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Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

Naervon says a chap will be done in a few hours but.. ya know him..

Chapter 34: Dragon Slayer

“Mr 123, we just received some news. Miss Dragon Slayer is already on her way and she will be arriving in probably just a few minutes.” Harriot’s reminder caused Roselle Butterfly to exhale her deep breath that she was holding, but she quickly regained her composure.


Everyone was startled, they never would’ve imagined that someone with such an aggressive and macho name was a young lady.

“So it’s like this, let’s just quietly await her arrival.”

Tyre shrugged his shoulders, but Jack was not pleased in the slightest.

“How can we let Mr. 123 stand here like this, even if the other is an existence of the same level, one cannot be so disrespectful!”

“Ah, it’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t get so worked up over this small matter, Mr. Jack” Tyre waved his hand, thinking in his heart that Mr. Jack was an extremely righteous person.
[t/l Wind Cutting Ghost -> Ghost Slash/Cut] But the first to respond was Ghost Slash, who immediately got up and carried over a chair, placing it directly by Tyre’s side and saying ,

“Senpai, please go ahead and sit down!”

“Eh…?” Tyre was flabbergasted, was there really a need for this? However, looking at their individual puppy-dog expressions it was hard to reject an invitation filled with such warmth and care, it’s best to just sit down.

Tyre sitting down was a welcome sight to the people around him, carefully thinking, a young man sitting on a chair but on the side are high-grade mercenaries, even a fool would know what he had a great background.

“Wu~” Suddenly placed under so many eyes made Tyre let out an uneasy sound, causing Jack to think that Tyre was not pleased, so Jack reprimanded

“You guys still haven’t served Mr. 123 tea! Do you think it’s easy for Mr. 123 to have traveled such a long distance?!”

“Ah. No, I don’t need tea…” Tyre thought to himself that he had only crossed the street, but this hesitation caused Jack to once again shout,

“Bring wine! Quickly go and bring wine!”
“O- Okay.” The person who responded the quickest was Ghost Slash. In his heart, he felt extremely dissatisfied with Jack berating him. However, the senpai was thirsty and so they had an obligation to serve tea and pour water. Quick as a flash, he returned with a bottle of red wine in one hand, a cup in the other, and started pouring a full cup of wine. .

“Senpai, please drink!”

“Eh? This red wine looks extremely familiar.” Harriot’s complexion paled, looking at the reception counter. Everything looked normal except for the missing bottle of his preciously guarded bottle of aged red wine. His heart shattered instantly, but he held the rage inside since it was Mr. Tyre who wanted to drink it.

“……..Uhh, this”

“Amazing!” Jack cheered on one side, almost causing Tyre to spray the wine back out.

“Umm, Senpai! Please use this.”

“……….” Tyre can only be described as a frightened rabbit at this moment. But since the handkerchief was offered with kindness, he can’t trample her feelings and reject it, not to mention all the puppy eyes still surrounding him! Arhggg!

“No, please treat it like a disposable napkin and throw it away after using it.” Roselle Butterfly hurriedly gestured with both arms, giving the impression that she didn’t even dare to consider that offer.

Who would have thought that Roselle Butterfly actually meant that how could she make the senpai go personally wash her handkerchief then return it to her! Just this thought alone frightened her and caused her to make that gesture.

“*Clears throat* Okay, en, from the look of the time, miss Dragon Slayer should be getting here soon right?” Tyre coughed dryly and changed to the topic to the missing person, then waited for Harriot to respond.

Everyone turned their sights to the direction that Harriot pointed at, and a little girl around 4 and a half feet with golden hair was just walking towards them. She was definitely going to grow up into a beauty, or maybe because of slow puberty development, she still gave off the feeling of quasi-beauty. Of course, for those certain people with certain special hobbies[t/l lolicon*], then she can be said to be at beauty’s pinnacle.
“Mr. Harriot, I think the one you are referring to should be this person right?” Tyre pointed to the little girl who only reached his chest in height, and the doubt showing on his face was as the same as everyone else.

“Yes, yes she is. Or at least that’s what the branch head told me.” Harriot was obviously shocked himself and stared at the little girl who was slowly walking towards them

Mid-Tier [Army Breaker]! What?! This little girl?!

“Ah, but the branch head also said, Miss Dragon Slayer is 27 years old.”

“Tsk, you scoundrel! Do you have to even sell out my age!”

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