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Published at 2nd of August 2020 10:43:18 AM
Chapter 66

After dinner, Yan Ge and Mother Xu chatted through video . Mother Xu then brought the phone to the kitchen and pointed the screen at Qi Yuan .

Qi Yuan was wearing Mother Xu's floral apron as he washed the dishes . Meanwhile, Yan Ge on the other end of the video call was sitting at her desk, sporting her favorite orchid flower home clothes . She pushed up the glasses framing her face and smiled at Qi Yuan: "I used to be the one who had to wash all the dishes . Now that I have a younger brother, I can finally get rid of this pot . "

Her contagious smile made him grin as well: "With me around, Jie can leave everything she doesn't want to do to me . "

Yan Ge felt a sense of accomplishment for having raised the mighty one into becoming such a well-behaved person . After ending the call, she sighed with feeling: "It would be nice if this little brat could always be obedient . "

Ji Zai: "Everyone says the mother is forgotten once there's a daughter-in-law . If you don't use your body to break into his heart, he'll probably forget about you in the future . "

Yan Ge: "You don't get it . Women are like clothes, but family is for a lifetime . You still don't understand human nature . "

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In the end, who's the one who doesn't understand? For better or worse, it still had a heart whereas this blockhead had no such thing .

Ji Zai looked at her as if she was mentally challenged: "You'll regret this . "

Yan Ge didn't think that was possible .

After using that method once, she wasn't likely to try it again .

She believed in her own 'professionalism' .

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Yan Ge and Wang Xiuming's divorce went smoothly .

Not only did she have the handle that was his video, she also had evidence for fraud and tax evasion against him . If all these matters were revealed, Wang Xiuming was sure to turn into slag .

At first, Wang Xiuming wanted to resist . He tried to talk through to Yan Ge and even used Yan Ge's scandals to gloss over his own .

But the longer he dragged it on, the more gossip there was about him .

Wang Xiuming finally came to understand that this woman was really ruthless .

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As a result, although Yan Ge filed a high-profile divorce lawsuit against Wang Xiuming, when the time came to separate, they both finished in a low-profile manner .

Wang Xiuming didn't really leave with nothing, but he didn't fare much better .

The distress he felt wasn't fake . All those assets had been accumulated thanks to his efforts . Xu Yan wasn't good at managing finances and never cared about the money . He was the one to gradually transform their assets into the tremendous amount they were now .

Initially, he had listed a number of properties under other people's names, but to his surprise, Yan Ge managed to track those down .

Although he still had some assets in his hands, he was extremely angry when he thought of his hard-earned money being 'gratuitously' split with Xu Yan .

However, he couldn't fight back . The two had negotiated several times before the divorce, but he was the one that lost every time . Up until the end of the divorce, he couldn't understand why the gentle and considerate woman had become the current person who spent money to raise a little white face and used unscrupulous means to gain wealth .

When they picked up the divorce booklets, Wang Xiuming said: "Xiao Yan, you said that I changed, but we both know who was the one that really changed between us . Though I really didn't expect you to turn out this way, I still wish you all the best . I hope you and your little white face will always love one another . "

"Thank you for your blessings . " Yan Ge looked at him with a smile: "But I'm sorry, for someone like you, I don't even want to wish you well . "

She waved the divorce book in her hand: "I didn't expect your financial management to be so amazing . Thank you!"

When Wang Xiuming heard her words of praise and gratitude, he almost coughed up blood .

Not waiting for his response, Yan Ge walked away briskly .

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