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Published at 9th of October 2020 10:15:05 AM
Chapter 86

You didn't find another man, that means that you still care about him . Women are wolves at thirty and tigers at forty1 . You're going to enter that threshold soon . Will you be able to endure it? You don't look at other men, but you don't want to be with him either . You're just harming yourself . "

Yan Ge: " . . . "

The rationale between man and beast was fundamentally different .

"Ji Zai, I find that your point of view could shock the heavens . "

Ji Zai's tail perked up proudly: "Of course, I am a mythical beast . "

Yan Ge had nothing to say .

She felt that she needed to focus on getting it a mate .

Recently, this ten thousand-year-old bird beast hasn't been able to suppress its desolation . Its glib tongue continues to render her speechless .

Qi Yuan kept chipping away at the task of calling Yan Ge . When he discovered that she wasn't answering his calls, he simply used someone else's phone .

Unfortunately, Yan Ge's cellphone was turned off .

When she was seven months pregnant, Mother and Father Xu called her emergency number:"Xiao Yan, A Yuan was in a car accident . Come back and see him . "

During the time she was abroad, Qi Yuan was the one who took care of the Xu parents and like Yan Ge, they really came to think of him as family .

Yan Ge booked the first flight back to China .

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Qi Yuan's condition was very bad . The van was caught up in a nighttime car accident . The driver had already died and Qi Yuan was still unconscious in the emergency room .

Father and Mother Xu stared at Yan Ge's stomach in astonishment .

She explained: "I didn't want to get married for the time being, so I got a test-tube baby . How's A Yuan?"

The focus was shifted to Qi Yuan's matters .

They couldn't bother with her belly and busily talked about his condition .

The van was struck by an overloaded truck and some of the cars it was transporting smashed the van . The driver died on the spot while Qi Yuan and his assistant were seriously injured .

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The assistant had woken up, but Qi Yuan had been in the operation for a day . He was yet come out .

There were a lot of reporters outside the hospital who rushed over to get some news . Mother and Father Xu were relatively old . It was fortunate there was a team behind her and Qi Yuan to handle things .

Qi Yuan's situation was not suitable for a transfer, so Yan Ge could only call trusted friends to help find well-known doctors recommended by the hospital . As long as there was money, renowned doctors can be invited over .

"Blockhead, this guy might really hang up . " Ji Zai said with some concern: "His life star is getting dimmer . "

Yan Ge was curious: "Was this the extent of his lifespan?"

"The mighty ones are darlings of Tiandao . Other people can die, but they'll stay alive . There's something wrong with this situation . He's so quick to die in this plane, it may be that someone's plotting against him to change their own fate . What do we do? If he dies, you're going to suffer damage . After all, you're connected to him now . "

Yan Ge: " . . . "

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There's a phrase she doesn't know whether to say or not .

If she didn't care about prenatal education, she would have cursed on the spot .

So, she's not only responsible for his love trial, but also responsible for his life?!

The guy was a cheapskate . He didn't pay for anything and found her for free . She really admired him .

As if to confirm Ji Zai's words, the operating doors that had been closed for ten hours opened .

A wolf at thirty, a tiger at forty: a folk saying attributed to women . It means they become more feisty(?) or more sexually active as they grow older . It may be grounded in the physiological fact that a female's sexual drive peaks past their fifties whereas males already reach that point by their late twenties .  Please download our sponsor's game to support us!
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