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Chapter 778 – Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (4)

"…!!" Even though he had similar suspicions, hearing Jasmine utter the word "devil" in an immeasurably somber tone caused Yun Che's heart and soul to fiercely quiver.

Devils! They lived during the Primordial Era and had dominated the Primal Chaos Realm together with the ancient gods. Their strength, vitality and spirit… were at a level that was far above humanity… and they were an existence that was greater than all other living creatures as well!

But the gods and devils had clearly gone extinct a million years ago!

The dead gods had at the very least left behind their scattered legacies but according to what Jasmine had told him, the devils had long ago faded away completely, not leaving a single thing behind.

"Jasmine… are you sure?" Yun Che asked as his heart remained stuck in his throat. If what Jasmine had said was correct, then the monster standing in front of him was a terrifying creature of ancient legend that should have been wiped out one million years ago!!

"It is extremely likely… The Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night that he had displayed may not have been too powerful, but it was incredibly pure! There is an entire world of difference between the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night it just displayed and the one that Fen Juechen used! If one's devil body and devil soul was not pure enough, it was impossible to use such a pure devil art… Furthermore the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night was a devil art that was supposed to have died out along with the ancient devil clan!"

Every single word that Jasmine said weighed down on Yun Che like an enormous and heavy boulder, "The Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night that was used by Fen Juechen and the Eternal Night Royal Family had very likely come from it!"

Yun Che, "…"

"Who are you! How could you recognise this king's devil art!?" Jasmine's words had not only stunned Yun Che, they had also stunned the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, causing the darkness energy that was swirling around it to sink slightly. But the black light that was shining in its eyes grew even brighter.

"Hmph, what a joke." Jasmine said icily, "Do you think the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night is very rare? Within the Profound Sky Continent, there are tens of thousands of people who can use the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night!"

Jasmine's words were clearly meant to sound things out.

"What a load of bullshit!" The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign roared as fury filled his voice, "The Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night is the devil art unique to my Eternal Night Devil Clan, and it is also the only devil art that still exists in this world! Under this sky, other than this king himself, it will definitely not be used by another!"

"Oh really? Since this devil art should solely belong to you, then can you explain how this princess could recognize it at first glance and how I was even able to correctly identify its name!?" Jasmine replied icily.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was dumbstruck for a short while. But after that, the dark mist around its body began to swirl violently as it become a violent tsunami of darkness, pushing Yun Che backwards by tens of steps once more. At the same time, Yun Che could clearly tell that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign's fury was not directed at him.

"Oh so that is how it is… That's how it is!" The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign roared in fury, "It was that unfilial son of mine… that unfilial wretch!! Not only did he betray this king, he even handed down our clan's supreme and unsurpassed devil art to humans… AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! This king… should have torn you to shred all those years ago… TORN YOU TO SHREDS!!!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had completely lost control of its emotions and its power had gone berserk as well. The darkness profound energy spread all over the place as it lashed out crazily at its surroundings and deafening explosions blanketed the area.

"What did he say? His son?" Yun Che asked with bleak eyes as he remained on his guard. But he was completely unable to understand what the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was roaring.

Jasmine explained in a slow but low voice, "We definitely need to think of a way to get it to divulge all of its secrets! To think that there was actually another devil hiding in this world! This definitely can't just be categorized as simply an odd occurrence! This is a huge matter that is big enough to shock the entire Primal Chaos Realm!"

"If he is really a devil from the ancient devil race and he is really able to recover his strength one day, then… he will bring about a horrifying calamity to the entire Primal Chaos Realm!"

Yun Che's mind whirled before he shouted out in a stern voice, "Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign! I can tell you one thing, the 'Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night' that we know of comes from a sword that is known as the 'Heavenly Sin Divine Sword'! Does that Heavenly Sin Divine Sword have any relation to you whatsoever?"

"Heavenly Sin Divine Sword?" The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign said as he gave a furious laugh, "That is this king's Eternal Night Devil Sword!!"

Eternal Night… Devil Sword?

The Heavenly Sin Divine Sword was the name given to the sword by the Eternal Night Royal Family, and it was a warning to its descendants that whoever used this sword was committing a crime against heaven! The Eternal Night Devil Sword… so that was its true name!?

"Why is it in the Profound Sky Continent? Did you leave it behind on purpose?" Yun Che asked as his brows knit together. As he was speaking, he also began to quietly withdraw all of his concentrated profound energy. Yun Che did this because he knew that if he made himself seem weak enough, weak to the point where it looked like he did not have the strength to resist and was a dead man walking, it would be much easier to get the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign to divulge all of his secrets.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign's rage had still not dissipated and it seemed like the "unfilial son" he had mentioned was the greatest regret of his life. He roared in nearly uncontrollable rage, "Ten thousand years ago, this king had finally managed to escape the seal, and even though I did not die, the roots of my life and soul were completely destroyed. Anytime my body came into contact with the light of the sun and the moon, I was wracked with unbearable agony. Furthermore, it was highly likely that I would die in that condition so I had no choice but to cower in this dark abyss! In order for this king to find out what was going on in the outside world, I threw the Eternal Night Devil Sword into the outside world! And sealed inside the Eternal Night Devil Sword was this king's unfilial wretch of a son!"

"This king had thought that he would do this king's bidding and be this king's eyes and ears in the world. But this unfilial wretch actually cut off the soul link that he had with this king! He actually betrayed this king! And he even passed down the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night to you lowly human beings… AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

"To think that this king actually personally destroyed his devil body all those years ago in order to seal his devil soul into the Eternal Night Devil Sword, all so he could escape death together with this king! But in the end, he wound up betraying this king… That unfilial wretch! THAT UNFILIAL WRETCHED SON!!!"

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign's emotions were going berserk, and his deafening roars of fury threatened to rupture Yun Che's eardrums.

"…Jasmine, do you understand what he is saying?" Yun Che whispered as he leaned against one of the walls towards the back.

"The Heavenly Sin Divine Sword is the Eternal Night Devil Sword that he is talking about, and there is the soul of another devil hiding in that sword!" Jasmine said in a somber voice, "However that sword is no cause for concern because if even the Eternal Night Royal Family could easily seal it away, it means that its strength is already too weak to even be worth mentioning. Right now, even if the devil soul in that sword hasn't been completely extinguished, it is already teetering on the verge of oblivion. But this Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign… why is he still alive!? And he was even able to survive to this very day!"

"This planet was created by the Evil God! Since he said that he was sealed away for one million years, it is extremely likely that the Evil God was the one who sealed him away! Since the Evil God had the power to seal him away for so long, then why didn't he just kill this Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign in the first place? He also just talked about how he sealed the devil soul of his own son into his sword, so that his son could escape death together with him… What exactly is going on here!?"

A living devil, this matter was far more terrifying and serious than a normal person could imagine.

Jasmine's voice once again rang out within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, "Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign! You keep claiming that you are from the Eternal Night Devil Clan and you also keep saying that you've been sealed for a million years. Are you actually trying to tell us that you're a devil god from the Ancient Era? Hah, how ridiculous! The god race and devil race died out one million years ago, this is a fact that any three year old child within the Primal Chaos Dimension can tell you. So every single word that you've uttered is foolish beyond belief!"

"This king's devil body is not something you lowly humans have the right to call into question!" The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign furiously roared back at her, "Yes, the gods fell and the devils died. Half of my Eternal Night Devil Clan died at the hands of the god race, the other half were destroyed by the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations! Only this king survived! That damned Evil God, he was clearly struck by the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, yet he was still able to survive for so long after that. He was even able to use the remainder of his strength to seal this king into this lowly place!!"

"…It was just as you had guessed! He was sealed by the Evil God!" Yun Che whispered to Jasmine.

Jasmine, "…"

"This king was sealed away for one million years… A whole million years!" The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign continued to howl in fury, as if he was giving vent to the berserk rage that was caused by his "unfilial son", "That damnable seal is eating away at this king's devil body and devil soul every second! This king originally believed that he would die due to the Evil God's seal but who would have thought that the seal's power would suddenly run out ten thousand years ago. That not only left this king with a sliver of my life origin and soul origin, it also gave me back my freedom!"

"…" The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign's words caused a flash of doubt to cross Yun Che's mind… Normally speaking, after being released from a seal, a person would say that "I had regained my freedom, but was left with a sliver of my life origin and soul origin after that", but what the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign said was, "This not only left this king with a sliver of my life origin and soul origin, it also gave me back my freedom."

So his words seemed to express that he did not have any freedom before he was sealed by the Evil God.

However, this doubt did not linger in his mind, because he knew that it was very likely only a difference in the way the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign expressed himself.

"That Evil God would never believe that the seal that he exhausted all his strength to set was not able to kill this king… What's more, he himself lies dead one million years in the past, hahahahaha!!" The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign's rage turned into wild laughter, "It is truly heaven itself which has protected this king. Heaven itself which has protected my Eternal Night Devil Clan!"

"The Evil God sealed this king in this incomparably inferior world for one reason. It must have been to ensure that if the day came where this king managed to escape his seal, I would be unable to regenerate my broken devil body and devil soul and the only thing I would be able to do was wait for death to claim me! He definitely would never have dreamed that a group of foolish, lowly humans would actually create a perfect barrier for this king. Not only did it completely obstruct the light of the sun and the moon, it also prevented this precious devil energy from dissipating, leaving it completely for this king's use! And what was even more marvelous was that a Netherworld Udumbara Flower was actually birthed in this place… So I could absorb this devil energy to recover my life force and I could consume this Netherworld Udumbara Flower to recover my soul origin. All of these things fell into place perfectly. It is clear that the heavens themselves are helping my Eternal Night Devil Clan to once again establish the reign of the devils!"

"!!!!" At this point, Yun Che fully understood what the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was saying.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign… A devil that the Evil God had used the last bit of his strength to seal away before he himself had fallen! The seal lost its power ten thousand years ago, allowing the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign to regain his freedom. But at the same time, the seal had been eating away at him constantly for one million years. So even if he managed to escape the seal, it was just a matter of time before he met his own end.

But as it happened, he was discovered by the founders of Supreme Ocean Palace not long after he had escaped his seal and so a barrier was erected around him… which simultaneously created the most optimal place for him to recover!

Furthermore, due to the accumulation of darkness energy, a Netherworld Udumbara Flower had been birthed in this place!

The Supreme Ocean Palace had wanted to seal away this dreadful devil energy and the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign along with it… But it had unwittingly saved him!

On the other hand, if not for this barrier, that terrifying devil energy that seemed to come out of nowhere would spread towards the Profound Sky Continent and the consequences of that were unthinkable.
Just as Jasmine had said, compared to the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, the object that continuously released this devil energy was far more terrifying!

Jasmine replied in a cold voice, "All those years ago, even the Evil God died due to the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, why is it that you were the sole survivor!? Moreover, sealing you for a million years would be far more difficult than killing you. So why did the Evil God choose to exhaust all his remaining strength to seal you away rather than simply killing you?"

"Heh." The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign gave a sinister chuckle and at this moment, his fury had begun to abate as well, "Because the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations is not able to kill this king! And the Evil God is even less capable of killing this king!!"

"Why couldn't they kill you!?" Jasmine pressed on, "The Eternal Night Devil Clan was not the most powerful clan amongst the ancient devil race! Even if you are the king of the Eternal Night Devil Clan, you are still definitely not counted amongst the strongest devils either! Even the devil god of the highest order, the Creation God known as the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had fallen… so why are you the only one that is still alive!?"


The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign did not reply. As he regained his composure and his rage died down, the darkness energy around his body flared to life once more as a bone-cutting, icy aura heavily locked onto Yun Che. As he advanced, the entire Moon Slaughter Devil Nest began to fiercely tremble, "Since you are so eager to know the truth, then you can ask that damnable Evil God after I've sent you to hell! Lowly and pathetic humans, if you had been trapped in here by accident, this king wouldn't even bother lifting a finger. Instead, I would let the devil energy in this place consume you. But you dared to lust after this king's Netherworld Udumbara Flower… So prepare yourselves, as this king will grant you the cruelest of deaths!!"

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