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Chapter 122.1
I'll Follow You
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“About time, King Nitan!” exclaimed Waltz as the old King Nitan approached him . He swung his eight-coloured enchantment at his foe, causing the winds to howl and trees to be uprooted in the might of the terrifying laser it produces . The temperature started to rise the very next moment . Yet, the old king did not even falter nor flinch as he picked up his blade and sliced at the incoming threat .

Miraculously, it managed to split the incoming light beam in half! However, his efforts were not enough—like a warrior capable of cleaving a waterfall into half but could not stop the continuous stream of water—the laser continued to cut at the King Nitan .

Being burnt from head to toe, the old King Nitan roared, 

“For Nitan!!”


A firework display of eight colors exploded right before everyone’s eyes .

It only took a moment for the terrifying King Nitan to turn into ashes .  

Now, Class 9 finally felt a sense of desperation .  

Even the God-favored warrior could not survive an instant of the enchantment: So who is there to stop Waltz from destroying this world and Class 9?

Waltz laughed out loud, drunk in the abundance of power he holds - it felt like he could even take the lives of the gods .  

The other Nitans could not help but cry at the sight of their old king, who was burned down to ashes .  

“The Nitan Seer is dead . ”

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Standing outside of the Crystal Palace, the King Nitan Wemberk stared at the sky, his eyes bloodshot .  

Why would the most honorable and long-lived Nitan Seer be the first one to step out and face the attack of the other clans……

They dare not guess the reason .

If the Nitan Seer already predicted that the future would be full of destruction .

Perhaps he saw no reason for himself to live anymore longer .

Destruction .

The greatest Nitan Clan will end in destruction!

“No!!!” Kabu roared with all his might . He does not want to face this reality, this answer - this world belongs to the Nitans, who are those outsiders to destroy it as they please!

Banish them! No, slaughter them!

Slaughter every single life from other clans until the Nitan world returns to its former glory!

“Your Majesty!” Kabu looked towards Wemberk, his eyes full of misery and anger . How could the King Nitan, who lived for decades not love this world and his people? Despite not directly expressing his emotions like Kabu, the fury of the King Nitan can still be felt .  

Thus, the King Nitan acted,

“Pass my order down! Assemble all the military power of Nita and we will show them outsiders who this world belongs to!”

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“Yes sir!” The commanders spread out as soon as they received orders . Each of them filled to the brim with anger - the outsiders have earned their utmost hatred for trampling their homes and slaughtering their people, there can be nothing more of a sin than this!

Murderous flames danced in Kabu’s eyes . This world cannot be stained by any outsider!



As Kabu pushed open the door, there was only a female Nitan and an infant left inside .

“Agy . ”

Despite his heavy heart, it felt as if it was purified every time he saw her .  

“Kabu,” Agy smiled at him, carrying the infant he saved before . Kabu felt light and at ease at this, it was as if he could float the next moment .  

“What’s happening outside?”

“It’s nothing…… It’s just that the war with the outsiders is coming . ”

“War . ” Agy’s beautiful smile vanished at the heavy word, making Kabu feel a pang of guilt . If only he told her later, he could have seen her smile for a while more .  

“You’ll get injured, right?” Agy asked, worried . Kabu nodded, feeling hurt by this .

“Yes, I’ll be injured . I might even die . ”

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“No, don’t say that! I don’t want you to!” Agy cried out . She wanted to throw herself into Kabu’s chest so badly, yet not having the courage to do so . In the end, Agy turned away from Kabu .

“You’ll come back, right?”

Her voice echoed in the room, desperately waiting for Kabu’s reply .  

Moments passed in silence . The Nitan Hero turned to open the door, and said softly, 

“I clenched my fist to protect you, yet I can’t seem to hold you tight enough . ”

I’m sorry that I cannot promise you anything .

Agy, it is my duty to protect your smile, and because of that, I have no choice bu to leave you……

Perhaps we’ll meet again someday .

The door closed as Kabu left, his footsteps heard from the never-ending distance . Tears rolled down Agy’s face .

“You fool, your fists…… you just needed to hug me tight with them . ”

The baby’s laughter was the only thing that answered to her, her own voice left echoing in the empty room .


The day started to fall, yet the ball of energy shone brighter and brighter in the sky . Waltz was like a buffalo who does not know of exhaustion, repeatedly plowing the ground - which was the world .  

The Nitans kept on dying . Everywhere the Eight-colored Enchantment touched was turned into ash - with no exceptions .  

The number “127” too appeared above Waltz’s head, proving that his nonchalant attacks had already killed one hundred and twenty-seven students from Class 9 in a short period of time . This was already more than half of the class, meaning that Waltz had wiped out a whole team . The seniors who were watching from outside the virtual world using Magical Projection Stones were left in awe by this unbelievable act of his, and Waltz too has no complaints about it .

Avalon Channel has now started the live broadcast .

“Right~ Now we’ll broadcast the latest news from the tournament between the rookie classes, I am your old friend Dream Butterfly, and today we have two special guests with me . On my left is someone every female would find familiar, that’s right, it’s the infamous genius Magician from the fourth gradeand widely known singer, Michael! I’m sure you all sold out his new album, so without further ado, let’s interview him a bit, shall we? Michael, what are your opinions on this battle between Class 9 and Class 6?” Through the Magical Projection Stone, a commentator wearing a ladies’ suit can be seen asking a peculiar-looking guy . The latter flipped his bangs and answered, rather interested, 

“Eighty points . ”

“Wow~ It looks like Michael has high hopes for this competition! Then may ask for your comments about the temporary MVP,  Waltz?” Repeating his previous actions, Michael answered, this time with less interest and enthusiasm,

“Thirty points . ”

“This is an unbelievably low score, perhaps Michael doesn’t have high expectations for this junior . Then let us hear from the genius Martial Arts master Vanas, too from the fourth grade . ”

The pretty girl on the right of Dream Butterfly is indeed the genius master who defeated Tyre easily . She nodded at the camera, maintaining her calm expression and collective vibe . Dream Butterfly said, 

“May I ask for your opinions on the current situation of the battle between Class 6 and Class 9, Vanas?”

“Judging by the surface, Class 6 is clearly the victor . ” Vanas started, then continued, 

“Yet, this junior Waltz…… or should I say the whole of Class 6 is overconfident and reckless, not caring about the consequences . This could turn into Class 9 and the local tribes forming an alliance against Class 6 . Although Waltz’s talent and power are unbeatable, it still wasn’t entirely his own - as soon as this outside support of his is taken down, you never know who’s hands victory will fall into . ”

“Oh! This is a very controversial comment, Vanas, yet you hit the nail with it . Now that we have a grasp of what the current situation is like, let’s continue watching the competition to see what might unfold!”

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