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The Fairy had an incredible flying speed. It actually intercepted Greem and his golems in the middle of the demonized jungle.

"It's you again? You don't know the difference between life and death! This time, don't even think about leaving this place alive!"

Looking at the rather familiar face of Greem, two Spirit flames of anger immediately shot out from the Fairy's eyes. Even though there were nearly a hundred meters of distance between them, the intense Spiritual pressure still cause Greem's heart to tremble violently. He struggled to maintain a calm mentality.

Damn it! As expected, he couldn't handle an Adept level demon at his current level of strength!

Greem kept backing off. It was only when the Rock Snake coiled its body around Greem and protected him inside its coils that he could calm his panicked mind down and regain his thoughts.

'Lightning Giant, engage it. Don't let it have any opportunity to attack me!' Greem transmitted his order through a hidden Spiritual channel.

Almost straight away, the Lightning Giant placed its palms together and unleashed a huge lightning strike that had the diameter of a washbowl. It flew straight at the Fairy, who was hovering in the air.

Obviously, the Fairy was very confident in its Rose Armor, since it actually didn't speed up and dodge the attack. Instead, it pushed through the raging Elementium Lightning and ferociously leapt onto the Lightning Giant, who was in the middle of attracting lightning.

While it did so, numerous rose stalks burst out from its body and started twisting and interlocking with each other. The stalks formed an exquisite looking rose armor that protected its body within. After that, it braved the splashing electric arcs, stretched out one of its hand, and forcefully pierced toward the target's chest.

The Fairy had extraordinary combat instinct, which allowed it to clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Lightning Giant.

When fighting an Elementium Golem like this, reducing its strength slowly was definitely not the best method. Though doing so would allow the Fairy to suffer less attacks, it would also drag the battle into an unpredictable and tough to control fight of attrition. Therefore, it had to kill the Lightning Giant using the least amount of time possible, even if that would consume some of its defensive strength. This was, in fact, the best method of preventing the enemy from controlling the pace of the battle.

In the face of the enemy's solo onrush, the Lightning Giant showed no emotion at all. A sudden thunderclap emanated from its body, and immediately, the Lightning Chain unleashed from its palms became thicker. Also, half a second before the sparkling arm of the Fairy drilled a hole through its chest, the electricity surrounded the Lightning Giant's body flashed, and it suddenly vanished from the scene.

Lightning Jump!

Though it had 'jump' in the name, the actual result was no different than a short distance teleportation.

A loud thunderclap was heard from hundred meters away. With its body shrouded in violent electricity, the Lightning Giant reappeared where the noise had originated. There wasn't any delay or hesitation. Right as it reappeared, a brand new Lightning Chain streaked across the hundred-meter distance and struck the Fairy's delicate body.

It was worth mentioning, among all of the Elementium magic spells, Lightning element magic spells held the top position in speed. It had nearly reached the stage of reaching the enemy with just a thought. Only those who had Agility at level 20 could dodge an attack with such incredible speed.

A joyful expression emerged on Greem's face.

But, before the smile could fully bloom on his face, Greem couldn't help but show a bitter expression.

Indeed, with the overall strength of the Lightning Giant, it was more than enough to deal with the frightening Fairy. But, it was also because of the extraordinary overall strength of the Lightning Giant, that it had clearly portrayed the weakness of its master, Greem. Thus, when the frightening Fairy couldn't find any loophole on the Lightning Giant, perhaps it would switch its attention to…

While Greem was pondering silently, as expected, after quickly exchanging a few rounds of attack with the Lightning Giant, the Fairy suddenly halted, slowly turned its head, and looked over at Greem.

Damn it, damn it, damn it…

Without saying another word, Greem simply turned around, taking the Rock Snake, and fled into the distance.

While the thunder cloud hovered over the demonized forest and the loud boom of lightning strikes echoed throughout the entire cavern, at the edge of the forest closest to the cavern entrance, a dense clump of Earth Elementium suddenly sprayed out from underground. It quickly formed into a ring-shaped magical array with a three meter diameter.

A massive gray dust cloud burst out from the magical array. Soon, five incorporeal, strange looking human figures formed.

Following a muffled boom, a light yellow ring made of Earth Elementium flashed and the dust pillar hovering in the air suddenly exploded, revealing five Fallen Pseudo-Adepts, who had arrived via teleportation.

Langdon, Philip, Hegel, and the other two Fallen Pseudo-Adepts whose names were unknown.

All five men were swaying, but, relying on their powerful Spirit, they quickly dispelled the Earth Elementium which had invaded into their body and once again calmed their minds.

Though Stratum Teleportation provided greater speed compared to running on their feet, they experienced a short period of dizziness after each teleportation. Thus, it was totally unsuitable to use in a sudden ambush, but instead, a supplementary method when traveling long distances.

When the group of men finally got rid of the dizziness caused by the teleportation, they started glancing over to the forest not far away. They were immediately attracted by the deafening noise of the violent thunderclaps.

Clearly, that place had turned into a frightening killing field!

Standing straight and tall, Langdon looked over at the thunder cloud in the far distance. His gaze followed two vague figures who were flying at top speed and attacking each other under the thunder cloud. A strangely satisfied emotion surged up in his mind.

Damn kid, let me see where can you run this time! No matter how many people you brought here, I want all of you to die in this demonized forest!

"Let's go! It is about time for us to make our debut!" With a hideous smile, Langdon took the lead and walked into the forest. Behind him, the remaining four Fallen Pseudo-Adepts exchanged glances with each other, said nothing, and followed his footsteps.

While thunderous rumbling was heard in the distance, a red bat was flapping its wings and approaching the entrance of the ruin.

Upon sensing the life aura that came from the body of the red bat, a long thin vine suddenly shot out from the dense bushes that tightly blanketed the entire ruin. It coiled towards the red bat, who was flying at low altitude but with incredible speed.

Mary let out a loud shout. Her body instantly transformed back to human form, and she used her pair of razor sharp claws to swing fiercely in the air. Within the time of a few blinks, the demon vine's tentacle was sliced into countless pieces.

It was like she had stirred up a nest of hornets! In the next second, countless vines shot out from the foliage, forming into a dense green forest, crazily piercing and coiling towards Mary.

A hideous expression came on to Mary's face. She then turned into crimson lightning, savagely streaking into the heart of the green forest. She kept swinging her razor sharp claws. Each strike cut through a thick vine, causing sticky green liquid to spray out from the broken vine.

As Mary was restlessly fighting with the vine forest, a bizarre demon vine poked out from a huge green leaf, pointing its end right at Mary from a distance. The end of the demon vine spread out like a flower and revealed a strange eyeball that looked steadily at Mary. No matter how she twisted and turned, she just couldn't escape from the eyeball's vision.

While fighting in another battlefield in the far distance, the Fairy recieved the projected image of Mary restlessly slaughtering the demon vine, causing it to slow down its movements slightly.

For other people, such a slow down was nearly impossible to detect, but in the eyes of the Lightning Giant, it was distinct and clear. A crackling lightning spear instantly hit the flower armor of the Fairy.

The sudden mini lightning storm flooded the Fairy and fully tested the magic resistance of the Rose Armor.

So far, though the Lightning Giant had fought with the Fairy for such a long time, it still hadn't broken through the defense of the Rose Armor. It was like those flower stalks could regrow forever. Whenever one was burned off, soon another would regrow.

Though the Lightning Giant had tried its best, it still hadn't inflicted any actual damage. At most, it only managed to destroy some of the Fairy's defensive magical equipment.

The new enemy in the distance distracted the Fairy's mind, making it let out a furious roar and want to leave the battlefield. Therefore, the Lighting Giant, who had been fighting with guerrilla tactics, immediately charged forward, pushing through the violent arrow showers of the Fairy, and entangled them together.

Meanwhile, at the ruins of Adept Tower, because of Mary's daring and savage attack, the ground was fully filled with countless twisting and struggling broken demon vines. When the number of demon vines was reduced to a certain level, a concealed dark hole was revealed.  

While the demon vine forest and Mary were fighting with all they had, a gray rock that no one noticed was seen moving toward the hole, one step at a time.

Carefully dodging the demon vines that rolled all over the ground, trying its best to avoid being stained by the green liquid, Snorlax kept scanning for danger around its body through the opening of its cloak. Then, moving one step at a time, it slowly approached the entrance to the ruin.

Mary knew what it was doing, and was working hard to attract all the attacks of the demon vines to one side, allowing the goblin, Snorlax, to infiltrate the heart of the enemy using its camouflage skill.

Finally, after journeying over numerous obstacles, Snorlax arrived at the hole.

Hesitating for a few seconds, Snorlax touched the magical collar strapped around its neck. Sensing the magical contract that was taking effect in its body, it finally made up its mind to complete the task given by its master.

What to do? Before they had come, in order to ensure the success of the mission, Greem had purposely paid a visit to Adept Angus and purchased a magical servant contract from him.

The magical servant contract was currently taking effect on Snorlax. Once it thought or behaved in a way that betrayed its master, that young man could sense it. And at that point in time, all he needed to do was recite some secret magic words, then the magical collar strapped on Snorlax's neck would instantly crush its head.

Therefore, if Snorlax wished to live on, it would have to complete its task, according to the order of its master!

Throwing away all of the unnecessary fantasies in its mind, Snorlax gently shook off the magical camouflage from its body. Then it waved the short wooden stick and cast an Invisibility spell on itself. Finally, it dashed into the hole without looking back.

Just as Snorlax dashed into the hole, at the far distance, a few of the main characters of the event were instantly struck with a vague feeling. All of them sent a glance over to the location of the ruin's entrance at the same time.

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