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Published at 31st of July 2020 10:15:11 AM
Chapter 62


If he divorced now, it would be impossible to separate his assets and let Yan Ge enjoy it with that little white face .

What's more, a divorce would damage his reputation .

So even if he knew his head was green, he could only pretend to know nothing .

He felt that he needed to gather some evidence for his future .

Wang Xiuming didn't even knock on the door . He left quietly and vented his depressed thoughts to Ailin .

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Not only did Yan Ge find a private tutor for Qi Yuan, but she also enrolled him in several classes; Taekwondo, piano, foreign languages . . .

Various interests were lined up .

Although the guy was 18, Yan Ge made plans for his life up until he turns 80 .

Seeing how she was either writing scripts or studying the psychology of teenagers every day, Ji Zai asked gloomily: "Don't tell me you really want to raise the mighty one as a son . "

"I am . " This time, she must use motherly love to correct this guy .

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Ji Zai's eyes twitched in response to Yan Ge's words: "He's not your real son . Every day he's exposing his arms and legs . If it's not that, then it's his mermaid line . You must be blind . "

Yan Ge was dumbfounded: "You're even paying attention to these things?"

"The white flesh is so obvious . It's not like I can't pay attention to it . I'm about to lose my eye sight . " Ji Zai hated hairless creaturs the most .

Not waiting for Yan Ge to respond, Ji Zai said: "I say, you should just papapa with him this time too . It may be that he blackened before because you didn't do it enough times . Now he's only 18 years old, you can pa with him for 80 years . Dripping water penetrates the stone1 and iron can be ground into a fine needle2 . He'll definitely break through his love trial . "

Grind iron into a fine needle?

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Yan Ge blushed from the shame . 80 years was too dreadful . She was afraid her land would be over-plowed . After all, this was a human body and they were very fragile!

"The previous unforgettable love couldn't be broken through . If you think a small but steady stream will change him, then it's impossible . Yan Ge said: "This time, the conditions are right . Correcting him with familial love is the way to go . "

Ji Zai looked at her with a stupidly loving gaze: "But he desires you . "

"He's only an ordinary person in this plane . It's normal for him to have a man's desire . I'm the one who overlooked this point . It seems that I'll have to encourage him to get more girlfriends . A series of girlfriends will best offset the unchanging family love . "

Ji Zai had nothing to say and went back to watching romance idol dramas . It think its brains must have been waterlogged to have chosen this blockhead back then .

Because of Ji Zai's words, Yan Ge paid special attention to Qi Yuan the entire day and felt the reason why he 'leaked' his energy in these silly ways was because he had nowhere to vent .

En, it was like when animals went into heat and subconsciously initiated courtship . . .

Such things should be dissipated, not blocked .

As a result, Yan Ge's affection for Qi Yuan immediately turned materialistic . She gave him lots of pocket money and bought him several articles of high-end clothing .

If a man wanted to attract a woman, then he must be like a peacock . All aspects should be dazzling so he can attract the females .

Qi Yuan's character was a bit introverted, but he was good looking . With a few beautiful clothes, his melancholic temperament will be matchless . Even if he doesn't actively seduce women, there's bound to be some who won't be able to resist the temptation .

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