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Upset at himself for enjoying the voice when there is someone in trouble, Claude quickly rushed towards the source of the sound.

“Follow me!”
“Yes!” Leah’s face also changed, swinging her horse around to follow along side Lao Jerry, and the cavalry men behind also followed with a reaction time slightly lower than her, immediately rushing over as well.

Claude ignored the branches and vines whipping his face, his knightly honor does not allow him to be late! Because the amount of despair in that voice would cause anyone who heard to rush to the rescue.

At the same time, on the otherside of the trees came a man’s corse shouting

Claude’s face immediately darkened when he heard this, this was obviously the voice of the culprit.


“Beast! Desist!”

He roared out, causing the other guy to temporarily freeze in obvious shock, attracting both the guy and girl’s looks, but weirdly, both showed looks of hope.

But the wrathful Claude’s face upon hearing this darkened further, his eyes shone with killing intent! That was the same cold intent he had shown the bandit group!

“haah?” The young man looked very confused, and he kept his hands where they were with no intention of removing them, not stopping their action of unclothing the girl.

Claude unsheathed his silver long sword, under the glare of the setting sun, the weapon shone with a sharp aura!

Claude charged towards the young man and slashed.

“Ahhhh!” The young man cradled his arm and fell on the ground, showing great pain. The absolute beauty on the other hand looked as if breathing a sigh of relief before passing out with all the strength going away.
“WTH! Do you want to kill me! Who are you?”

The young man looked toward Claude with fury in his eyes, but the handsome youth atop the sturdy horse pulled the fainted girl atop his horse before turning and looking at the youth on the ground with cold eyes before dismissing his existance and leaving.
The young man on the ground kept silent, because the look from the other guy told him, if he said another word, it won’t be just an injury, it will be his life.


Returning into the forest, Claude faced Leah and Lao Jerry, who just arrived.

“Heavens, I, am I looking at a goddess?!”
Even Lao Jerry was shocked speechless, no matter how you put it, he has seen many things in his years, but he has never seen anyone more beautiful than this girl in front of him!

Claude’s heart was also shocked, but upon recalling the scene from a moment ago, he couldn’t help be become gloomy.

Claude repeated what happened earlier to Leah and others. Leah, after hearing the incident, couldn’t help but thunder out

Lao Jerry on the side kept silent but didn’t stop Leah, though a flash of anger shone in his eyes.

“Stop it, the other guy did not commit any actual crime, and I have already injured him, there is no need to go further and kill him, also, getting tainted with the blood of this type of scum will only insult your blade!”

“But……”Although Leah does not want to let this matter go, but she cannot disobey the young master’s orders.

“Lets go, it is already late, we should get back before grandfather worries.” Claude was about to leave when Lao Jerry, who was observing the young girl on Claude’s horse, said “Claude young master, I feel we should capture that impudent criminal.”

“Because this young lady is wearing strange clothing, but she is also surrounded by a noble aura, this is not something a normal person would have, therefore we should capture that criminal and extract some information to allow us better accomidate this young lady when she wakes up.” Lao Jerry said with eyes showing wisdom. It was obvious that this old man had other meaning to his words, but Leah and Claude being less wise, did not capture his deeper meaning, only feeling that his words were reasonable but with a hint of something off about it.
“Lao Jerry grandfather is right, it is my fault, first squad captain, your came at just the right time, go and capture the young man in the forest, if he resists, capture him using any methods you need, just make sure he can still speak!”

“Yes” After receiving the order, the well-trained cavalry knight captain immediately charged into the forest, but a short while later, he came back.

“This is not your fault, you worked hard, go rest.” Claude softly sighed, after waving down the captain, he looked towards Lao Jerry with appology, this was a low level mistake, if he wasn’t so hot-headed at the time and thought things out calmly, his judgment would not be inferior to that of Lao Jerry.

Lao Jerry could only smile and shake his head, said

“En.” Claude couldn’t help but sigh and shake his head. This time it was definitely his mistake, but when his sight fell on the girl on his horse, his heart started to shake with ripples of emotions.


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