, the power gathered by the Succubus suddenly dispersed without making any noise. From a brutal and violent Abyss Devil, she was once again transformed back to the little Succubus that could be freely toyed with by anybody.

She let out a shrill curse, before throwing herself back into the lava pool.

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