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When the frightening Fairy had arrived with its chest filled with anger, all five Fallen Apprentices were launching a violent bombardment at the Rock Snake who had just been squeezed out from the ground.

Ice blades and snow swords that covered a large area, an unbroken lightning chain, a volcano that shook the earth and sky, and shadow arrows that blotted out the sky and the land…

It was true that these raging magic spells had caused tremendous damage to the Rock Snake inside which Greem had been hiding, but they had also took this demonized forest into an abyss of misery. Looking around, one-third of the demonized forest had been leveled by the raging magic spells. Hovering high up in the sky, when the Fairy saw this scene of devastation, it could no longer control the flames of anger that were boiling in its heart.

Since he had received the message from Mary, Greem would rather scurry around dodging the enemies' attacks, rather than simply launching a counter-attack recklessly. Even the Lighting Giant who was seen flickering frequently in the sky had put away all the magic spells that covered a large area. Instead, it was just using the lightning strike which only attacked a single target and barely dealt with the attacks coming from the enemy.

Therefore, when the Fairy had arrived at the scene, the first thing it saw were five Fallen Pseudo-Adepts in the middle of brazenly launching full-blown attacks, which was turning the entire forest upside down with their bombardment.

The Fairy shouted out loud as it moved with the speed of lightning. It chose Philip, who was standing at the tail of the group, as its first target and initiated a deadly attack.

In the previous battle, all the other guys were responsible for attacking, while this Philip was responsible for forcing Greem out from underground. Thus, in contrast, he was standing at a rather far behind the others, causing him to encounter the frightening Fairy who had just launched an attack out of anger.

How frightful was an Adept level demon who attacked with all its power? One would have a rough idea just by looking at this strike.

The bowstring of the magical bow held in its hand was instantly pulled to its maximum length. The powerful Plant element magical energy that made one's heart tremble had quickly gathered around the fingertip of the Fairy, condensing into a small bright green arrow. Aghast with horror, when Philip turned his head around, the bowstring was released and the arrow left the string like a lightning, nailing into his chest in an instant.

A stone armor had been quickly formed, but was instantly shattered by the arrow beam upon contact. If Philip had not tried his best to stop and instead had moved a little bit to a side, perhaps this arrow would have pierced through his heart.

But even so, the frightening arrow beam which pierced through his right shoulder had also blown half of his body away. Under the corrosion from the green energy that suddenly exploded, the flesh on the right side of his body started to melt. His bones were destroyed, exposing most of his vital internal organs in the air, which were also making a hissing noise as the result of being corroded by the mutated energy.

With just one move, Philip who had been taken by surprise was seriously injured and dying!

Only now had the remaining four men turned their heads around furious and shocked. But right at this moment, the Fairy's devastating arrow showers had approached them. It came towards them with incredible momentum and tremendous force causing the four men to instantly sink into a situation of restless defending and counter-attacking.

Philip was first beaten until he was half dead by the full power attack of the Fairy, then he was plunged into an abyss of misery as a result of the shower of frightening arrows. Suffering from double the injuries, Philip dared not to hesitate anymore. He immediately detonated the long magical staff in his hand, causing a huge clump of earthy yellow dust in the shape of a cloud to rise up from the ground. When the dust cloud was quickly dispersed by the shower of arrows, his trace was nowhere to be found at the scene.

Struck with the feeling of anger and astonishment, the remaining four Fallen Pseudo-Adepts dared not hesitate as well. Almost instantly, they displayed all their incredible skills and vigorously threw out the fiercest magic spells they knew onto the delicate body of the Fairy.

Ice Blast!

Electric Jail!

Shadow Invasion!

Fire Blast!

Four distinctly different Pseudo-Adept level magic spells, the most powerful single target magic spells they could cast, were thrown at the Fairy. Actually, they knew other major scale magic spells, but when fighting with a demon leader who had incredible speed, it was still these magic spells that focuses the attack on a single target that would yield the maximum results.

It was worth to mention that although a wild demon like the Fairy had an Adept level body constitution, it didn't actually possess the true ability of an Adept. Although the body constitution of human Adepts was weaker than demons, relying on the magic spell legacies that had been passed down for hundreds of thousands of years and their accumulation of knowledge, they could unleash those terrifying magic spells that were many times stronger than their 'frail' body.

Hence, despite these Fallen Pseudo-Adepts being one grade lower than the Fairy, their offensive magic spells weren't as weak as one might expect.

Four raging magic spells that represented their strongest combative ability were crazily wreaking havoc on the Fairy's body. Green rings of light continuously flickered and exploded on top of the rose armor which was protecting the body of the Fairy. One after the other, rose stalks that stretched out from the armor vanished as a result of the attack from the magic spells, but they still dedicatedly protected the Fairy's body.

In some area, the raging magic spells broke through the defense of the rose armor, causing the violent Elementium to explode on the Fairy's body. For the first time since the battle had commenced, the Fairy had blood spilling out from its mouth, as it had been truly hurt this time.

The Fairy became berserk, flipping its wings in the quickest speed it could and hastily brought it out from the region where the firepower was concentrated at. At the same time, the arrows shower unleashed from its hand was getting more intense, as it intended to break through the defensive magic spell of the four men with a full blown attack.

Langdon, who had completed his bloodline transformation, let out a loud roar. An angry expression could be seen covering his azure blue face. One after another ice spears quickly condensed in his palm. Using the fastest speed he could, he continuously threw them at the Fairy who was in turn, dashing around and dodging the attacks.

The bloodline of Frost Giant had given him the ability to cast Ice element magic spells limitlessly and also strengthened each of the Ice element magic spells unleashed by him to the maximum power. Although all the ice spears that exploded around the Fairy's body hadn't hit right onto the target, the dissipating frost energy still invaded its body, covering its rose armor with a thick ice crystal that slowed down its dodging and flying speed.

The other three Pseudo-Adepts saw this opportunity and immediately increased their attack frequency. The magic spells blotted out the sky and pierced through the air, continually shooting at the Fairy.

The reward was limited if they just killed an Intermediate Apprentice from the surface. But if they could kill an Adept level wild demon leader, then just by splitting the Adept level magical materials they had obtained - it would be enough for all four of them to laugh for an entire day!

However, right as both parties were locked up in a fierce fight, Greem who had previously fled to a far distance, had come back after taking a short break. Of course, the target he chose for himself were the Fallen Pseudo-Adepts who had brought him into a sorry state.

Hovering high up in midair and quietly brewing for seventeen seconds, the major scale thunderstorm of the Lightning Giant had once again circled all four Fallen Pseudo-Adepts in the attack range.

The suddenly denseness of Lightning Elementium in the air had squeezed out all the other Elementiums. Thus, except for Hegel who was also an expert in Lightning element magic spells, all the other were facing difficulty when casting their respective element magic spells. Also, the lighting strike that had come down in a row had brought the effect of paralysis, interrupting the casting of their magic spells.

Though they knew that by standing close to each other, they would have to face large area offensive magic spell attacks from the enemy, however, when facing a frightening Fairy who could move like the wind, though all four Fallen Pseudo-Adepts had confidence in themselves, they dared not stay too far away from their peers. Or else, if the Fairy ignored the damage inflicted on it and forcefully launched an onrush assault, neither of them had the confidence that they could withstand it unless their peers came to the rescue.

Except for the Frost Giant that Langdon had transformed into that possessed some melee abilities, the rest of them were purely element apprentices. Once they let the enemy get closer to them, though they would not be at a loss of what to do, their combative strength would be greatly reduced.

Realizing they had been attacked from both the front and rear, Langdon who was leading the team let out a furious roar, "Hegel, you go and fight with that kid's golem, the three of us will hold up against this crazy woman!"

Hegel answered the call, turned around and unleashed a chain lighting, forcing the Lightning Giant who had continued to approach to back off. After that, he and the golem started a fierce exchange of attacks.

Meanwhile, relying on the toughness of the rose armor and the powerful magic bow in its hand, the Fairy was dashing around through the massive showers of offensive magic spells and continued to reduce the individual defense of those few Fallen Pseudo-Adepts using guerrilla methods. Under its continuous attack, the Pseudo-Adept level defense could not last more than thirty seconds. Whenever a defensive magic spell was broken, it was the dangerous time for that Pseudo-Adept to hide behind his peer and recast a defensive magic spell for himself.

Nevertheless, by the mutual support and cover fire of the three Pseudo-Adepts, they actually were able to put up a fierce fight against the Fairy. They were even able to add a few more new wounds onto its body.

As a wild demon, besides a few limited magical spells, the Fairy had nearly no other offensive approaches. In order to quickly penetrate the enemy's defense, it would have to take the risk and fight in close range. However, this meant that the attack it would receive would also increase significantly, while the guerrilla-style right now was much safer.

Of course, it could also hold up against the enemy's attack and unleash another full blown arrow showers. But in a battle like this where every second counted, the casting time of seven seconds just seemed unrealistic. Hence, it could only rely on its fast and rapid attacks by moving around at top speed while slowly reducing the enemy's strength.

Nevertheless, opportunities always came at the least expected moment!

When the Inferno Shield hovering outside of the Fire element Pseudo-Adept had once again been shattered by the Fairy, he quickly hid behind Langdon who had a tall body, while reciting the magic spell incantation that summoned the Inferno Shield with a loud voice. Meanwhile, though the Fairy had already discovered his weakness, it had to face both the rapid fire of Langdon's Ice Blast and a crafty and strange Dark Curse from the other Pseudo-Adept. Thus, it had no choice but to let him recast his defensive magic spell.

Right when the casting of the Pseudo-Adept's Inferno Shield had been nearly completed, the ground underneath their feet suddenly trembled violently. The once solid hard rock layer actually burst out and cracked, and a giant snake poked its head out from the crack.

The expressions of these Fallen Apprentices instantly changed!

The violent changes in the terrain forced them to keep dodging and jumping around, it also meant their mutual dependence on their defensive formations had been broken. In this chaotic situation, each of them could only take care of themselves and had no time to look after their fragile peers!

The other Pseudo-Adepts were in a better condition, as they were protected by their own defensive magic spell. So, while continuously attacking the enemy, they also quickly dodged the scene and safely escaped the attack range of the Rock Snake. But this was not the case for that Fire element Pseudo-Adept, his near complete Inferno Shield had been forcefully interrupted and as he was busy fleeing away from the scene, he just didn't have the chance to recast the spell.

While he was running away restlessly, he suddenly felt a strong wind come from behind him. The Fire element Pseudo-Adept's heart immediately sank. With no time to consider any other options, his eyes went wide as he let out a loud shout, quickly forming a temporary Fire Shield behind his back.

But it had been too late, before the Fire Shield could fully reveal itself, a super sharp slim hand pierced through the enshrouding flame and grabbed his shoulder, pulling him into midair.

Damn it, it was that Fairy!

Realizing this instantly, a couple of magical items hanging on the Fire element Pseudo-Adept lit up at the same time, a Fire Field covered his body immediately turning his surroundings into a realm of flame.

In the raging and soaring flames, Fire Crows flew around happily, some partly hidden and some partly visible Fire Spirits…

At that moment, countless Fire element creatures revealed themselves within the Fire Field, instantly igniting everything around the Fire element Pseudo-Adept!

However, following the sound of an exhale, another slim hand pierced through his shield and poked into his body. When both slim hands let out a powerful force, a loud tearing noise was heard - the Fire element Pseudo-Adept had been torn into two by the Fairy!

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