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Chapter 194: Danger! Monkey-Shaped Monster

Lilia turned around and found the monkey-shaped monster. It had extended its hand into the portal.

This shocked Lilia.

The monkey-shaped monster’s muscles were very strong. It looked like a weightlifter who had been training for a long time.

The gray hair on its body was also abnormally exuberant. Each hair was half a meter long. From a distance, it looked like a large potato covered with mold. It was very eye-catching.

It was not a pleasant sight.

If it was not because this was a new world, Lilia would almost think that it was an overgrown large monkey.

Apart from its strange appearance, the monster also possessed powerful strength.

The monster was exuding the strength of a level 1 seraph.

The aura of the monster surrounded Lilia and Davis.

Lilia felt a heavy feeling of sinking to the bottom of the water.

She almost lost her ability to move and fell into Davis’ arms.

Lilia panicked.

Her heart was pounding and she did not know what to do.

The monster was too strong.

She felt that she and Davis could not fight back at all.

However, just as Davis moved away and looked back at the monster, a shrill sound was heard.

It was the voice of the horrible monster.

It seemed that it was badly hurt.

No, the monster was not only twitching in pain, but it was also screaming.

The sound was even louder than the roar of the lions on the grassland.

When Lilia heard the sound, it was like hearing the sound of rubber rubbing against glass.

Her head was about to explode.

This was the first time Lilia had encountered such a creature that was far stronger than her.

This made her doubt her noble identity as a dragon.

A noble Dragon Princess was actually afraid of a wild monkey that jumped out of nowhere!

That was not only because of the difference in strength, but also because she was suppressed by her bloodline.

It was still the same.

At this moment, a pair of thick hands covered her ears.

At the same time, the bloodline power from Davis was released and transferred into her body.

A cool and refreshing feeling instantly spread through her body, and at the same time, it eliminated the discomfort on her body.

The sluggish feeling of being trapped in the depths of the water also disappeared completely.

Thus, Lilia discovered a very terrifying thing:

Davis’ bloodline power was actually hundreds of times more majestic than the monster’s bloodline power.

What was certain was that if Davis released all the blood in his body, the dragon blood in her body would instantly evaporate into mist.

She would also instantly explode and die.

Lilia once again had doubts about the power of her bloodline.

Compared to the monster and Davis’ bloodline power, her bloodline was like trash, not worth mentioning.

Fortunately, she had already cleverly acknowledged Davis as her master. Due to this, at this moment, a cool and gentle aura came from Davis’ body.

Lilia felt a little more at ease as she sensed a stronger scent from Davis.

Instead, she was looking forward to what Davis would do to the uninvited guest.

To her, the monster seemed premeditated, seizing the opportunity when she and Davis walked out of the portal to launch an attack.

Lilia did not like the monster at all, and could not wait for Davis to rush forward and chop the monster into pieces.

However, she knew that it was not a smart move.

She could not give Davis any decisive advice, and she could not give him any substantial help.

Lilia could only reach her slender arms behind Davis and hug him tightly.

She had a woman’s expression of fear, and her body was trembling slightly, letting out a few soft grunts from time to time.

This was not something that Lilia had deliberately done. It was something that she had done out of instinct.

It looked very natural.

All of this had greatly stimulated Davis’ desire to protect as a man.

A man and a woman had entered a mysterious world together. They could only rely on each other.

There was actually some fear hidden in the depths of Davis’ heart.

However, that negative emotion was completely washed away the moment Lilia hugged him tightly.

“Don’t worry, I will protect you.”

A confident look appeared in Davis’ eyes. At the same time, a ball of black power flashed in his hand.

He thought of a characteristic of the Demonic Dimensional Gate.

A creature that was not a demon would be devoured if it entered the dimensional gate.

Davis knew that the monster was affected by the great gate, and that was why it was screaming.

However, Davis did not know how much the portal affected the monster.

Looking from the side of the portal, he saw that one of the monster’s hands had entered the portal like a knife into butter.

The monster’s arm had been dyed black.

It even made a sizzling sound, just like the sound of a hot fried meatball.

It was very scary.

The monster was in so much pain that it kept struggling on the spot.

However, the more it struggled, the deeper its arm sank.

At the same time, the aura on the monster’s body became weaker.

Davis did not attack the monster rashly. Instead, he released his demonic power. While maintaining the Demonic Dimensional Gate open, he also controlled the portal to move in the direction of the monster.

The monster’s body had already been fixed in place.

To put it in a less intuitive way, its coordinates had been fixed.

Therefore, when the portal moved, the coordinates of the portal changed, and the monster could not resist at all.

It could only watch the abyss-like portal devour its flesh and blood bit by bit like a meat grinder.

The monster was in more and more pain, and the sound it made became more and more ear-piercing.

At the same time, the monster’s gaze became more and more cruel.

Finally, when the portal controlled by Davis moved to the base of the monster’s arm, the monster made a decision.

The monster opened its mouth, revealing its sharp teeth. Then, it fiercely bit down on its own right shoulder.

With a crack, the monster’s right shoulder was broken.

The broken right arm was still hanging on the portal.

After a moment, it was completely swallowed by the portal.

Then, the portal, which had lost its target, closed instantly and disappeared.

The portal had completed its mission long ago. It was only because of the combination of the monster and Davis that it was able to maintain its balance and appear in the world.

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