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Chapter 70: Michael’s Expression Was Ugly. Fiona Had Been Planted With The Seed of Evil

Plot 1: The angel was saved and the archangel was shocked by Davis’ generosity.

Plot 2: Fiona received treatment and the situation was very serious.

In the sky, Michael’s figure flashed. He finally found the angel in the forest.

“Lord Archangel!”

Michael and Gabriel slowly landed.

They looked around at everyone.

At this moment, out of the twenty virtue angels who had gone out with Fiona, only eleven were left.

Looking at the miserable looks on everyone’s faces, Michael felt a little heartache for a moment.

Gabriel looked around and did not find Fiona. Hence, he asked,”Where’s Fiona?”

With that said, an angel beside him cried out.

“Sir Gabriel…”

“Lady Fiona left with the demon for us.”


Michael was shocked and quickly appeared in front of the angel.

“Fiona left with the demon?”

Michael swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Could it be that Samael had sent out his doppelganger to tie him down as a diversion?

He had deliberately allowed everyone to destroy Samael’s doppelganger so that he could take Fiona away calmly.

After all, Fiona was definitely a burden to the demons.

If they wanted to escape with Fiona, they would be constantly corroded by the sacred power in Fiona’s body.

Under this situation, Gabriel and Michael would soon be able to catch up to each other.

“Do you know which direction the demons left to?”

Gabriel asked.

“Lord Archangel, which direction did they take off to?”

The angel’s small hand stretched out into the distance.

Gabriel and Michael looked at each other and no longer hesitated. They handed this batch of angels to the large group behind them to watch over. Then, the two of them rushed in the direction that the angel pointed out!

Their speed was very fast!

In the blink of an eye, the two of them appeared at the spot where Davis had killed the two original sin demon kings.

Not far away, the two of them discovered Fiona’s figure.

At this moment, Fiona was extremely weak. She climbed to the side of a large tree with great difficulty. Finally, she leaned on the tree and panted heavily.

Bean-sized beads of sweat slid down Fiona’s face. Her chest rose and fell violently.

Even though Fiona was breathing heavily, she still felt dizzy due to the lack of oxygen.

The poison worms in her mind were recklessly modifying Fiona’s body.

There were now three black feathers on her back.

In the air, a faint power of chaos was spreading.

“Dear Fiona, are you okay?”

Michael appeared beside Fiona, and he slowly placed his right hand on Fiona’s hand, feeling the current condition of her body.

However, very soon, Michael frowned.

This was because she shockingly discovered that in Fiona’s limbs and bones, there was an extremely dark energy.

Dark and violent!

Compared to the quiet and peaceful divine power, this was the manifestation of the demon world’s power of chaos!

“What’s going on? Why is there a power of chaos in your body…”

Michael said in shock.

“Samael, in my body…

“A poison worm has been implanted…

“The worm is now in my head, rapidly transforming my body.”

Fiona said with difficulty.

At this moment, the fourth feather on Fiona’s back had turned black!

Gabriel frowned. He could see that Fiona’s current situation was not optimistic.

“Let me do it, Michael.”

Gabriel walked over. The golden flame in his right hand suddenly appeared and blasted toward Fiona’s direction.


In an instant, Fiona’s body was ignited by the golden flame.

Following that, a shrill cry of a bug came from within Fiona’s body.

This was the shrill cry of a poison worm!

In the next moment, Fiona also cried out in pain. Before she could twitch, she was slashed at the back of her neck by Gabriel’s hand blade and fell into an unconscious state once again.

“Be careful, Gabriel. What if you hurt this child, Fiona?”

Michael said worriedly.

“You can be rest assured, Michael, that my sacred flame will only burn the filth of the demon world.

“Although it’s a bit painful for Fiona, it’s a way to delay Fiona’s demonization.”


Michael was a bit shocked.

“Can’t you see it?”

Gabriel held Fiona’s wings and plucked the four feathers that had turned black.

“They are indeed the feathers of fallen angels.

“These guys from the demon world really went too far…

“They actually did such a vicious thing to Fiona.”

Michael frowned and said.

“What we need to do now is to send Fiona back to Paradise Island as soon as possible.

“Allow this child to receive treatment as soon as possible, understand?”

Gabriel held Fiona in his arms and said to Michael.

Michael nodded and followed Gabriel’s figure, flying toward Paradise Island.

In the Angel Temple.

Fiona quietly closed her eyes and laid in a crystal coffin.

A large amount of pure holy power filled Fiona’s side.

At this moment, a dark purple crescent slowly appeared between Fiona’s eyebrows.

Moreover, a faint demonic world pressure was gathering within it.

If not for the powerful divine power suppressing it, it would not be long before Fiona’s entire body could be refined into a demonic creature.

Around the crystal coffin, a group of angels who were in charge of research were surrounding it.

Michael and Gabriel were guarding it to prevent Fiona from going berserk due to the poison worm.

“Have you found out the reason?”

Michael asked calmly.

It had been three days since Gabriel brought Fiona back to the Angel Temple. During this time, the surrounding angels who were in charge of research were studying Fiona’s body condition day and night.

“It’s almost confirmed.”

A cherub pushed up his glasses.

It was not that this cherub was short-sighted and needed to wear glasses, but that these glasses were the exclusive divine artefact of this cherub.

It was just like Fiona who had just been born from the reincarnation pool and had that bronze spear.

“According to the ancient records, this should be the poison worm from the evil Athena’s curse.

“It can transform all kinds of legendary existences or ordinary people into demons.

“However, this Athena’s evil poison worm curse is extremely rare. Normally, the demon world might not even be able to nurture one in thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

“Normally, it is a secret weapon that the demon world uses in order to snatch other race’s elites.

“This Athena’s evil poison worm curse has probably not appeared in the world for tens of thousands of years.”

The cherub said.

For a moment, Michael’s expression was extremely ugly.

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