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Translated by: GM_Rusaku

Edited by: GM_Rusaku

It was true that I received an intense blow from my head.

But even so, I didn’t had any concussion but I just felt a tiny pain.

Even though I got lightly hit back then earlier that felt really painful.

I can only conclude one reason on to why such unusual thing happened.

「Is this my unique skill’s ability?」

It may be the effect of the mysterious unique skill 【RPG】.

During a battle, my level became 2.

When I was struck on the shoulder with a club I was still at level 1.

But after becoming level 2, even when attacked, I was still feeling comfortable.

Even if my strikes was a little shallow, I was still able to kill a goblin.

「If with this……!」

I kicked the goblin in my view with all my might.


The goblin was blown away like an arrow.

It died when it hit a tree about 10 meters away.

「I knew it, I was right.」

If my level is higher then the enemy, a correction is applied on both offence and defense.

My attack was more intense than it normally was, and my defense was at a whole new dimension.

「What is it, what is it!?」

「Kurt, you’re so amazing!」

「it looks like a hit for the unique skill after all!」

I smiled with agreement at the voices that was celebrating.

I cannot see the whole picture as of yet but it seems like I have received a pretty good skill.

『Please use a Skill Point, to learn a Normal Skill』

And yet again, the voice echoed within my mind.

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